Syria Withdrawal + Five Friday Reads 10/18/19

Just stop reading American media as news. Put on some DPRK uniforms and realize it is all never-ending propaganda for what our owners want. The Syrian withdrawal is causing a meltdown from the finest of specimens in the American system. We should all applaud removing US soldiers from war zones that have zero benefit to American interests.

CIA does not get regime change. DoD does not get a Kurdish statelet for bases and camps. The Saudis and Qataris do not get their eastern Mediterranean pipeline port terminal. Israel does not get further execution on the ’80s Oded Yinon Plan or ’90s Clean Break. Turkey stops making bank in the multiple cons they had running. “Syrian refugees” now have a reason to return home. There is no American interest, therefore I did not list what we lose.

This was an imperial war of choice. Interests asked our imperial war machine to press the right buttons. No one ever voted to go into Syria but the outrage over leaving Syria is intense because the media munchkins whining for Kurds or Syrian borders are paid by the oligarchs to push the line they want. We need outlets pushing for Americans so that not a single American comes home in a flag draped casket for Raytheon, Israel, Lockheed Martin or Qatar. There are willing advocates of careful intervention or even isolationism, they just need the funding.

When it became evident Obama would not intervene with boots on the ground, install a no fly zone or perform the shock and awe bombing campaign, we should have marked that as the moment the empire’s tide began to roll out. They could not pull it off. After blunders and revelations of just who we were allied with in Syria, the Pentagon did not even want to intervene because things were so out of control. Obama’s admin of harpies barely got the euros to lead on the Libya adventure, and they had to rely on explicitly branded al-qaeda operatives in Libya.

This was all despite every media outlet cheer-leading for intervention and saying that Assad was going to lose any moment. One of the most disgusting of voices was Max Fisher. Fisher bounced from media gig to better media gig always pushing for intervention and more misery for Syrians. He is just one of many. Since Trump took office, the new rite of Spring is for Assad to mysteriously use chemical weapons when right on the cusp of total victory, requiring a missile strike. One of Trump’s real bright spots has been resisting the drive to intervene in Syria. The second time Trump ordered a missile strike, the Syrians shot down a high percentage of the missiles.

This is a very large defeat for CIA/State. They lost, and lost bigly. Their jihadi training program failed. Their ISIS creation evaporated. Russia went in and showed that it was possible to counter the Empire. Syria’s use of S200 systems was a running advertisement for the S300s and S400s for anyone out there worried they are next on Uncle Sam’s regime change list. It is absolutely reprehensible to hear 99% of the media and political classes act as if this Syria situation just happened and that Trump is the problem for ending the game. They drew first blood. They funded the rebels for years. They destroyed a nation without any qualms.

Let us hope this defeat allows for more politicians to see the light on intervention. It cannot just be one sexy rep from Hawaii or a casino magnate that speaks out on the insanity of the class that pushed us into Iraq and never paid the price for their lies and treachery.

On to the links…

Decentralized Monopolies – AnomalyUK has a post on network effects and decentralized inputs still having a centralizing force and creating monopolies.

The Permanent Coup – Matt Taibbi writes on the permanent coup we are enduring. He has some good experience having seen ’90s Russia. These situations do not end well.

Liberalism Begets Nihilism – A Joker review that takes a look at our liberal culture and what it ends up creating.

African Corruption – Dambisa Moyo wrote a book called Dead Aid that I strongly recommend. She called for an end to all aid in Africa. Too much goes into corrupt pockets. It appears the West, despite decades of enabling this, is now calling in cards to collect money given to the thieves.

China Hacked Its Way To Planes – It is obvious DoD really wants to take it to China. Think of how many of these stories the media has sat on about Chinese thievery. The US has a faction of its elite that are gleefully selling out the country to China. There is another faction that does not agree. Pretty sure there is no stopping China’s rise, but instead of just stealing, maybe the elites of America could betray Americans the old fashioned way with one way trade agreements benefiting Wall Street. All those voices that told us to intervene in Syria now want us to confront China.

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