Volspins + Five Friday Reads 10/4/19

Many readers in our sphere were excited by the return of Moldbug. Hank Oslo will have something for you on it, so I will leave that to him. It was more fun to see reactions. One sent my way was from a friend, Against Moldbugism, penned by a Miss Susannah Black. It is lame but I encourage you to skim it.

Miss Black, who is old to be called miss, does not actually engage with anything Moldbug has written. She cannot even name his blog correctly, “Unqualified Assumptions” is what she said it was. This is not new as we have seen other writers in the Christian crowd play this same game. Look at how First Things approaches anything in the dissident right or their treatment of Sam Francis. It is lazy and unfair to the individuals involved.

Miss Black though is another one of the increasing number of women we see around us, the volspins. These are the unmarried over forty women with degrees who have screwed up somehow and are voluntarily spinsters. I am willing to bet there was a great guy serious in her life, but no, she chose the volspin lifestyle. Peter Turchin has written about the overproduction of elites, but no one has discussed the overproduction of educated volspins plaguing society. I am uncertain if she is a liberal or not because she uses the buzzwords those nebulous Christians in NYC-DC use to try to bounce between different cocktail party crowds.

In general, these are the Affluent White Female Liberals (AWFLs, pronounced awfuls) that you see at the forefront of every anti-Western movement. They hold refugee welcome signs, they run immigrant resettlement programs, and they make sure to work at NGOs and abortion clinics. It was not a problem when the spinster, inspin and volspin alike, was a small percentage of the population. Now, they are a menace. One in one million incels may shoot a yoga studio, but it is nowhere near the damage these volspins do at the helm of important institutions and bureaucracies.

On to the links…

The Green New Deal – Start the reads off with fiction. This is a fun read, and all too plausible. Once we let Wall Street quantify the environment, then we are letting Harvard explain the worth of every single act. What will the liberal death drive lead to? I have always assumed white suicide-performance art would come, but I have to admit, this is even more likely.

Moldbug Returns – It is not what he is writing but where. A nice respectable outlet is giving Mr. Yarvin an opportunity to reach new people. Nothing really new here if you have read his prior work, but are we not all waiting for that final installment?

Understanding Vladimir Putin – This is a more fair profile of Putin than most Western outlets would give. This glosses over the Rape of Russia that the US engineered with the crime syndicate oligarchs. It does try to portray where he and Russia are coming from when they engage with America in ’19.

Two Akira Posts (one and two)- I found both of these interesting as one concerns Akira’s conversion and the other, well, it does give a window into the mind of the author when reading the conversion essay. As a cradle Catholic, I find the tradcath converted crowd off-putting at times, but hey, they have found their way to the good path. This essay was much better to read than Twitter statements and other cynical sounding declarations of conversion.

Lie detectors are crap – Lie detectors have been crap since their introduction, but they are used as a tool of influence. Deny taking one and it is suspicious. Take one and at best it can be explained away as inconclusive. A reason to pay attention to how they are used is that we are in an age of increasing technology applied to the criminal justice system. Where are the holes? Bite analysis has already been allowed in court and now shown to be junk science. We must be strict about how everything is used.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Prisoner No. 34 says:

    Perhaps it should be pronounced “offal”


  2. Anagoge says:

    This kind of thing gnaws at my belief that modern smallhats can spiritually transcend their subversive and rebellious nature if (and only if) they embrace Christ. Susannah Black is a (((fellow Anglican))): https://twitter.com/suzania/status/1168580534932529152


  3. thedroggin says:

    AWFL, Volspin and inspin, new to me. Like it.


  4. Spooky N says:

    AWFL doesn’t have a memorable zing to it like SWPL or shitlib catlady imo, but it works I guess.


  5. KEK says:

    >Susannah Black

    More like Susannah Blacked


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