Who Drew First Blood + Five Friday Reads 11/15/19

They will never accept culpability. Whenever I wrote on Weimerica and started noticing that the elite media was noticing Weimar similarities, I would find media members stunned and shocked that a reaction or any push-back was happening. Why? How come? Where did this come from? It grew tiresome. It applies to everything.

White flight. Why are you white folk always running? Neo-isolationism. Why is this dangerous threat to world security rising in the American electorate? Why is the right wing trying to do something about the conspiracy theory of population replacement and Democrats stuffing states with millions of ringers for elections? You moderate conservatives can save the republic.

That is the pitch from patriotic >squints< Yoni Appelbaum to Atlantic readers. This is to moderate cons to betray their voters and allies and throw their lot in with the party that has been rigging elections via stuffing immigrants into states. This is also timed very well with impeachment narrative building. “C’mon do it, you will be remembered as a good American. I swear we will remember you, remember Senator Flake’s historic goodbye speech in the Senate“. To explain that polarized nations are saved by the moderate conservatives is some of the worst lying possible.

Who drew first blood? The left is never satisfied and only moves left. Every slippery slope is watered down like a slip ‘n’ slide allowing us to be five years out from gay marriage at the Supreme Court to now witnessing trans kid hysteria. We have moved from telling churches we would not make them do gay ceremonies to threatening to remove their tax exempt status from churches who do not promote the most recent progressive dogma.

Yoni Appelbaum acts as if we do not know the left has imported and fostered tens of millions of paper Americans. Why are you so upset? Why are you threatened that you are losing power and could be permanently locked out while we openly say how we’re going to do every policy we dreamed up in our Marxism seminars? Why little American? This is even dumber when Democrat politicians and MSNBC hosts openly state this is what is at play. This is not disingenuous. It is malicious lying.

This is where the End of America comes into play. They can keep pushing and let things play out and create the situation where their opponents, not the pundit class but the millions of base voters, all know that the permanent vote bank majority is in place is an illegitimate foundation of rule. They have a majority but one they created on paper. They may accept it, but there is no way out like Californians had, and Californians are pretty pissed. There is the option for peaceful separation, but ahhh, how religiously inspired will those progressives be to finally grab the guns, bankrupt the churches and steal liberally from bad white Americans? We all know what the last option is but no one is there yet. When that happens, they will ask why, too.

On to the links…

Everything About Syria Was a Lie – This is hedged and still acceptable to the mainstream but is a nice admission that virtually everything was a lie about the attempt at regime change in Syria. This is honest about the horrors and still shields how the different pieces of the US regime created out of thin air proxies and propped them up, no matter if they were liver eaters.

George Soros on Nationalism – A few years ago the New Years essay by Soros was a warning to China. Get in line or else. This essay is globalist drivel. Soros is losing his touch. Likely the old man is senile now and whoever is writing his copy is not paid well. There is some confusion in the microchips bit. Is it good that Trump is going after Huawei because it hurts China or bad because it hurts globalism?

Rome Fell, Europe Rose – Seems people are trying to spin the fall of Rome as good now. I support this take as it discusses how the fall of imperial Rome with its corruption and stagnation allowed smaller states to compete and flourish without the imperial shackles. I too believe EU states would flourish without USG casting a shadow on them and of course, American rump states would likely blossom without the rule of Harvard.

Take Over a Town – Please read up on how one church and their committed band of faithful built infrastructure and businesses in a mid-sized college town in Idaho. It is impressive. The media tries to portray it as menacing but it is just fellow church members owning businesses. It is not as impressive as the Scientology takeover of Clearwater, Florida, but it is impressive and worth looking at to see what determined, coordinated people can do.

Western Wide Civil War – Think of the Yellow Vests. Read this and see how the Italians are going through the same thing. It is a Western wide urban vs. rural divide. The cities will not let the provincials go because they do need a broader tax base and to have an other to punish. Policies made this happen, and they are not just American, French or Italian policies. Interests designed this.

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