Grifters + Five Friday Reads 11/1/19

It was a week for dunking. Charlie Kirk got embarrassed in Ohio by a stream of nationalists simply asking questions. Kirk deserves the abuse because of his statements since TPUSA anointed him. His managers feed him ridiculous lines where he states some nationalist talking points but goes all in on our greatest ally and legal immigration. It is a grift. Kirk is playing the Ben Shapiro role of what a Boomer thinks a young person would want to hear if they were right wing. This is the age of the internet, so these fools cannot hide. Grifters get exposed.

The stupidity in all of this is that the management team for Kirk and his crew cannot simply have Kirk reading MAGA style statements and talking. He is not doing anything but talking. He is not organizing pickets of Drag Queen Story Hour (that’s 500 Mom Strong). He is not registering rural voters across the midwest. He does not organize; just talks, but even then, his handlers cannot even let him give the voters what they want to hear.

It does not help, in fact it hurts the entire endeavor, to have him forever flanked by based minorities. These people have histories. If Scott Greer can get unpersoned for being associated with Spencer, then why the hell are dox site creating black women, homosexuals who worked for LGBT causes or (let’s combine the two) gay black veterans who filmed Trayvon Martin videos being catapulted to the stage for the movement that is trying to reach the youth? Give it a rest. We all see exit polls and can see results from different districts. You can have these people as a part of the crowd or in the infrastructure but do not put them front and center. They are grifters and the donors are the marks. This is why BAP has created the only grassroots thing on the right since 2017.

Speaking of BAP and grifters, after enough prodding, Mike Cernovich reviewed Bronze Age Mindset. BAP had tweeted at him about it for a while, and Cerno had been cryptic about it. Finally, he reviewed it. It was underwhelming. It read more like Cerno jumping on the bandwagon of something new after A/B testing to do it or not in twitter polls. He wrote as if it was brave, but note that he did his review after Mike Anton’s that has set off much more media attention.

Cerno is a grifter. I do feel bad that when Mike Flynn got taken out by the Deep State that it ruined a potential conduit for spicy sources for Cerno to build a media empire. Cerno had put in hard work to get to something real and then poof, gone. Whatever happened to the PAC he started? Whatever happened to MAGA Mindset? How come all he has done since election 2016 is a couple of nicely done documentaries that involve him as a subject? There is talk about the dearth of MAGA or nationalist right scouting, recruiting, political consulting, organizing… and should not a guy with +500,000 twitter followers be able to assemble a nationwide battleground state network? Create the network & infrastructure and remove yourself from public view because you are a toxic figure, letting others be the face. I might be expecting too much. I remember when Cerno was a RooshV forum poster saying he would never ever ever marry again. People change. Some are all talk.

It is great the nationalists took it to Kirk. It is also predictable that they went to the anti-semitic smear despite no one asking about Israel at the Q&A. Do not be Charlie Kirk, but definitely be more than Cerno. What would be even better is if those men who showed up at Ohio State chatted together after and kept in touch. Forget 2020. If just a dozen of them keep in touch and network further, but by the time the US Senate seat in ’24 opens up, they can work that campaign and become staffers and aides. Even better, they could network for the ’26 Ohio governor’s race and have a broader network of men to place in the bureaucracy. Maybe Second City Bureacrat could advise them on burrowing into the government infrastructure.

On to the links…

Must Read Fiction – What I love about the fiction Zero HP Lovecraft writes is that it takes something plausible and in the future but pushes beyond what you can imagine as likely. It goes that extra step. If Black Mirror had a realistic worldview and was unrestrained from pushing progressive memes, it might reach his level.

How The Chinese Did It – This journal published a review of what the Chinese did to its Muslim population, and without any hand wringing or tsk-tsking. No mention of human rights because the Muslims supposedly do not enjoy them in China. Know what else China does not have? A Muslim terror problem.

Interview with Codevilla – Pick up Codevilla’s “The Ruling Class”. He sees the problem. This interview is chock full of gold. The problem our riling elite will have, not just being idiotic, is that a legitimacy crisis is going to occur and more and more people will understand it beyond just dissident outlets.

Paradox of Tolerance – Very nice essay on elite competition being a cause for the current problem of progressive intolerance and deplatforming. As a fan of Mosca, I enjoyed the graphic later in the essay on competition.

Russia Wins On Energy – Nord Stream 2 is a go and Syria is intact, blocking the Saudi-Qatari dream pipeline and Med port. Big win for the Russians. Their economy needs it, too.

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    Thanks for the link. Boosted the views to about 500 from the usual about 200. I wonder if I should rather write for something more viewed publication, like this one.


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      You can submit via our email theamericansun at tutanota dot com. We like your style.


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