Impeachment Impeachment Impeachment

At the Sun, we have avoided the impeachment sham because some of us are post-political and some of us know it is part of the circus. Everyone in America knows impeachment is coming. This has been the rationale behind the resistance narrative since November of 2016. Betting websites even had offers for Trump not making it to 1/1/18 (hope you made that easy money), so the broader culture (an incredibly gaslit culture) has always seen this as a likely possibility. Former Speaker Ryan helped make this certain with his sandbagging in ’17. The wheels really went into motion once the Democrats secured a majority in the House in November of 2018. It was only a matter of why. Russiagate failed spectacularly as the Mueller Report was meh and his testimony was even worse. Ukraine quid pro quo is just Russiagate in new form. Deep state actors want Trump gone.

It is virtually the same method as the Mueller investigation. Permanent government operatives pull up a procedural method for attacking a figure they fear will change the trajectory of the permanent government’s policies. Trump is a weak executive, but the potential for change is just too great a risk for them. Just look at the hysteria to his small Syrian move, which is the right play but opposite the bipartisan War Party’s wishes. This is all a replay of Muh Russia. A murky process has unfavorable leaks make a news narrative, no one can really figure out if a crime was committed, but the media is all in per the deep state marching orders. It is all so tiresome. Our own Fred Watson has a thread on how this has become a ‘why the two orders’ moment for Democrats. Some Democrats say impeach Trump or he will win in ’20. Others says Trump is very beatable. If Trump is so beatable, why waste time impeaching? Polling is virtually useless now so what does the fearful deep state really believe.

  • This week saw the testimony of deep state member Vindman, including coaching from Rep. Schiff. Vindman is an apparatchik who for high theater wore his uniform to testify, which means you cannot criticize him. The media found a defense in shielding Vindman from any criticism by calling questions about his loyalty or actions as anti-semitic. His primary loyalty is to the Deep State. Lt. Col. Vindman’s moment reeks of this being another Dreyfus Affair, which one should not accept at face value and rather, take a revisionist view of how that was set up and unfolded. History rhymes because it is the same weasels holding powerful positions.
  • Testimony from Tim Morrison seemed to cause the media to admit some things beneficial for Trump but still push the narrative. What is interesting is how so much of the case here rests on hearsay and opinion when we have the call transcript. Note that the WaPo article uses the idea that these people were hired by Trump as if it is some defense, when everyone has seen how since January 2017, the government apparatus has worked against him. Does America know the NSC is not a group of hired individuals but an assembled team of permanent government operatives assigned to the NSC? No it doesn’t.
  • Original Whistleblower may not testify. This does make sense since his job is done, but it does make the whole thing look like a sham. He put the ball into motion via a procedural complaint.
  • No House GOP members voted for the inquiry. This is a bad sign for Speaker Pelosi, and offers the prime argument against the certainty of impeachment. It means when time comes for the impeachment vote, she cannot horse trade to protect any Democrats. There are 233 Democrats. This becomes an issue for freshman Democrats, who relied on the immense left wing GOTV effort of ’18 to squeak by. Turnout in ’18 had not been seen in a midterm in one hundred years. How many Democrats in swing districts will want to risk their future on this? One can doubt this but freshman Senator Sinema from Arizona is a Democrat but is voting and acting far more conservative than any Arizona Senator in ages because she realizes how odd election ’18 was. I would still count on it because the Obamacare vote signed the death warrant for many Democrats’ careers and they went through with it.
  • Whatever happened to… Where is Louise Mensch? Shouldn’t this be her moment? Where is Eric Garland? Isn’t this time for some game theory?

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