Contemplating Carnivory

Submitted by the Antigroyper

The “Carnivore diet” simply put is subsisting off primarily animal flesh. It has risen to popularity in online circles, and stands to expunge the residue of seventy five years of Western governmentʼs dietary guidelines and even greater. Iʼm here to give you the best evidence I have found not as a biased non-conforming member of society .

I have been eating carnivorously for a year now. I started frankly out of desperation, my psoriasis had been getting worse for months. I had remission with fasting but had to manage the subsequent cons of not eating. With the Carnivore diet, within two months I was healed completely. Since this personal transformation, I have become a staunch adherent and proponent to this diet. I have also seen the best and worst arguments for and against it. Considering the demographic of reader for this publication, here is the best I have found.

The Carnivore diet is the most natural way to eat. Regardless of your view of human history, humans have thrived off of mainly meat diets from the steppe dwellers to the Maasai quite recently. Metabolic illness and immune disorders are completely absent from these populations. Many of you know the dysgenic results of the neolithic revolution and the industrial revolution. The Cultivation of plant has yielded examples that are not found in the wild. The fruits, vegetables and starches you seen in the store do no exist in the wild. Everything from Carrots to Avocados have been selected to be sweeter and bigger. The plants our forefathers ate were not as fattening, tasty, and even dangerous as the ones we eat today. The preparation of starches also used to involved time consuming processes like soaking, or fermenting to remove anti nutrients. This in my opinion is the problem with the Paleo die. The Yamnaya didnʼt have Dark Chocolate Coconut bars to munch on.

The Carnivore diet is the best for gaining muscle and losing weight (looks maxxing). Animal foods are simply the most satiating. Five eggs or a bagel, which will keep you full longer? Building muscle is empirically evident. Many world class athletes function very well on this diet. I find this diet optimum for bulking, since you can eat in a caloric surplus and be less prone to gaining fat. Animal foods, including dairy, have multiple times less phytoestrogens than plants, the Carnivore diet provides you with as little phytoestrogens as possible. Your best shot at getting the 9/10 gf is to lose the fluff.

The Carnivore diet has all the nutrients needed for optimum mental health, Omega-3, D3, Cholesterol, and B vitamins. Find a butcher who can get you offal, as some liver will go a long way. Autoimmune disorders affect your mental health, heal leaky gut and feel better, as I did when my psoriasis went away. Gas, dandruff, bloating, and acne are all low level inflammation markers that are unhealthy. The daily dopamine hit from carbs can lead to dependence even from natural carbs. Mental clarity is great as many testimonies have noted and there are no anti-nutrients to get in your way.

The opposition to the carnivore diet from the usual suspects is mostly moral and circumstantial, so I will address those common internet objections. No, Gaia worshipper, the US green house emissions from livestock is about 2%, which globally is negligible. Populations of lauded Blue Zones actually eat more meat than western populations. Some countries that have long lifespans while being heavy meat eaters like Hong Kong and Spain are ignored. “Shawn Baker has low testosterone” okay sure but he is also a jacked world record athlete. You have to look at the context of the test result in the person to get a proper picture.

My tips for starting the carnivore diet are as follows. Take a vitamin C and Folate supplement. Unless you have access to quality organ meats and eat them regularly these two nutrients will be hard to get. Omega3 would also be good if you can only afford higher Omega 6 meats like pork and chicken. Try experimenting with dairy and coffee if you enjoy it to see how you feel. Eat whatever animals you like, experimenting with cooking from raw to well done.

When committing to this diet, you need to consider your meat purchases. Supermarket meat is nothing compared to what your local butcher or meat market has to offer. There is a difference, and visually, you can see it in the cuts of meat. A butcher or meat market is going to also have lamb, bison, liver, kidney and other organ meat. You will pay more but the quality will balance this. Do not just buy from them but consult their opinion. You may discover that broiling bacon wrapped chicken livers is exquisite.

Recently you have seen the scourge of legacy media articles that promote eating bugs so the planet can “sustain” billions more people. Interestingly, we were never asked if were supported the worldʼs dietary needs. It is quite funny that everyone whoʼs expressed their support of eating borger is pretty cool, Bitcoin maximalists, Mike Ma, shitposters, and everyone against it MSM, large corporations, Steve Pinker, and effeminate lefties are not. I read a lot about creating parallel institutions or culture that indirectly challenges those in power. Today throwing a few steaks on the grill is not a revolutionary act, and doing so often will help us keep it that way.

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