Flexing China & Five Friday Reads 10/11/19

Anti-China news pops up often as China has become a friendly whipping boy for the Pentagon, therefore the red empire factions. The American left will never really get fully behind the anti-China push because the Chinese have bought them (Sen. Feinstein anyone?). Just look at the Clinton White House record with China in the ’90s where military secrets and nuclear secrets passed over to China easy peasey. After decades of building up their economy and riches, we now enjoy China flexing on all of us.

The normies got exposed to this with the NBA brouhaha where an NBA general manager made one pro-Hong Kong tweet and soon found himself correcting his thoughts. The entire Chinese propaganda team was rolled out to explain the need for correct thoughts. They then removed NBA merchandise and of course, the NBA danced to their tune. This is what whores do. They perform whatever act is necessary to keep the money flowing in.

What was fun was seeing not just the NBA but Nike and ESPN conform to the CCP line. Nike does not manufacture shoes there anymore. ESPN is worried about what? ESPN’s parent firm, Disney, is worried about things. Heaven forbid the loss of the Chinese consumer market over a random tweet. Frozen 2 premieres in November, what will they think!

Years back, Hollywood remade Red Dawn. Who invaded America in the new war between superpowers? North Korea! It was originally China but they changed it to not offend the Chinese. The movie did not do well, and it is not like an American insurgency would be a draw to Chinese viewers anyway, yet they did not want to disturb the dragon.

This is the nature of multinational corporations. They manage widespread logistic systems and have to care about many markets. When they hit slow growth in their domestic, mature markets, they have to penetrate new markets and grow there. Something has to justify their stock valuations, which take up an increasing share of C-suite compensation. This will only continue as China accrues more economic power globally, and as America’s relative position declines.

Free speech does not matter. Mr. Morey would have been reprimanded even worse or fired from the Houston Rockets had he said he did not support gay marriage. Communist totalitarianism comes in multiple flavors, we just see the woke kind over here.

On to the links…

On Trans – This is the type of take on trans people that one would expect from our sphere, not First Things. People are losing it over the ‘misgendering’ of McCloskey. Great line is on the imposition of this freedom rather than true acceptance, “This freedom is being advanced through professional intimidation, economic pressure, and by the heavy hand of the state.”

Poland’s Popular Populists – This is a good explanation on the secret sauce to Poland’s populist success. If we were to transfer it to America, it would be Trump dragging the GOP leftward on economics, like a dash of Bernie not too much. What we would recreate is that 1950s mix of a overwhelming nativist majority combined with protective economic measures.

Red Meat OK Again – Science catching up to us again. Red meat now given the okay because all those old nutritional recommendations were built on shaky science. Here is the core of the problem, allowing an out for the entire establishment, “At stake are deeply entrenched ideas about healthy eating and trustworthy nutrition guidelines, and with many scientists invested professionally, and even financially, in the status quo, the fight over the science won’t be pretty“. A narrative must be crafted to give all these grad school and med school graduates an out so they can admit the truth and not say they were idiots who blindly followed the herd. Who was behind this push and for what goals should be asked, but eh, this change in meat recs is enough for now.

Using the blind to help blacks – How will the left stuff their dumber coalition members into law school? How with the LSAT as a hurdle? Easy! Eliminate the toughest section of the LSAT. Using blind applicants as a shield, the advocate class is now going to make the LSAT easier. Now the left can staff the judicial bureaucracy with their most reliable voters.

Eric Zemmour’s Speech – Read it. A quotation within his speech that he quotes, which should be your mindset, “Optimism is the false hope of cowards and fools; true hope is despair overcome“.

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  1. Earl Shetland says:

    Dang, the logic games section was my favorite part. I got a 169 out of 180 but I did not go on to law school. I didn’t see a future it in for me.

    Make the LSAT easier, sure, but that won’t make the bar exam easier. It doesn’t make it easier for them to actually find work necessarily, but it does prop up the moribund university system.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Euler the Oiler says:

    >a legally blind aspiring law student

    Truly do we live in an age of miracles.


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