Self Defense Against Clown World, Part I

Withdrawing Consent

I am pretty sure that the term “Clown World” is somewhat stale by now, drifting away in the rapid flow of memes and ideas posited in our right wing circles. I can’t imagine it lasting too much longer, especially after it has gone past the span of the NPC meme. Nonetheless, it remains a great catch-all term for the current system we live in. When my friends ask why, after they hear about Epstein’s first arrest, he went to an “open-door prison,” I have no need to get into the specifics – I only have to say “honk,” and they get it. Dissecting and bisecting our society’s dissonant messaging and irrational events through lenses like the CIA assets, Cultural Marxist subversion and cynical political/economic interests takes far too much time. Better to honk than spend three hours stressing myself out. I’m losing enough hair as it is.

Still, there is a distinct understanding that Clown World operates in a kind of collective. In The Real Purpose of Pride, I pointed out the concentrated effort by media, government, and other institutions to push gay pride down everyone’s throats, focusing on business as the point man for the central messaging. Putting things in your butt ends up being the highest calling, our country’s greatest value, etc. Honk. Is there some great conspiracy to make it happen? I’m sure of it. Is it possible that the current zeitgeist is more of a Moldbug-esque “Cathedral” system of loosely affiliated interests? Sure. Why not both? Either way, a collective is presented to you. Honk.

The upside to the collective aspect to Clown World is that we are given a singular, broad-scope enemy. I understand that there are different vested interests (see: Zionists, spooks, Capital, politicians, professors, etc.), but they appear to march in lock-step with one another. Any disagreements or internecine conflicts are handled in back-room meetings we are not privy to witnessing. If several groups present as a united front, then we can call it one enemy force and defend ourselves against them all with simplified tactics. After all, quite the coalition of disparate nations attacked Saddam Hussein in the Iraq War; did he really have to worry whether a particular platoon was full of Americans or Australians?

Sadly, we are in something of a pitched battle, much like poor ol’ Saddam. It is a defensive 4G war that pits you and your hard-right buddies against censorious corporate giants like Facebook, feds that like to fedpost, all the liberals, most of the governments, and antifa. Unlike Saddam, our enemies have a difficult time finding us on a map. There are no bunkers to bust, no palaces to raid, no tower to lay siege to and few soldiers to hunt down and execute. This gives us a chance to be more like the Cong than the Iraqi army. Having taken inspiration from the hidden guerrilla nature of those fighting the American behemoth, let’s look at some simple ways to start defending yourself.

Step One: Withdrawing Consent to be Monitored

In order for Facebook to sell your information… you have to sign up with Facebook. Same goes for Twitter , Instagram, etc. Sure, Zuckerberg might be trying to get everyone regardless, but hopefully the lawsuits will clear that up. The point is, the censorship and monitoring apparatus is consensual as far as the private sphere is concerned. Get rid of your social media accounts and they are hamstrung. If you have to have one, place as little information on it as possible. If you utilize social media for trolling, hide your IP address. Do not give consent to be monitored by the private world. Even then, be careful regarding any information you may let slip; leftist observers are always looking for “bread crumbs” for piecing together your identity.

There is also the matter of government: you are still being spied on. One might think this is not consensual, but it is. Sure, it is illegal (or ought to be, depending on whatever Talmudic excuse the feds give) to be doing this, but our lazy and bloated government relies on you using the most convenient means to connect with others. Limit your cell-phone use. Do not use email or a messaging service for movement purposes, if you can help it. When you call someone up for a meetup, do not discuss details. If the government wants to spy on you, make them work for it with old-school means. They have gotten addicted to shiny technological toys; so long as they do things the easy way, you are more or less invisible. For this reason, I switched over to using a dumbphone, and lo and behold, Amazon ads on various websites stopped recommending things I was talking about moments before browsing.

Do I seem paranoid here? A little conspiratorial? Anyone who has been doxxed, or knows someone who was, knows it is sensible. Anyone who knows what law enforcement can do is not paranoid about this. Bottom line: avoid the surveillance state by going lower-tech and abolishing non-anonymous social media.

A word of caution though. Our presence is most visible online. Those groups that withdraw their consent to be monitored will be doing things; if you do not join such a group, things will look bleak. People who post their plots on Discord servers (see: Atomwaffen) get arrested, angry kids get doxxed, there’s always Alt Right drama with e-celebs battling it out for the grift – it will appear that we are losing. Do not despair, but rather get involved in the movement in real life and your emotional state will improve.

Step Two: Withdrawing Consent to be Subverted

Clown World monitors you; do you monitor Clown World? If so, keep it at arm’s length. The whole entertainment-media complex is organized with a singular mission to destroy your sense of morality, your sense of the other (that is, protective instincts), and to stimulate you to death. In a phrase, Clown World seeks your suicide through media. Honk. Modern man demands to be entertained, but those who fulfill the demand do not have his best interests in mind. Our culture is like a heroin addict: multimedia companies are giving them Product, but they’ve been slipping in greater and greater amounts of Krokodil in each sale. We went from Murphy Brown going single mother on Friends to Disney showing us boy princesses and gay kisses. We all know this is disgusting and perverted, but so long as we are submitting to subversion, we end up looking like Orson Welles leading Alcoholics Anonymous.

I should not have to tell people to stop watching porn. If it’s a full blown addiction for you, the NoFap community is there to help. Stop before it’s too late – porn makes you gay. Those of us who trust in Christ do well to visit our pastors and priests and do confession. A friend of mine ended up killing his addiction because he would go to confession every time he screwed up; it didn’t take long for him to start imagining his priest’s face on the computer screen every time he was about to go where he shouldn’t, and it killed the desire. Some need harsher medicine – if after a long time, you decide you just won’t stop, fine – just go to the DeadEyes page on Reddit, learn that the girls you jerk it to hate you, and watch your addiction die (of course, this is a last-ditch thing to do – I don’t recommend it lightly).

Don’t watch porn” is not controversial. It might be a bit more spicy if you follow my next bit of advice; get rid of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. When you pay for these services, you are paying for blatant anti-white, anti-family, anti-tradition programming, encouraging advertisers, and rotting your brain with whatever they’re putting on. If you like watching movies on the cheap, go to a Goodwill or some other thrift store and buy VHS tapes or DVDs, usually at two bucks a pop. My wife and I gave ourselves a $12 budget every month to go grab the movies we like, the non-pozzed stuff, and we haven’t gone back. Even if you have some guilty pleasure, at the very least you have control over it without contributing to the system. I can own Beavis and Butthead; I don’t have to pay Hulu for the privilege to watch it.

When it comes to entertainment, we all have things we like to do, so please do not interpret this as “bro, just curate your viewing habits.” You could be an avid reader: put down Lord Byron and pick up Gomez-Davila. You could love music; why listen to Darkthrone when Horde or Weakling will do?* The Right should not be known as curmudgeonly throwbacks that banned enjoyment; we just want it healthy.

Step Three: Start Building a Mannerbund

The next article will cover this in building a counter-attack method, but this aspect of our lives is crucial to both attack and defense. A mannerbund will help immunize you against threats from the powers that be. Lost your job? Jeff has contacts with right-wing business owners who will hire you. Antifa harassing your home? Dave can give you a couch to sleep on while the cops get involved. Bored? John has something cool to do this weekend. A functioning circle of determined men, especially those with a strong friendship bond, will serve as a shield against the honking arrows whistling toward you. This is not a circle of e-friends but a local network making a difference in your daily life. You can keep each other accountable against subversion. You can help each other duck surveillance. You can keep each other busy making better men out of yourselves.

Men give each other spiritual support in times of need as well. I will be bringing up church engagement in the future, but the Church and your mannerbund are not exclusive to one another. For all I know, if you belong to the house church movement, they could be one and the same. Either way, it will protect you from the darker aspects of the black pill, that despair we are all familiar with. Honk.

To reap a return in ten years, plant trees. To reap a return in 100, cultivate the people.”
Ho Chi Minh

*Of course, I speak as a black metal fan: this could apply to any subgenre. I still believe you should take a listen to Weakling’s Dead as Dreams – it’s a real work of art.

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  1. build your own entertainment, simple as

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  2. Darya Kuznetsova says:

    Weakling’s Dead As Dreams is indeed a stand-out album! Had to thrown it on after see them referenced here.

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  3. Seax says:

    Your work here is top notch, I want you to know. I’ve read a few of your articles and am always impressed by their wit and salubrity. Must be that church raising.

    I am part of a Mannerbund. We’ve been building steam for about a year. Getting internal momentum before starting to reach out.

    We work on ideological framework, moral disambiguation, self improvement and so on. I can’t tell you the relief it brings to change out of the surrogate culture of the internet and start hashing out internal culture and metanarratives and language in real time.

    I’d encourage passers-by to check some of my work, and maybe, if they’re interested in learning more, I can provide some breadcrumbs. (Can’t lay all our cards on the table, what with the OpSec strategies you mentioned.)

    Assuming, of course, that said passers-by haven’t begun work on their own.

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