Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself + Five Friday Reads 11/8/19

With one phrase, a meme was born. In an interview on cable news, a gentleman ended his interview by stating “Epstein didn’t kill himself”. It has sparked a meme where people discuss whatever topic they want and at the end slip that phrase in. It caused a lot of laughs online. It also points to a couple cultural moods that BAP and Salo have discussed. The mood in America is late Eastern Bloc communism.

Epstein’s death in jail was one of the most predicted in the history of prison stints. Vegas was not offering odds. The real wonder would be who would do it. He was beaten horribly in jail, then put on suicide watch, and then ended up hanging himself while the guards were on break and the security cameras were not working. With his death, the conspiracy theorists are the people who believe the official story.

This is where we are. In almost every realm, the lies do not work but the regime just says, “screw it we are in charge and there’s nothing you can do about it“. There is but we are not ready for that transition yet. Salo tweeted that this entire meme is like late communist bloc workers joking around with even management that hey we cannot do anything and everything is a lie, haha, because we will not kill yet. This is everyone signaling who is in on this moment, which is the moment that the regime’s lies are at emperor’s new clothes level but we cannot do anything via regular means. We all know. We need a Schelling Point. I suspect that the ADL and SPLC will call this an anti-semitic hate phrase soon to prevent its wider use.

Of course Epstein did not kill himself. Dr. Baden explaining on television that it looked like murder now makes me wonder if Epstein is kicking it on an Israeli beach somewhere. He did try to escape there before, and he was definitely connected to intelligence agencies. The Project Veritas reveal that ABC News spiked the Epstein story way back in 2016 is a cherry on top of the death. ABC News has all of this stuff; they have it. Somehow even now, well after Clinton lost and with Epstein dead, they will not even release a bit of it. There is not even a leak to another site via news laundering.

Think about this Schelling Point and what it means. “Epstein didn’t kill himself” for fellow travelers to exchange with a smile and the hottest selling movie ticket has a misanthropic loner who holds a giant sign up that says “Everything Must Go”. The 2020s are going to be hot.

On to the links…

China biopharma – First new Alzheimer’s drug in 20 years is coming out of China. Smart move for a Chinese firm with the age pyramid over there looking awful. They can step into the great wealth transfer mechanism we call pharmaceutical R&D. Our big pharma firms push cholesterol drugs that are scams, hormones to mutilate people and spend R&D on pet medications.

Regime Organ Pearl Clutching – The possibility of a regime split is a good thing. I grow tired of the left constantly acting like every reaction to their behavior is the spark of problems. Trump is just the latest, but it is their framing of things to shirk culpability and assign blame outside their sphere. They created the weimerica we live in.

The Flight 93 Election Crashed – Winning elections does nothing if you do not have other institutions. Our crowd knows this but at least others on the right are coming to this realization, decades late, but coming to it. Part of this is the right’s own fault as it shunned going into academia or even fighting the academic position decision making process. They want to make a buck. Similar to not buying or donating to money losing enterprises for their intrinsic value.An academia even just 25% right wing would be an order of magnitude more powerful than what they have today. It would also provide a cadre of experts to flush into the permanent government when power was won.

Academic lies, everyone suffers part 852 – Stanford professor lies and fabricates his way to a pop academic whirlwind, and this ends up helping dismantle our mental health network. We now have many mentally ill homeless across America and in our prisons. rather than in treatment. It is amazing the coincidence of once more a lying academic somehow lies in the manner that creates progressive policy action.

Journalists Don’t Get It – I do worry that journalists will not see the light and start to at least act human. Read how this journalist turned PC commissar still did not fess up to his bad behavior. He explains digging up a few ancient tweets as providing nuance for the backstory of a man rather than what they were, shame and humiliate with a gotcha. Sometime in the ’20s, the journalist assassinations will begin, and no one will weep for nothing of value will have been lost.

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  1. Just "Jack N." It says:

    “The Flight 93 Election Crashed: Winning elections does nothing if you do not have other institutions.”

    Nobody remembers 2016, apparently.

    Well guess what, Xoomers: I remember 2016, and more importantly, I remember what 2016 felt like.

    And I would be willing to stake my life on the fact that if (in 2016) 79k people in 5 counties had voted the other way, absolutely no one would be making jokes (in 2019) about an event such as Epstein’s untimely demise, not on television and not in the privacy of one’s sound-proof, radio-proof room in one’s secret underground nuclear-hardened bunker under one’s basement in one’s home.

    Truly the presidency is a thankless job.


  2. Just "Jack N." It says:

    Hell, it would’ve been unimaginable for someone to joke about something like that as recently as a few months ago.

    The previously unimaginable becomes not merely imaginable, but absolutely boring and routine, and not only does nobody notice, even in the weird corners of the Internet, but people like you are still flogging the president for supposedly not having anything to do with these sudden turnabouts that aren’t actually happening.

    It’s like having those sunglasses in They Live.


  3. Spooky N says:

    The only reason I would care about Epstein is to use his death as a battering ram against everyone associated him and squeeze him for what he’s worth. He’s a dead man regardless if he really died or faked his death and escaped.


  4. Woody says:

    Who is Salo?


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