The Administrative State + Five Friday Reads 10/25/19

Has the new target taken form? One may have thought the right would move from the media to academia, but it appears the deep state and the administrative state have put up such resistance and gunked up the gears so much that it has become enemy number one for the insurgents. It is the fourth branch of government in its mind, and as Moldbug called it, the permanent government. It has to go.

Stephen Miller publicly has stated the bureaucracy is an obstacle and even a danger. There are calls for breaking the administrative state. Besides the intelligence community, the theme of the Trump admin has been federal government officials, military and civilian, shocked that the president would question why they do things. How dare he? They have been running the show, and despite the provincials not agreeing with their rule, they run the show.

This is not new. This was the same problem Nixon ran into in his five years in office. The military spied on him because he tried to go around them. State wanted him gone because he and Kissinger were going around the normal channels to conduct foreign policy. Even during the Obama administration, media members lamented how Obama was blocked by the lobbyist-bureaucrat crowd that wanted to work for health care firms instead of write an effective health care bill. For all his faults, Obama was good for letting the media talk about the system rather than blame him for anything.

How to break it? Retire All Government Employees? Helicopter rides? There will always be an administration but who controls it? The chief executive should be able to fire and hire at will. If Foseti’s old blog is to be believed, we can skinny the org trees and ask them to actually work. Power should not be so divided that there are a hundred people who can say no but no one who will say yes. Scattering federal agencies to other states would help, too. By desperately needing to glorify its actions and gain media coverage, the bureaucracy has revealed itself as one more institution that needs to burn. Trick is on them as how many Americans were even aware of their power until 2017.

On to the links…

You Can Never Be China’s Friend – Interview with David Goldman also known as the writer Spengler on China, Trump, technology and trade. Agree with him that the Chinese are terrible at propaganda and media. The more interesting bits were on sigint and how quantum computing may make the NSA and other tech surveillance useless.

Maurras’ Return – France grapples with the ideas of Maurras proving to not be obsolete. He argued for something new to answer what was considered an age that was at the end of history. While he rejected fascism, he is still problematic for our current cultural gatekeepers because he was so right and offered something different.

NYT Supports The Deep State – Not a shocker but shocking that in three short years we went from Deep State being called a right wing crazy conspiracy theory to now not only existing but being deemed good.

Pachamama Fraud – The Amazon synod, funded by outside interests, included a weird looking pagan goddess statue. Some Catholics became heroes by throwing them in the river. Are the statues real indigenous spirits or goddesses? Nope. They are a creation specifically for the synod by the commies.

Joe Rogan Interviews Naval – There is an interesting sequence on the nature of work and where work is moving towards.

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  1. Not My Economy says:

    The way to cut the size of government is to bribe the employees.

    Offer early retirement with full benefits and normal pension to any fed with more than X years of service.

    Don’t backfill any positions and ban outside new hiring. Actual essential fills can be made by transitioning current feds from other agencies. Offer big raises and bonus to make this happen. Again don’t backfill the jobs they left.

    Couple years later, run another round of early retirement offers.

    Finally, eventually, you stop paying pension and benefits for retired feds. They no longer have the power to stop you.

    We’re paying big bucks for people to do us harm, the trade to pay them to do nothing instead is a no brainer. And then eventually you stop paying them too because what are they going to do about it.


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