Rebooted Goddess Culture

The end of men. Gaia. The trans push. Toxic masculinity. These are formerly marginal ideas that now have infected the mainstream. Every advertisement pushes the same narrative. Every instance where gender is brought up recognizes these trends. Politicians and their publicity teams work on framing arguments to play on emotions, knowing this works on women better than men. It is the age of women.

It would not be hard to focus on how our legal system endorses and enforces a matriarchy of sorts where the central government’s programs are the stand-in father. There is no patriarchy. Government backed and funded abortion gives women the ultimate veto. Men cannot abandon a child, and must always pay. Our family courts vary state by state but often skew towards mom’s custody, with the unwritten rule that the ‘preservation of the mother-child bond’ is the primary goal. We have matrilocal and matrilineal families due to this, so yes, we live in a matriarchy.

There are other clues. Our society values specific things, traits and behaviors while denigrating others. The avoidance of confrontation and violence while proclaiming every fight is in self-defense or conflict resolution by committee is another. We are instructed to reach a consensus, which reeks of the kindergarten circle time chat, is feminine compared to making the tough decision from a position of authority. Now the progressives tell us this because they have trained and indoctrinated all key nodes of decision making committees, which supports this idea even more despite those leaders being men.

Julius Evola wrote on the problem of Amazonism. It was not just of the feminine as in literal women leading or taking power. It applied to the priestly class in their struggle over royalty or the warriors. Those classes would always be in a tense relationship, and when the ambition of priests rises, the feminine means of controlling society suddenly appear. As Evola wrote in Revolt Against The Modern World, “wherever there are priests who do not yearn to be kings, but to rather to dominate kings” there will be found Amazonism. What better way to describe our limp wristed academic and bureaucratic set that does rule America but hides that they do so? They point to elected officials while wielding all of the power to our society. Damn Trump for his lack of a killer instinct, but until he arrived, who knew random federal judges, bureaucrats and mid-tier FBI officials held so much power?

This hiding their true power is a big part of it. They do not want the responsibility or the sword of Damocles that hangs over the head of true kings and rulers. They want the power and trappings but not the burden. This is at the heart of their attacks on masculinity itself. They construct a world that inverts all the traditional values, all masculine values, and instead craft a society that rewards feminine men. They craft the ideal type of man as the crying, soft and non-threatening man (Barack Obama being their public ideal). It comes from their feelings of failure in traditional standards of masculinity.

Evola touches on this, too. He writes of the “dismissal of the virile element”. He carefully lists of the coincidences of eunuchs being priests, priests dressing as women, and the break of weapons for offerings. As he eloquently ties this all with a bow,

all of these instances represent the fragmentary, materialized, and distorted echoes, none of them any less characteristic, of the overall view according to which (as the feminine became the fundamental sacredness, strength and life) the masculine element and men in general came to be looked down upon as irrelevant, innerly inconsistent, ephemeral, of little value, and as a source of embarrassment

Evola, Revolt Against the Modern World pg. 213

One would have to be blind to not see this as the reality of 21st century America. Action movies use female protagonists performing stunts of strength. Our military advertisements feature as many women as men. Men find their true expression in middle age by castrating themselves and injecting estrogen into their bodies. Single mothers who create dysfunction with their progeny are often heralded as the supposed strong pillars of towns and cities.

These are slogans for the masses. Our elite still engage in masculine competition of winner take all economics. Our empire still tears countries apart via regime change. Our CEOs have wild orgies with assistants. Academia has armed young women with the sex positivism that helps them rationalize soft forms of prostitution and promiscuity that destroys their souls as playthings for wealthy men in our urban centers. Donations to the right causes cover their ideological tracks. The inversion of values is a convenient memeplex to disarm everyone else, and it is everywhere.

Possibly one of the sickest trends is to see men online discuss how they are going to go through hormone replacement therapy, become transwomen, then start lifting weights, become fit chcks, and then go fight Nazis in the streets. These men want to perform a masculine activity (street fight) with a dangerous foe of the system (Nazis), and in order to do so, will engage in months of masculine endeavors to become strong enough (weight lift). One would ask, if normal, “why not just lift weight and be a man that street fights the Nazis“? The answer is no. These men have gulped the progressive Jonestown kool aid to disallow any form of traditional masculine expression in a masculine form. It is not safe. It is toxic! They can only safely express it if they castrate themselves and perform these masculine activities as women.

This inversion does not last long. Our expression of goddess culture or longhouse politics is not meant for eternity. It is a useful tool right now for the elite who think they can keep all of the plates spinning. Say the environmental doomsayers are correct and Mother Gaia (there again) takes her revenge on humanity. The committees and consensus will be tossed aside. As far as the trans, it is unlikely we will allocate precious resources to making sure autogynephiliacs can feel pretty instead of feeding the starving. They can go form a mystery cult in a remote area as their predecessors did eons ago. Eventually, the elites will realize the crises facing them are too much to indulge in the whims dreamed up by the priests in academia who still harbor resentment over not feeling strong enough.

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