Feminism: A Hill To Die On

With the recent revelations that the first openly bisexual Californian in Congress has resigned due to allegations of sexual misconduct, I reflect on the fact that Adam and Eve, the first people ever, were the ones who fell. She was the first openly bi Californian in Congress, and Katie Hill had to leave office due to ethics issues related to sexual misconduct faster than “Drumpf” ever will. While no one except for the God-man Jesus Christ is perfect, I would like to examine what Ms. Hill’s imperfections have to say about our society.

My thoughts on the matter are largely guided by a talk Fr. Thomas Hopko gave on C. S. Lewis’ “The Abolition of Man”. Doubtless many of you will be more familiar with the concept than I, but basically the premise is that when people discard their noetic faculties, when they trade their discernment in for material pleasure – it darkens the soul, rendering one into a bugman, NPC, what have you.

In the talk, Fr. Thomas went on to recommend another book: “The Flight From Woman”, by Karl Stern, a convert from Judaism to Catholicism. A key takeaway here is that when men found a form of apparent power through discarding our noetic faculties, women have been following suit, in order to obtain power.

It is clearly a hollow, false sort of power. It is the power of a man who has flashy clothes, trendy addresses in a usually coastal city, and who has their pick of female (and sometimes male) staffers to exploit as they please. Katie Hill is emblematic of this phenomenon. She’s wearing a suit, she has a fashionable address, and a younger female staffer wrapped around her fingers.

Ceterum censeo “dating websites” delendi sunt.

I do not want to lay it all at Ms. Hill’s feet here. After all, she is a Texan who had the decency to move to California to pursue her messed-up ideas, instead of bringing Californian ideas to Texas (or Arizona, Colorado, etc.). As she is Texan, I expect that her tattoo of an Eisernes Kreuz is likely just from German ancestry.

Anyway, it should have been clear that the ‘powerful’ man is not the type of man to imitate. These people have been so mindfucked by the military-industrial workload that they think they enjoy the Freemasonic ritual of golf, for God’s sake.

Instead, we, myself included and especially, have to find good male examples to strive towards. At the core, we have to remember that there is no ‘I’ in Männerbund. Selfishness first and foremost inspires one to deal with the devil. We shall also have to ensure that women have the space to be women, and see the merit in it. Only then, will both men and women find true power, in the joy of a genuine life.

This phenomenon has only gotten worse as society industrializes more and more, which measures people until all you have left are numbers. How much did your suit cost? How big was the orgy last week? We have to examine now who we really are, who we want to be, and declare it so through our way of life: for our own health and our children and theirs.

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