Puppet Greta + Five Friday Reads 9/27/19

This week was the Greta psyop. Who is Greta? Just read right here. She is the sixteen year old Swedish girl who is here to lecture you about the environment. This is not for you. This is a psyop for the metropolitan dwellers in the West who want to have their worldview affirmed by a figure on television. Greta is saying things the status quo wants, and that the control grid wants to see enacted to further cement their control. Greta is as much a puppet as Michael Brown was for the Feds to take over local police and the Rolling Stone Rape Hoax was for campus persecution of men. Note it, explain it to others, and move on.

There is a financial aspect. The banksters want to financialize the environment with proper determinations of what is worth what in CO2, which of course will be evaluated and determined by Harvard types. This is why the TBTF banks loved the idea of carbon credits. It does not impair their businesses, only others, plus they get to make money trading in credits. They can consult with pension funds and sell them carbon offset securities or carbon bonds. They can dream up whatever they want!

This blurb of mine is nothing compared to this 12 or so part essay series on the manufacturing of Greta. It is an incredibly deep dive. This series should be read in its entirety and shared. Greta is a puppet and the entire movement is astroturf for extremely powerful interests to see their policies implemented. This girl did not come out of nowhere. She had a hooked up family (Mom sang Sweden’s 2009 Eurovision entry + was official court singer in ’10). Her mother was an environmental figure recognized by the WWF. Greta’s family is full of actors, and over a hundred years ago, one of them was a scientist linked to measuring atmospheric gases. Funny how coincidences work.

I too care about the environment. I also see right through this garbage. This is to make urbanites feel good about their beliefs even if they live in disgusting cities that need immense resources just to feed them their UberEats. This is about controlling Western resources and people. No one is serious about the environment if we are not orienting our way of life away from consumption, reducing sub-Saharan birthrates and getting a handle on the environmental damage India and China do often times at the direction of Western multinational corporations. It is all arranging chairs on the Titanic, except with an autistic sixteen year old berating passengers instead of a band playing.

All The Lonely People – A full fifth of men and a dozen or so percent of women have no friends. This was once enough of a rarity to be a Beatles song but now is swallowing a greater share of our people. Atomization can be measured. Smaller families may also be to blame as more only children make up society.

Excess Sugar Fueled Obesity – This study points to the American obesity epidemic as a delayed reaction to excessive sugar intake. We could interfere with the sugar content in produced sweets and manufactured foods but the fake right would scream socialism. A tax on big gulps is dumb when you can just mandate less sugar into the food people consume.

China + New Monetary System – This has been a steady message from the Russian and Chinese bloc for over a decade. There may be more urgency now due to American instability and the time for decoupling or loosening up bonds is approaching. The play for years was a slow bleed while China exchanged their dollars for hard assets and rights to commodities. They may see this strategy as less than optimal now.

Lineage of the Absolute State – Reactionary Future has a book review that covers the history that created absolute states. He also has a book coming out soon. He is a sharp thinker, and do support his work.

Against the New Integralism – Catholic on Catholic fire. This essay covers what is wrong with the new Integralism one may see on the internet. It also ends on the note that the only real antidote at hand against liberal tyranny is the rough form of populism taking shape.

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