The Politics of Humiliation

What would you do if you had complete control of our Western societies? Ruling it with a healthy dose of pragmatism would probably be the best option. Sadly though, you and I will never have such an opportunity, and instead we are currently living through the greatest moral decline that has been witnessed in living memory. It is no mistake to think that the moral decline is being driven from above – our societies are more top down than ever. The multicultural and perhaps technologically dystopian world that is emerging is an obvious cause for concern.

The elites that we have today are not based around the ownership of country estates and hereditary peerages, but instead are based around the ownership of corporations, the chairmanship of charities and membership of the elite political donor class. This shallow, yet powerful, group have come to be known as the globalists, whose money and material wealth stretches across not just countries but continents as well. Having wealth that stretched across continents is nothing new, it’s been seen everywhere throughout history, most notably in the Spanish and British Empires. The difference with today’s elite though is that they do not have a national loyalty. Instead of wielding political, military and economic might around the globe in the name of Britain, now our elite wield their influence in the name of ideas, beliefs and self-interest. Indeed, the ‘dual loyalty’ apparent in some of this elite from a certain ethnoreligious group is only acting as a catalyst for this phenomenon.

Without a national loyalty, and with an increasing self-hatred among many, they are encouraging and influencing a growing trend towards levels of degeneracy never seen before in society. With the media, Hollywood and the largest corporations all benefiting from the pursuit of neo-liberalism, which is the ideology of our elites, there is no reason for them to oppose it either. And even when such a stance causes substantial losses in profit – the most recent example being Gillette – the overall ideology and accompanying narrative marches on nonetheless. This is only possible when you have enough power that enables you to recover from such defeats.

Donald Trump may or may not be a genuine populist – the debate to whether he is surrounded in the swamp and incapacitated, or a genuine boomer fraud – will rage for years to come. Whichever is true, what is clear and undeniable is the number of trip wires that were waiting for him when he came into office. These trip wires were not set in place during the transition period before his inauguration; they have been steadily put in place since the 1960s, for the very purpose of stopping any genuine right-wing rebellion that may come along. Judges blocking executive orders, aides leaking information to journalists, donors sponsoring set-piece Antifa riots, intelligence agencies compiling false dossiers, federal authorities constructing false narratives and then subsequently launching investigations – it all points to one giant machine being switched into action.

Whether the neo-liberal elite’s actions are based on truth really doesn’t matter. For them it doesn’t matter because they win anyway, for their opposition it doesn’t matter because they lose anyway. There is currently no successful right-wing force that can escape neo-liberalism or Zionism; Viktor Orban of Hungary and Matteo Salvini of Italy are examples of politicians who have done great work, but who have also fallen within the boundaries of these goalposts. And this is the reason why the media are telling you to eat bugs, and why they want your children to know about reproduction before they can even spell, and why they tell you the Amazon rainforest is burning down because of climate change, when in reality it is arson. They have trip wires, narratives and punishments to stop you, but you don’t have any trip wires, narratives or punishments to stop them – and so they can push whatever falsehood that they like.

If absolute power really does corrupt absolutely, then what we are experiencing is the re-emergence of a severe nihilism that was present in Ancient Rome. The phenomenon known as the lure of the arena, where citizens would get a mental high from watching people of a lower social class, usually slaves, being forced to fight each other to the death in the coliseum, was common. Historians have regularly commented that this mentality was a key aspect of life in the middle and upper classes of the Roman Empire. The wealthy elites of the time faced no consequence for indulging in this past time, and their life of luxury, power and degeneracy meant that they simply didn’t care. It’s no exaggeration to say that we’re not too far away from the elite having such audacity. They’ll probably never go that far in the open, but judging by some weird temple-like structures on a few billionaire-owned islands, who knows what they’re capable of in private.

The merging of neo-liberal political goals with the elite’s own desire for degenerate amusement is beginning to come into reality. Not only does having the workers eat bugs mean that your costs are kept down, it also means you can revel in treating your people like rubbish. And not only does teaching children about reproduction before they can spell forever taint their mental state, it also dilutes their innocent nature and prepares them for being manipulated by the system later on. Not only does exaggerating the extent of climate change brainwash the population into thinking the end of civilization is coming, it also creates a psychosis among the population, an over-the-top and deranged mental energy that can be directed by the elite at their political enemies.

Most of us have noticed the bizarre lack of judgement, and the continuous ignorance of context, displayed by many people in everyday life. This really does strike home when you watch films or television shows from the 1990s or before, and especially when you see old newsreel footage of the early 20th century, where you can see how ordered and normal everything is. The neo-liberal elite have deliberately created a broken down version of humanity, one that is both naïve and yet mentally energetic at the same time. These are modern individuals who are able to think, but not able to think about the context of whatever they are thinking about, because the emotional boundaries they have been brainwashed into staying within prevent them from doing so.

The elite are not mad, they know what they are doing – and they’re laughing at you.

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  1. Seax says:

    Your opening question is remarkably open-ended.

    I would start by injecting some /White/ culture into early childhood education to fill the (forgive me) black hole that’s there.

    It’s past time we reclaimed self-definition sans (((influence))) and took a little interest in self knowledge and identity.

    Even among WNs it’s an issue.


  2. So-called meritocracy creates a more vicious ruling class because they actually believe they are superior. Expect no noblesse oblige from people who do not know the difference between private equity gains and work. This is how castes are created, the result of usury.

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    1. Seax says:

      That’s a fascinating take. I’d never considered that. I’ve always favoured meritocratic institutions simply because I’ve thought they’d exorcise the lowest common denominator… Or at least raise the bar.


    2. This is actually solved with the injection of a Christian ethos. At the height of our Civilization, the highest castes believed themselves superior but were still possessed of a sense of noblesse oblige. The problem is the absence of an ethic of stewardship, which is precisely the Nietzchean (and Jewish) ideal (stewardship being an expression of slave morality), not meritocracy itself.


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