Ten Friday Reads 9/20/19

I’ve got nothing for you. No commentary. This year feels so much like a replay of 2011 that I am giving the simulation theory some credence. Because of this, I will provide ten links.

Right Wing Cope – Power has centralized in the presidency in some regards but holding the House matters. This essay seems some cope on the part of the conservatives because they do not have it nor do they have an easy path to reclaim it in ’20.

Decoupling From China – How much does America want to decouple from China? This avoids addressing the question of why did American firms slide so much of their supply chains to China despite broken promises from China and rampant IP theft.

Chess Stress – This article from ESPN is an engrossing read on what the chessmasters go through when competing. The side effect of losing weight and in significant amounts is interesting.

New Ways Of War – This is not an essay but a video. If you pay attention, remarks point to American losses if it had to face a Russian or Chinese threat. We have giant bases in their backyard with giant aircraft carriers, which in the age of missiles we could rename Camp Coffin or floating morgues.

How Do Bolshies Still Go Through With It – A blogger reviews a massive tome on the Bolsheviks and uses it to look at our Brooklyn Socialists. How did the faith grow and fail yet still be carried on for decades?

Sam Francis Was Right – First Things takes aim at Sam Francis for one big reason. They want to name everyone else, even if they are right, as evil racists. First Things isn’t see, they’re good guys. They should be the proper standard bearers of National Conservatism and then sit back and watch the money roll in. This happens when realignments are happening.

When Satire Fails, Heroism Arises – Tom Hart reviews Starship Troopers. This is as perfect as it gets. He nailed the problem with the film. They wanted to make a satire mocking fascism and heroism, but because we live in a degraded age, it made the target look awesome. I saw this in the theater when it came out and loved it. All the satire meant to mock the patriotism, aggressiveness and unbridled machismo became amusing jokes but also a “wouldn’t it be fun” moments. We literally had a clash of civilizations set up drop in our elites lap four years later and they told us to love and understand Muslims.

Climate Foolishness – Quote: “The climate system is a coupled non-linear chaotic system, and therefore the long-term prediction of future climate states is not possible.”

Boeing’s Decline – Boeing lost it as a firm when they transitioned from a firm that built airplanes to a firm that managed the production of airplanes. There is a quotation on this very transition. We have had technological stagnation and even what people considered advanced get hit by the effects.

Marco Rubio 180 on Economics – This is not 2010 Rubio or even 2016 Rubio. This is a big name US Senator realizing where the road ahead leads to. This is what realignment forces on politicians. Things will keep changing slowly.

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  1. I look forward to these posts each week. Thanks in particular this week for sharing “The House Of Government”. My Father was posted in Moscow for a multinational corporation in the late 90s and the flat he rented was in that infamous building featured in the image on the article header. I used to walk around that complex a lot when I would go to visit him. Good memories renewed of a strange place, thank you.


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