Self Defense Against Clown World, Part 2

CounterAttacks: What Works and What Doesn’t

In my last article, I approached some ways we can defend ourselves against the encroaching conglomeration of disparate interests making the Western landscape irrational, so as to render our lives insane, ineffective, and depressed – aka Clown World. The first step is to revoke any consent you gave them to monitor, subvert, and atomize you. A watched employee gets anxiety. A subverted man ends up being der Coomer. The atomized man is effectively dead – or will be, once loneliness ties the noose.

“This is all well and good, Super,” you say, “but it doesn’t solve the problem. Not being poisoned doesn’t get rid of the ones injecting.” You’re right. The problem with taking the Benedict option is, well, it doesn’t do anything to end the persecution. You and I could be spared from the vagaries of Clown World (for a while – the honks are getting louder), but this does nothing to make the madness stop. If we want to mount an effective counterattack, defensive tactics are necessary but an offense must be made.

When it comes to mounting an offensive (spoiler: recruitment and power grabs), here’s what doesn’t work, in spite of lots of attempts from /ourguys/.

Accelerationism Doesn’t Work.

“Accelerate” shouts the naughty fedpoaster. “The Worse the Better!” Except when it’s not. Some believe that if we could just get conditions bad enough, the White Man or whatever will “wake up” and free himself. Borzoi was apt to summarize it as “…And then the revolution happened.” The problem with this line of thought is that our enemies have thought about it too. Conditions can get worse and worse, and normally this would lead to revolt on the part of the victimized majority class, but there are ways Clown World has honking mitigated them. For one, good economic prospects are anathema to revolution. No one feels the need to revolt when times are good. Our economic prospects are bad, right? In today’s day and age, that doesn’t matter; the standard of living is such that even the poorest member of society can have a smart phone, gaming rigs, porn, and prole feed galore. The revolution isn’t going to happen when false prosperity has castrated so many. I guarantee you, unless there’s a nationwide power outage, our society will see no economic revolt.

Perhaps you look to atrocities as justification for accelerationism. 9/11 made people do stuff, right? Except that 9/11 and its results were permitted from the top, rather than a grassroots movement. I haven’t seen any revolts happening in South Africa, and the atrocities against Boers just keep happening over there endlessly. The Kaffir never stops – and the Boer never fires a shot in return. Maybe people would have hung the powers that be if Rotherham happened a hundred years ago, but then again, Middle Easterns raping young girls might have titillated them. No one is looking at the wrongs done to our people and saying “Golly, time for Johnny to go get his gun!” Okay, maybe some are – and they’re immediately used by our enemies to restrict us further. Tell me again what good came out of the Synagogue shootings or Christchurch. That brings us to our next flop of a strategy:

(Public) Militias Don’t Work.

Vanguard America is dead. I would know, I was part of it. Atomwaffen is a federal honeypot. Some groups are good, but they do other things. AIM and IE actually work on their members while engaging in activism; that’s good. Sure. Remember that members of Patriot front have been arrested lately just for putting up posters. If your radical group is putting up flyers and actively recruiting, expect the screws to get tighter and tighter.

This is important to understand. If you take nothing else away from this article, at least sear this into your brain: when it comes to activism, nothing worth doing is worth announcing. Public protests planned months ahead of time and astroturfed attendees is a function of establishment, not rebellion.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not opposed to people organizing for their own protection and goals. I firmly believe there will come a time that it’s sorely needed and people will have to refuse/resist. Knowing the history, difficulties and scope of Hezbollah would not be a bad start. Don’t do hi-tech anything when you do it. Don’t send out emails. Don’t recruit with flyers. Don’t grab the wrong kind of attention and end up becoming just another informant hive. We don’t need any more of that in our movement. Speaking of movements…

Optics Appropriation Doesn’t Work.

The problem I remember us having most clearly in 2017 was the Great Optics Debate. Both sides were wrong. Both sides wanted to foster a mass movement and both failed, but the plastic stahlhelm side was the clear loser. Let’s face it – it was dumb to say to people, “Hey, you know those Nazis, the ones you were trained to hate by optics alone? From birth? Like, here we are, man.” Yes, please, let’s bank on zoomers and disaffected, rebellious milllennials to run straight toward the Nazis while they watch the powers that be shut down and persecute them. While that could have worked at another time, clown world teaches us from youth that being establishment is countercultural. Being anti-religious is “rebelling against the Church” – which has no authority. Being liberal is “rebelling against White men” – who are thoroughly disenfranchised. Being gay is rebelling against… not…gay? Everyone saw the Nazi LARPers as the straw man “authority” they were taught to despise and reject. No wonder it didn’t work.

It was also dumb to think that appropriating Patriotic American ™ imagery would help our cause. The strategy went a bit like this:

Step one: tell people that we’re totally as American as apple pie.

Step two: redpill people by stressing American “heritage” and letting people know that the Founding Fathers ™ had some racist views or something. Start talking about Jews.

Step three: Um… hope that they take to it, I guess, then take power? Get our guys elected?

The problem with appropriating American imagery is that American Patriotism dies with the Baby Boomers. Patriotism is on the decline. Sure, you might be able to redpill Boomers, but the vast majority of them believe that supporting America means supporting the constitution, laissez faire governance (except for social security plus welfare state), and giving everything to Israel while letting the LGBT movement run amok. On paper, they’re right too – our government really is Charlie Kirkism through and through. By talking about the American people and their heritage, how to preserve the national character and what’s threatening it, you pop the bubble, hurt their civic religious feeling, and end up with hostility. None of them are convinced by that.*

Trigger the Libs” Doesn’t Work (by itself).

Sargon wasn’t elected. In fact, he murdered his own party. There’s not much to say about all this except that one can’t get power when **all** they do is “trigger the libs.” Anti-SJW polemics are great if they lead to something better, if you take the listener and present them with a real Right way of looking at the world. However, if all you have is triggering leftists and boilerplate classical liberalism, you’ll find that the private market will side with the whiney triggered snowflake crybabies. Every single time (see: woke capital, every milquetoast semi-rightist that lost their Patreon, YouTube account, private employment, etc.).

So what DOES work?

Real Life: Living Works. Together.

First, survive. I shouldn’t have to say it, but leftism is not defeated, it is survived. We live in an era when they have won, and are in the “mopping up” stages of completing their victory against civilization, humanity, life, everything. At one point, unless we get another Franco/Videla/Pinochet (name your favorite dictator here), they will finally have the jurisdiction and ability to start sending us to gulags or executing us for “evil” opinions. If you don’t believe me, go read the fedposting on antifa websites and look up how little they’ve been held accountable. But they will die and you will live.

Everything they advocate for results in, well, dying. Trannies have a high suicide rate. Homosexuals? Even gay-supporting lefties grudgingly admit that the homosexual man has a much lower life expectancy than heterosexuals. Worried about the “rising tide of color?” I mean, how long until this cannibalistic rising tide kills itself? Feminists end up alone and don’t reproduce nearly as much as traditional women (the cat lady meme wasn’t made up whole cloth and not just last year). By the way, they’re also totally miserable. Islam? Please. The current ruling class is made up of people that love death. If they win, death is what we will be surrounded with, but death will be *mostly* reserved for the people that have such a fetish for it. While I hope that they realize the errors of their ways, I’m going to be realistic here and just say we’re going to win the long game.

In order to survive, you must live with people of like minds and cooperate. The Myth of the 20th Century and a few others in our movement have emphasized the need to improve yourself, to start getting together with people – in a word, starting and maintaining a mannerbund. Being a survivalist is good, and no one will deny that one day you might have to go innawoods Uncle Ted style, but all dangers are best faced with multiple people.

Living your life as an improving, community-minded man is not just defensive though. As our society continues to atomize and separate individuals from the world, you will peel people away from slavery to Clown World. In other words, your health, friendships, and anti-fragile life will drain the system of those who could have served it. Your life is a recruitment tool, taking workers from the system and using them for your good cause.


Online: Bullying Works. Sort Of.

“Bullying,” or the art of confronting people with their insufficiency, is powerful. It can, in some cases, act as a recruiting tool; there have been former libertarians who turned to the dissident right soon after seeing the old TRS banner text “Go smoke some pot and hate yourself, you fucking failure.” It can also demoralize people – if – IF they do not have the power to silence you.

Say you post an echo meme at some Jew that advocates for expanding immigration to Western countries, but restricting it in Israel. Classic double standard. If you’re calling him out and slinging insults his way on Twitter, you’ll be banned pretty quickly. He felt bad for a second at being named but you lost your account. If, however, you call him out on some proprietary comment system on a website, or a section largely unmonitored, you have a good chance of demoralizing him and hurting his will to continue. Bullying as psychological warfare against Clown World soldiers is good so long as it is done without the risk of censorship; otherwise, there will be a mental reassurance in your target’s mind that they can just report you and pretend to have a “ho-hum, this again” attitude.

Online: Podcasting Works.

The Dissident Right is Podcast Powered. I don’t know a single person in this movement who has not either listened to or been affected in some way by the powerhouses of podcasting. For crying out loud, the American Sun was created by podcasters (Landry note: I was an Instapundit inspired blogger). The echo meme gained extreme traction from The Right Stuff’s flagship show, and may I remind you that the echoes alone redpilled a very large section of the population by showing just how many people are part of the tribe. Podcasts create community, disseminate information, organize movements, and develop Right wing thought with multiple voices and even generate income. In a nutshell, podcasting culture belongs to the Right. The left can imitate it, maybe even get better funding for it or turn a better profit, but they can’t make it do the same things.

By supporting these, you support the movement. If you are not actively involved in producing one, tell a friend about the ones you like. If you can, donate to the site or show that you listen to the most. Email hosts of shows and get them to spread the word about other ones. The more we nurture this, the more we create our own culture, our own media, our own solutions.

Real Life: Decay Works

If in meatspace you present as a charismatic, lively person with a structured and healthy life, then the comparison between you and the decay all around us will be stark. You discourage those who would not be on our side, and recruit those who would. As modern Americans continue to decay, he who strives for excellence will stand out further than in prior epochs. The sinking baseline for comparison will make this even more dramatic. If you would foster this confrontation with reality, cajole people into stepping outside. The bugman won’t feel the need to better himself so long as his insular environment is shielded from the death all around him; get him outside to see it, confront him with reality, and he’ll either see the need to become more than he is or his threat to you will be greatly diminished.

Starving the Clown

What I’m getting at is that we need to be getting at people in order to fight back. You get at people, both online and in real life, by shushing their clown-infected thoughts and presenting a healthier, more functional alternative. The more people you take away from Clown World, the less power the system has over them. However, this does not fix the problems 100%, does it? Insanity and the denial of nature are in power now, and they seek to act in a destructive way. This is true, and there cannot be a real counterattack to end this system if you do not have a way to take your recruitment efforts and turn them into something workable. Starving the clown by reaching people is step 1 – taking power, starting at the bottom, is next.


Take Power at every (and I mean every) level.

You want real world action? Then find some easy ways to take authority at every level of society. I mean every level. Don’t mistake this for “Passivism” from Neoreactionary circles, with their become-worthy/accept-power/rule formulation. No, that presumes that being in control will, just, like, happen, duuuuude. This also assumes someone would look at a crew of erudite shitposters and not recall the Sam Rayburn quote, “they may be every bit as intelligent as you say, but I’d feel a whole lot better about them if just one of them had run for sheriff once”. What I advocate for is taking leadership positions and seizing power from an unwitting world.

The end of the current system may well start from the ground. As it stands, there is a lot of power there for the taking; on the Right we emphasize power from the top, and so these things go unnoticed (looking at you, monarchists). Why lose out on the feeding frenzy? Go run for city council. Go start working for a bureaucracy or something where you can start making small changes. Second City Bureaucrat could help you build a mini-fiefdom. Do you understand the overlap of jurisdiction between HOAs, towns and counties? Learn it and become the planning commission board member who always shuts down apartment complex construction. Like your job? Fine – go volunteer for functions where you can have some control. Being an established part of the local PTA, going on the council or elder board in your church, volunteering for annual town festivals, these are easy gigs that you can use to wield some influence with, and the organizations are practically begging you to “help” with your influence and talents.

The dissident right is big. Bigger than you know – according to some estimates, reaching into the tens of millions at this point. Imagine if every one of us took up a position in our cities, towns, churches, schools, and states. While we would not have the total power we seek yet, we would have the groundwork laid out by capturing the smaller spheres of rule. Our influence could effectively shield people from the ravages of the current year, and, perhaps more quickly than not, kick out the subversive elements that took over in the first place.

This will require some opportunistic thinking. If your town is majority Democrat, claim to be a democrat when running for county auditor, which should be easy as progressive talking points are easy to mimic. If your congregation is looking for a “good administrator” on the council, learn Excel on the fly and quickly apply. Do they ask questions to see if you’re anti-racist? Just dodge the question by saying “I really feel it’s a shame when people of any race are judged for their heritage” or something; you don’t have to lie, you have to adapt.


Think of this as though it were an old cannon. First, protect your cannon with soldiers at the ready, tough men that work together for defense. Then fill it up with powder and lead your recruits. Then fire, becoming the de facto controllers of the postmodern landscape. Rinse and repeat until we win. Go get it, kings.

*Don’t take this to mean that I’m saying you can’t be pro-nationalism, crypto-fascism or pro-America or whatever. These can work policy-wise without resorting to the previous imagery and language associated with them. Same goes for Monarchy LARPs.

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  1. GDR says:

    To run committees you need practical experience. I recommend you first attend school board meetings, city council meetings, and suchlike. Offer to buy a member lunch and ask them how the process works on paper and then how it works in practice. Pick their brains.

    After you have a grasp on the process, volunteer and sort of apprentice yourself to someone. People like Stephen Miller should have apprentices so we have trained people we can throw as spanners into the machine.

    Make sure you do not have an incriminating social media presence. It’s best not to have any social media presence, because then the enemy can’t create fake accounts to knock you out of the race.


  2. Spooky N says:

    Medical tech and pharma corps are advancing tech that could let the most debased sodomites live a full human life if they keep up their doctor visits however unlikely, and artificial wombs and believable cybernetics are just in their infancy so whatever freak show that is happening is about to become more commonplace. While the rising tide of color is a concern, I don’t expect Hernandez and Achmed to show any solidarity with each other beyond gibs and building their own parallel societies in ours (unless you live in South Africa, then it’s already a done deal so you might as well need to get out of there ASAP). Islam (or any religion in the West for that matter) is going woke to please the world and is causing quite a stir among the devout.


  3. muunyayo says:

    Reblogged this on Muunyayo.


  4. Wyrmwud88 says:

    The second paragraph under so what DOES work?
    Pure white pill


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