Building From Within

It is easy to destroy. You can break a vase in a second that took hours to make. Same with institutions. It is also easy to criticize. Pointing out the absurdities of contemporary America is something a child can do. Building is different. In a society where progressives destroy all that they see, it is imperative to build alternatives to resist the flow of what the media deems progress. To build successful structures in the outside world, we must first build up our internal mental and emotional strength.

A strong and long-standing meme in the online fringe is ‘lol go to church’. It is a short, simple response to a variety of dumb statements, actions or postures by 21st century Americans. The message is clear. There is something further in directing people to get to church as in seeking something deeper spiritually. Being a leaf blown in the chaotic winds of our culture is a horrible way to fly through life. Seeking spiritual meaning and a deeper connection not just to God but to your community can arm yourself for the daily attacks on your life by the progressive media complex. Even just handling the tsunami of information as Neil Postman observed and predicted with the Internet requires having mental clarity and strength.

A problem is that you cannot just go to church, put in your time and spend the other 167 hours of the week marinating in our secular circus. A way to start a soul strengthening regimen is to begin to pray at home. Prayer has benefits even if they are nebulous, vague cliches written on other sites. It is undeniable. A skeptic might question this but if prayer is just a form of meditation, then we know that mediation has benefits, therefore prayer will physically and mentally help. Note that psychology today will gladly tell you to meditate but likely shy away from telling you to pray. A new benefit is that a moment spent praying is a moment of keeping the needling others out of your mind. The longer you can focus your mind, the stronger you will be outside your home with all the distractions.

Setting up a routine is helpful. Finding time for prayer may seem a chore at first, but eventually, it will become routine and easy. It never hurts to ask your priest or reverend for help in how to get into the groove at home. Of course, they will likely recommend whatever weekly study group they are peddling at their church, but you can deflect those invitations. I do not know who Hindus or Buddhists would chat with, but the tradition of home prayer is alive there as well. The keys are actually doing it, consistency and focus. Stick to this for a month and a small change will occur in your mind and personality.

Some people are fortunate to come from homes that had this as a part of daily life. A friend has told me that his mother teaching him to pray to his saint is a tradition he has never stopped. It is likely with Boomer parents that many readers never experienced this. Boomers and old Xers were more than happy to throw off the shackles of religion just to be rid of the standards enforced via sin that they had no clue the emptiness that was awaiting them. Look at them now at 55 or 65 still seeking a rush and to be hip and cool on their Boomercycles or motorized tricycles because they never found peace and never grew up. Elderly suicide continues to rise and our media cannot admit that people are miserable because they are liberated.

A way to help with focusing is to create space within your home for praying. This Orthodox site writes on creating space for praying. Whether icons, statues, candles or crosses, you are creating a small space to build your spiritual power. Not all prayer spaces need be ornate or large, but the simple act of placing one item on a table and praying in front of it begins the process. From here, other items can be added or a temporary space becomes a permanent fixture in your home. I am Catholic, and my assorted rosaries, a Bible and a statue of the Virgin Mary are in a specific corner of my home. These were all gifts from the Catholics in my family and serve as the locus in my home for my faith.

This may feel weird, but consider how many liberals in urban cities, especially women, have their little crystal gardens or fake Buddhist shrine areas. No one thinks twice about this, but the media system has made you look at your own faith and its traditions as weird. This act will also connect you to the historical chain of your people no matter what tradition you come from. All faiths have a history of some form of devotion or prayer at home.

The power this will give you is immense. We are in the progressive dark age. This does not just mean the garbage they push on us or the cesspool cities but the degraded men. Nietzche had described the Last Man and who is that but the consumerist soyboi, enjoying his 500 square foot apartment because at least he has Netflix, Thai takeout and can end the night with Pornhub. Ask them about the collapsing city they live in, whether Chicago, Seattle, Portland or Philadelphia, and they will be oblivious to it and even deny it. These are the individuals who are blown about in the chaos and will never challenge the system nor build what will rise in its ashes.

It will not take long for this to create a difference in your life. If living in a city, this will allow you to rise above the petty, daily distractions and routines that the city wants to force on you. Waves carry away the loose sand but do not move the rock. It will also enhance your time in church, and may deepen your commitment to your church community. If you have a family, this can bring your family together and strengthen your children who will likely see tougher times. It is imperative that a foundation is laid for the next phase of society and culture as this current order crumbles. New structures will be built. Your soul can be the cornerstone.

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