Trickle Down Culture + Five Friday Reads 9/13/19

It was about 25 years ago when the film Dumb and Dumber came out. A quirky alt rock song had a brief run up the charts and the band never had another hit. The song was “New Age Girl“. It was a catchy song that men and women could both dig. Years later, you could play it in a dorm gathering and your circle of white proto-hipsters would jam along and someone would say that they loved this song.

I heard it recently on the ’90s Sirius station, and bopped along. Listening to the lyrics, it struck me how much the strange, weird, and new age girl was now par for the course for white women. Even the minority women who imbibe progressive dogma and assume that identity exhibit the same traits as Mary Moon in the song. Remember this woman is framed as weird but the love of the young man’s life.

Mary Moon, the new age girl, is a vegetarian environmentalist. She is an intellectual but quite sexual. She doesn’t drive a car, might be a bicyclist. She wears a crystal necklace and is not that devoted to the man, so poly might be in the cards. It is not mentioned in the song but I can assume Mary Moon dragged boyfriends to Indigo Girls concerts. It is a timestamp for quirky back in 1994, but think about today. All she is missing is a tattoo and septum piercing and this is standard issue urban liberal woman 2019.

This definitely has crept into the non-white groups as this description is your quirky black or mixed girl who dates a white guy or wants to be a part of the hipster gentrification zip code. Nerdy black girl has been a rising type as an acceptable identity for black women. It is rather strange to hear one of these women rail against white supremacy while adopting the whitest of pre-packaged cultural identities and occasionally getting railed by white hipsters.

We see twenty five years of cultural change in this song’s portrayal of weird and what is normal. This was not a hippie identity but the hipster identity, we just did not know it. Mary Moon was an overeducated, free spirit cliche a generation ago that the young man wants to lock in and set up stakes to build with. Now why oh why would the progressives want this to be the standard, the norm, and the preferred type for young women to aspire to for status? They want sexual free spirits who will never have families and never figure out life. On to the links…

Decline Cope – In the Atlantic we can read that the fall of Rome was not so bad. Rather than anyone within the system address some basics to arrest decline, they will just point and start to rationalize the outcome to their ideologically constrained lives. This is part of decline, too.

Hollywood Made Ben Shapiro – How does a figure like Ben Shapiro blossom? This article answers it. Shapiro has some skills, in the service of neocon goals, but he does have skills. People constantly say he is like a Boomers’ conception of what a young conservative is, and that is the case for a reason. He is carefully crafted and stage managed to be exactly that.

Climate Apocalypse Hysteria – The left’s CO2 global warming hysteria has now reached a phase where like fundamental Christians, they view the apocalypse as a dead certainty in their lives therefore any policy is justified. There are simple fixes. Just throwing a few out there… Seed the Pacific with iron is a cheap one that would likely work for the temperature issue. Maybe cutback on capitalism’s grossest polluters. Force Africa on a Chinese style birth control policy. Expand nuclear power. No, we will get social justice from the left to provide some weird fix that somehow accounts for climate horrors.

Fasting Works – The Times of London agrees that fasting works but of course spends time recounting anecdotes of people who choose to not have their social life interfere with their fasting. Fasting works for me too when I choose to use it. I also would not care about a fast if I had a wedding or dinner party to go to. Have a cheat day, live life, don’t be that weird guy. I would also argue that your religion likely has some fasting habits or periods in your faith so look them up and try to use those periods. Work on your soul not just your waist.

Will Democracy End? – Oh noes, the populism may end democracy. Not that immigration will create a left wing one party state in outer form as well as function, rendering all voting moot. There are gold nuggets within this article for how oblivious these people still are. Here is the solution to the elite, and I’ll type it for free: align your goals and policies with the middle in a high-middle alliance. Discard the low and discard democracy. The current regime is like the liberal friend who drives through 20 blocks of urban hellscape and passed hundreds of doors to show you the one urban kid they know who reads.

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