7 More Ways To Ride The Tiger

Submitted by GDR

Good ideas are easy to identify. Their potential upsides are an order of magnitude greater than their potential downsides. Don’t think too much of odds, because we can’t reliably predict odds. Instead think of possible outcomes.

Life is an adventure. Think of it as such and setbacks become opportunities. Think to yourself, “How can I turn this to my advantage? How can I use this to benefit myself?” My unique talent is the ability to identify how the tools of the enemy can be turned against them in ways that aren’t immediately obvious as subversion.

There are ways out of every problem you face, you need only apply your creativity to them.

  1. Pretend to be trans for fun and profit.

There is an entire board on Kiwi Farms dedicated to trans networking and collusion. Firms like Google are dominated by the Lavender Mafia. The observation that goon-type trans are very likely to work in IT is trite.

Trans are weapons. The process of creating one is similar to that of creating a eunuch, only in the current system the trans voluntarily castrates himself in what he believes is an act of liberation. By inverting his genitals, he proves his dedication to the systems ideals and earns higher status as an oppressed minority.

There is not yet a distinction between greater trans (castrated) and lesser trans (intact), or what was formerly pre-op and post-op, because the system is partially made up of men who still desire to use their genitals albeit in unconventional ways (pedophiles) and because the system still has uses for intact men, who have greater abilities and more emotional control than castrated men. In the case of intact trans, outer symbols of femininity and female hormones are lesser signs of fealty to the system, so only people that are especially heinous enemies of cis-heterosexuality are allowed to break laws while masquerading as women. These people don’t need to go to such extremes to prove loyalty because wanting to corrupt children is already a powerful signal of loyalty to the system.

In short:
Submission <——————> Rebellion
Castration, hormones, feminine symbols, masculine symbols, normal male hormones, cis-heterosexuality.

The near goal of trans is to ratchet the socio-sexual Overton Window to the left by setting sexual ambiguity as the new normal, which makes the previously normal masculinity far-right and abnormal. The far goal is to make normal male behavior unacceptable, at least when it comes to mate selection.

This creates some problems with antifa (how do you find mates when you are required to act in a way women find repellent?) but the system solves this by using the police and legal system to make opposition to antifa illegal.

The right has yet to find an effective counterattack. They repeat what worked before the left changed the battlefield from the street (where they can’t win even when they outnumber us ten to one) to the courthouse (where our people have a sort of authority-induced idiocy and consistently lose).

Straight white males are limited to 5 choices: trans, Sunni Islam convert, opiate-addled antifa zergling, suicide, or cuck-dad. Choice indicates pathology; choose your fighter.

Instead of being harmed by this new, unnamable appendage of globohomo, why not use it? Let’s switch the battlefield back to what worked in 2014: doing everything in our power to help the left make own-goals while we stay out of their way.

You don’t actually need to transition. Just grow your hair out, and make a halfhearted attempt to shave once a week. Dye your hair the color of a poisonous jungle frog – even your armpit hair. Dress in secondhand women’s clothing. Buy and wear daisy dukes and thigh-high striped socks – without shaving your legs. Wear a bra and stuff it with rolled up socks. Steal your girlfriends makeup. Don’t change anything else – your voice, your gait, your body hair. Identify as a trans lesbian and keep your girlfriend.

While it’s not advisable to fake the pedophile signifier to bypass far-left vetting procedures, you can easily evade it by behaving as degenerate as possible in other areas. You could go to a rave while trooned out and wearing a diaper, or make an alternate twitter account which is linked to in your main bio, dedicated to various arcane cartoon porn subgenres: put them all on a wall and throw darts until you have three or four fetishes. Then pay Hindus on Fiverr to curate porn for your porn twitter alt.

Stef-onknee Wolscht is a good troon to emulate. Imagine that thing reading a book to your preschooler at a library.

Our goal is to recruit for the right, and to ratchet existing rightists further right. We don’t want centrists to exist as they are the most dangerous to us in the long term, thus they should be primary targets of your trolls.

We are still in the recruiting and education phase of a political realignment. We are not yet ready for direct action like marches because we lack both top-down support (control of sympathetic institutions) and bottom-up support (popular support). Our goals are to increase our popular support, decrease popular support for our enemies, capture institutions our enemy holds, and totally delegitimize and bankrupt those institutions we can’t capture or at least parasitize.

Parasitizing an institution or corporation is very important because corporate sponsorship allows us to work on psyops full-time and lets us scale up operations. By pretending to be a troon, you get a manicured foot in the door, through which you can hire your personal friends and cronies from college and the military

We should probably work on giving people a positive vision of the future and tools to acquire these visions so they stop chimping out and fucking things up for the rest of us. I just read an article that William Barr authorized the FBI to start a public-private partnership in precrime regarding mass shooters.

We can use this to get blacks and Hispanics arrested, but this will probably involve massively scaled up NSA-assisted parallel construction and even greater access to private and public databases for those who control government bureaucracies and corporations (not us). Any crime you commit (including process crimes we all commit daily unawares) has a much greater chance of resulting in persecution if you vote for Trump. Now is a great time to reduce your use of surveillance devices, register as a Democrat, and pretend you are trans.

You can send people to specific actors by accusing people you are trolling of being secret admirers of those actors. Right now you should focus on people with the best content, aesthetics, and successful track records rather than those furthest to the right. Good examples include BAP, Ron Unz, Steve Sailer, Second City Bureaucrat, Sam Francis, Moldbug, Bill Lind, Donald Trump and his loyalists like Stephen Miller and Tucker Carlson, and 4chan. I advise against Ann Coulter, wignats, Anglin, Gab, and unironic Nazis, because while I agree with them they aren’t funny or intellectually rigorous anymore compared to others on the right. Humor is a weapon by which you undermine and humiliate your enemies. If you’re not funny, you’re not a threat.

Under what circumstances is it best to be a pseudo-troon?

  • When you are working at or trying to get hired by a large, multinational firm with established progressive credentials.
  • When you see a company walk on eggshells around a company troon and you want to work for that company.
  • When no one will hire you and you must avail yourself of the troon mafia to get hired.
  • When you want to get paid to undermine a progressive corporation, university, or polity.
  • While you are still in college and you need an edge over the competition.
  • When you’ve failed at everything else and you want to watch the world burn.
  • When you’re a lazy NEET on disability and you want to start IRL trolling.

You get access to funding platforms – PayPal, Patreon, GoFundMe. You can get hired at jobs where trans already work. You are less likely to be fired. You can help hire more trans, either other pseudotroons who need jobs or actual troons who can harm the company.

You can take shits in the women’s restroom and get legacy women fired when they flee in horror – less competition. Firing reduces a woman’s independence, thereby strengthening the Patriarchy. Women thus afflicted are likely to seek out a man to take care of them. The only downside I see is you must hang out with autogynophiles.

If you’re in Canada or you live in a state where troons are a protected class, you can sue people for misgendering you and get them arrested. It’s important to use this power strategically; only attack confirmed leftists, PoCs, women, and Hebrews. You can win court cases and get paid by minorities to troll them. You could do like Johnathan Yaniv and sue minority-run salons for refusing service. I’d go one further and try to get hired at a strip club and sue when I’m rejected.

You could legally outcompete legacy women by training for a few months in any sport and then entering a woman’s competition. Sports is a mans world and if these bitches don’t like it, they can always go back to the kitchen and start dinner. Perfect way for a NEET to spend his time.

In places like Portland you can legally assault elderly feminists, who have it coming. Almost every AWFL professor has shat on straight white males. In your troon persona, you can harass and abuse them into coronaries for misgendering you. Imagine you are Batman, but gay. If anyone hangs out with a troon long enough they will eventually true-gender it.

You can act like a complete shithead and anytime someone calls you out cry, “Transmisogyny,” and get them fired.

Try to piss off as many people as possible. Some of them will swing right. Those that don’t will eventually be canceled – no great loss.

The CIA, FBI, and other intelligence services are looking for troons and other degenerates because they are staffed largely by AWFLs (affluent white female liberals). They will happily lower the standards to get you in. Didn’t BAP command us to infiltrate the intelligence services? Make sure you prove your NeverTrump credentials and register as a Democrat or something similar. Your vote won’t matter as a Republican in a leftist stronghold. The damage you can do to the system is more important than a vote.

If you are a teacher or have access to children, you can have PoC and Hebrew children taken away from their parents and chemically castrated – uh, I mean transitioned. Our racial enemies do it to us, turnaround is fair play.

There are few downsides and many upsides to larping as a troon. Consider it another tool in your arsenal. The system gifted us a wondrous weapon, all you need to do is pick it up.

  1. Become psuedo-leftist controlled opposition and get funding from the feds and George Soros.

A Judas goat is an animal trained to lead other animals of the same type to a fate – usually negative – it won’t share. By wearing the surface traits of leftism as a skinsuit, you can pass for one of them and lead them to their destruction.

How, you ask? Though the miracle of nth order effects.

A nth order effect is a consequence other than the immediate, direct, and intended consequences of an action. The 1st order effects are the immediate, direct, intended effects; the 2nd order effects are the consequences of the 1st order effects; the 3rd order effects are the consequences of the 2nd order effects; and so on to the nth order.

First order effects are known unknowns, all others are unknown unknowns.

The goal of a saboteur is to disguise himself as his enemy and promote those policies whose nth order effects are most destructive to his enemy and beneficial to us. Lucky for us, the “revolutionary” wing of the left is the one with the most power right now, and the one whose policies are most destructive in the long run.

While the left is very good at shutting down effective opposition outside their party, they have no defenses against those disguised as the leading edge within their party. Deceive them so and mouth the right platitudes, and you can add your weight to the grand goal: pushing over the swaying pillars of the modern world.

The left has equivalents to both wignats, optics cucks, and Judas goats.

Examples of optics cucks include Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew Yang, Matt Tabbi, Michael Tracy, and Matt Yglesias. These people support policies that would disenfranchise straight white people (open borders) but not pointless symbolic victories (trans kids) and politically impotent dead ends such as Russiagate. Though to be fair the trans kids thing is partially meat thrown to the pedophile contingent of the left.

Leftist wignats include antifa, Kamala Harris, Beto, Elizabeth Warren, drag queen story time organizers, and too many others to name. They want to have their cake (destruction of the American race) and eat it too (tell us that they are destroying us as they do it).

David French, John McCain (may his stay in Hell forever grow worse), Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro, Jonah Goldberg, and Kevin Williamson are leftists following the tactic I outline here. They are holding their noses and pretending to care for us a little all the better to lead us to our doom. They are the number one priority for trolling and should be browbeaten into supporting the most extreme leftist hot takes. This will expose them.

What policies and people should you promote?

  • Support endless war with Russia, Iran, Syria, and anyone else who is a potential ally. Support economic warfare against the same ostensibly for poz rights and globohomo.
  • Support violent regime change in white nations with nationalist governments, like Hungary.
  • Stand against tariffs in general and specifically against China. Denounce Hong Kong protesters.
  • Support Hillary Clinton, but state that while leftist optics cucks are wrong their hearts are in the right place.
  • Support doxing of normies in retaliation against violent hate speech.
  • Support unlimited immigration into and open borders for white countries, and stand for indigenous rights in non-white countries (especially Israel).
  • Vociferously hate Christianity and Christians. Attack them for being against things all normal, sane people support, and for being opposed to things all normal, sane people oppose.
  • Troll leftists by pretending to troll yourself with sock accounts where vile Christian Nationalists desecrate leftist symbols. Take all the usual precautions: Tor, Linux, laptop, public wifi, and do the deed at night on private property where there are no witnesses.

We want to seed desecration of leftist sacred symbols for right wingers to induce leftist chimpouts, induce legal overreach, and expose their hypocrisy as a means to delegitimize them.

At the same time, desecrate national symbols for leftist brownie points. Display zero self awareness of the hypocrisy.

  • Support things like ending the white race. Celebrate demographic change in white countries while also concern-trolling white nationalists you want to promote that demographic replacement is a conspiracy theory and fake news.

Juxtaposition this with kvetching about demographic change in Israel.

  • Express support for the deep state coup against Trump while also lamenting Republican efforts to “decrease voter turnout” like voter IDs.
  • Quote tweet and otherwise draw attention to the smartest and most capable people and organizations on the right. Go on Tucker Carlson’s show and attack Stephen Miller. Attack 4chan. Post links to Ron Unz’s American Pravda series with weak rebuttals and emotional arguments – his articles on WWII and the Holocaust are great.

Present the strongest right-wing arguments and attack them with the weakest left-wing arguments. Example: do an in-depth expose on human biodiversity where you link to and summarize their research, and then disregard it with, “Wow, just wow – racist and sexist much?” as a rebuttal. The dummies will seal-clap, while the smartest people in the center will go down the rabbit hole. We need to redpill the smartest people most of all.

The goal isn’t to persuade the enemy, it’s to persuade the audience.

  • Do the same for people on the right that make the best content. By reposting their content and feigning attacks on it, you give it more and better publicity than if you supported it. There are hundreds of twitter accounts you can do this with, but right now BAP is big so start with him. Stonetoss and the Fox cartoon guy are good too.
  • Ignore right wignats and controlled opposition like podcasters, Nazis, white nationalists, obvious feds, anyone that supports China, and anyone involved in Charlottesville. Anyone that is boring, unfunny, or going through menopause (Ann Coulter) gets the same treatment. Block them so they can’t quote tweet you.

While I agree with weev and Mr. Wang Lin on almost everything, they wasted their efforts trying to rehabilitate defeated idealogies, and they don’t produce interesting content anymore. As much as I like them I can’t in good faith send people their way when there are more effective agents available.

Neo-nazis aren’t effective organizers, tacticians, strategists, or propagandists. They are the annoying little brother of the right, and will remain that way in all possible futures I can imagine.

We want only the most effective agents, those with proven track records and no serious failures and lives ruined (including their own).

If any of the guilty parties are offended by this, please attend to the beam in your own eye before you point out the mote in mine.

  • Support deindustrialization in the west and claim that China isn’t a threat, while you quote tweet articles about China’s bullshit with gay snark.

You could accept Chinese money to shill for them in such a way that sabotaged their message. Chinese, being natural autists, aren’t likely to see what you’re doing. Use purely emotional arguments, like “Muh opium wars, therefore fentanyl exportation to USA.” Lean heavily on various Reddit Asian incel boards for lolcow-tier arguments for hating whitey.

Kaczynsky-posters fail to understand that industrialization is a strategy that nations pursue to out-compete each other. China produces wholesome content for their own people while subsidizing spiritually degrading filth for us. They sell meth precursors and fentanyl to Mexican cartels while they execute those who sell drugs to their own people. They use leftist rhetoric in an attempt to persuade us to go along with our planned genocide – they are throwing shit at a wall and hoping some sticks.

The Chinese see force as the only legitimate power in the world, and possess a degree of ethnic narcissism found only in Hebrews and Bantus. They genocided white and partially white people numerous times in the territory they now hold, and are doing it again in territory they currently hold (Uighurs) and they subsidize it in territory they want (South Africa).

They see us as dangerous enemies who must be crushed while we are weak and before we can stand up again. They genuinely want all white men dead, and white women used as sex slaves for 5′ 2″ 2/10 Han NOWAG incels.

Trump is correct to use economic force to destroy the Chinese economy, and we should help him by creating a parody of a leftist to oppose it.

  • Call out and cancel straight white leftist men for microaggressions. Bonus points if this person is your competition.
  • Promote leftist grifters and race baiters like Shawn King. If you can pull it off you should become transracial and extract money from self-hating white leftists. You get access to cute mulattoes and you can fulfill your bleaching fantasies.
  • Promote gay sissification for non-white men, especially Chinese, Hindu, and Jewish men (our most dangerous enemies in the long run). Couch it as liberation. This is win-win; either it works and an enemy is neutered, or it fails and globohomo loses an ally.

The left already promotes gay sissification for all men but Hebrews, who are supposed to be our rock gods, movie stars, and sex idols. Your utility to the ruling class determines how far right on the poofter scale you are allowed to go, but in the long run all non-Hebrew men are required to castrate themselves.

There’s a similar psyop running on women where only Hebrew women are allowed to be feminine and homemakers. I advise against encouraging it in non-white women because white women take their cues from them. Instead try to encourage lust for white men by sending them inadvertent bleach-right advertising. Feminism is a way for cynical women to take out their most trusting competition. The former are invariably ugly, the latter beautiful.

The model for this idea is the Westboro Baptist Church. By acting as a parody of Christians and associating anti-pederasty with ideas normal Americans loathe – like hatred of American troops – the WBC discredited and delegitimized all opposition to gays. This was probably a deliberate psyop.

Even if it wasn’t a deliberate psyop, the media and government recognized it was effectively a psyop, and was clever enough to give them room to operate. Who benefits? The left won goodwill for a constituancy, neocons and their shabbos drummed up patriotism in a time when American boys were dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the WBC got more opportunities to sue average people who attack them.

We can follow the WBC strategy to radicalize normies and send where we want them to go, and away from idealogical ghettos like Nazism. As we hit critical mass we can identify effective opposition on the right and by suggesting they read certain books make them read them to spite us. Books like The Managerial Revolution by James Burnham, and Leviathan and Its Enemies by Samuel Francis.

How exactly do you pose as a leftist?

The left claims that antifa is just a tactic, that anyone can be antifa and there is no centralized organizing. This is clearly wrong, but we can use it to shield ourselves from leftist criticism.

Become a furry, claim to be Hispanic, pretend to be trans, register to vote Democrat, show up at leftist events, and slowly become political. Start gradual, mouth support for basic stuff like gay rights and slowly go insane on the internet and in public. Become the right-wing Sasha Baron Cohen.

Create the reaction you want to see in the world. Troll a new reality into existence.

There are material benefits. You can have a monetized social media presence, a PayPal, a Patreon, and GoFundMe projects. You never need to worry about being shut down.

You can literally get paid by leftists to troll normies into Adolf Hitler, what’s not to like? Not only are you taking money away from these babies, you’re denying it to potentially more effective leftist agents. Sabotaging left-wing PR is the first step to taking down this whole corrupt machine. Who knows, maybe you can get a tenured university job out of this. The possibilities are endless. It’s waiting there for you to take it and use it.

We need to cancel the most effective people on the left, but before we do that we need to know who they are. How do we build list of targets for cancellation? Please comment with ideas.

Our general goals are to divide, distract, and demoralize the left. A recent spat between supposed Maoists (maybe /ourguys/?) is a good template for these actions. I remember seeing it on David Hines’s twitter, but I can’t find it.

Generally be as much of a lolcow as possible, and assist leftist lolcows.

Bonus: this effectively confers immunity to prosecution in left-aligned areas.

Liberalism is a weapon which we can use against our enemies.

  1. Create fake rallies to waste your enemy’s time and resources and keep them in constant state of emotional turmoil on social media.

Anonymous trolls from 4chan applied this strategy during the Mizzou (University of Missouri) chimpouts. The effect was that the ethnic groups with room temperature IQs spread the fake news far and wide, and discredited both the media and hate crime hoaxes. Contrast this with the effects that Charlottesville and Heimbach’s trailer trash streetfights had.

The nth order effects of the fake Mizzou rally was to trigger leftist counter marches/rallies/protests that turned into chimpouts, which humiliated Mizzou and revealed them to be jackasses, which reduced enrollment (especially Chinese students, who pay up to five times in-state tuition) and therefore funding, which resulted in layoffs and will eventually lead to the university closing.

All that done with a few creative shitposts. Now, imagine what we could do with higher production values and deliberate pursuit of this tactic.

From what I see, the most effective Nazi rally was the one that never happened.


  • Discredit leftist universities by revealing how insane they are.
  • Trigger leftist counter-marches and rallies where you don’t show up, giving them an opportunity to inconvenience normies, piss people off, waste resources, burn good will, and generally make asses of themselves.
  • Reduce enrollment at leftist universities, especially that of foreign students.
  • If you run a fake antifa group, you can use it to raise money by helping spread the videos and sharing links to your Patreon, PayPal, and other crowdfunding platforms.
  • The same goes with any leftist podcasts or media you run. You can use this to propagate incredibly bad takes among the left.
  • Create a false sense of insecurity in leftist strongholds by faking events in their turf. Stress them out – we want them making emotional decisions.
  • Make your guys look strong, attractive, charismatic, and successful and the opposition look weak, ugly, and foolish. It’s a function of casting – get the big, strong, good looking guys front and center, and cast your nerdy friends as leftists. Obviously hide faces and don’t use clothing anyone owns.

It’s essentially amateur filmmaking, of the found footage horror genre.

Videos found on Twitter are mostly five to thirty second clips. Get the same events from multiple angles.

Film on private property far from urban areas.

Create movie sets using building materials scrounged from dumpsters and trash from construction sites. Many will let you take it away for free if you ask first. I think the Salvation Army has stores in the Midwest which sell recycled building materials.

Take pictures of locations so your sets are believable. Good locations include alleys, inside of vehicles, first floor windows looking out, on other side of wooden fences while filming between slats. Use these pictures to build your sets, and take note of the location metadata for these photos.

Tiki torches, road flares, fireworks, small fires (antifa loves burning trash cans), and smoke grenades are good props because they mess with the visibility in the footage. You can put less effort into set design if it’s obscured.

Contents of chants, signs, etc should be as moderate and sympathetic to normies as possible. Examples include pro-Trump, pro-American, pro-family, anti-China, really anything from Tucker Carlson. The media chimpout will be the same either way, but some normies will be redpilled by the juxtaposition of mass kvetching with things their parents believe.

Chants and signs should also contain themes we want the left to attack and the right to accept. Tariffs, fair trade, Christianity, monogamy, local autonomy, anti-corporate propaganda, anti-monopolist/oligarchy ideas, anti-circumcision, and so on.

It’s also a good idea to wield organic symbols of your nation which are popular with middle American radicals while desecrating globohomo symbols. Burn, stomp, and urinate on a gay rights flag and a Chinese flag, while waving an American flag, and wearing a MAGA hat and a giant crucifix. This will ensure it pisses off the maximum number of the right people and goes viral worldwide.

In lieu of anti-jewish, anti-Israel, and pro-Palestinian symbols, wield and wear Christian ones. Jews chimp out much harder when confronted with Christian symbols than anything else. Nazi symbols seem to calm them down, and we do not want them to feel at peace. We want anger.

It is acceptable to hide a few small Russian symbols here and there, because this will trigger the discredited Russia-gate conditioning the media attempted to instill into their NPCs.

Make sure to edit media metadata to make it appear that it comes from desired location, date, and time. If you’re lazy and good at editing, edit a few clips from other marches and rallies into your footage.

Obviously, all of this requires planning far in advance. You should have all your footage done before you file the paperwork for your march or rally. Use a fake name and the address of a local homeless shelter to file the paperwork. You should also have an official social media presence using a burner phone. Coordinate on a private, SECURE (not Discord) forum with the people who will be running the fake leftist sock accounts and posting the fake footage.

When the authorities deny your right to organize, say you’ll do it anyways. Always schedule at night for maximum effect and to hide your cheap set design. Try to schedule these things in the summer, when it’s hot and dry – this is when most people are outside anyways and when most mass chimpouts occur.

On the night of the event, get cozy and start posting from your official account. State that instead of a rally or march, your crew is doing dozens of smaller flash events. Then post footage from within each event through the night, and have your socks post events from the perspective of onlookers.

When it’s over, sell your burner phones on Craigslist, give them to homeless people, or leave them on a park bench after a factory reset.

Have articles written in advance mocking the left and especially the media for their overreaction, hypocrisy, and malevolence. Have hashtags for defunding universities ready, along with articles for the same.

If you are running a fake antifa group, do counter-events as black block where you verbally abuse old people, families, and cute women. Put a few ringers among the groups of people you confront so the groups can be led to the correct conclusion. Make sure links to your crowdfunding accounts are highly visible, and get it all on video. If it’s not on video, it never happened.

  1. Eliminate your use of surveillance devices.

What is the point of participating in modern technology-mediated society?

Does it benefit you to have unlimited access to porn, video games, and social media? What are the upsides and downsides of each, and how do they measure up to each other?

Are the upsides worth the downsides? Is entertainment worth addiction, decay of the spirit and endocrine system, and the possibility of rage-induced fedposting? No.

You could spend a lot of time and effort building a smartphone that runs a custom OS, or buy one with physical shut-offs for the camera, microphone, and various signals, and build a portable Faraday cage, but why make the effort when it’s easier to just not have a smartphone? You can’t be surveiled and tracked if you don’t have one.

Get a landline instead, or the cheapest flip phone with the cheapest phone cards you can find. Keep the phone in a beer cooler to prevent it from listening to you when you’re not using it, and leave it at home unless you have a pressing need for it.

The Amish allow themselves to have landlines, but only in an outbuilding for necessary communication that doesn’t disrupt their way of life.

The same applies to computers. It’s not worth the effort. All you really need is a cheap desktop running some easy version of Linux (like Linux Mint) for checking your bank account, writing, and email. No laptop means no cameras and no microphones to physically disable.

Some schemes require a cheap Linux laptop, so if you pursue them get one secondhand, install Linux on it, put electrical tape over the cameras, and figure out how to remove the microphone.

No video games means no consoles, no expensive gaming PC, and no smart TV to monitor you.

I’m in my thirties. I wasted my teens and twenties on video games, movies, TV, music, news, porn, and the internet. I wasted tens of thousands of hours on bullshit. I could have mastered two trades in that time, or raised a family and become a grandfather. Instead, I have nothing to show for my efforts.

Do not waste your life on stupid shit. If you don’t actually need something, get rid of it and learn to do without. Don’t needlessly torture yourself with dumb shit like cold showers though; eliminate only those things which simulate living. Replace them with actual living.

  1. Create fake internet personas for your enemies to ruin their lives.

Unfortunately for us, everyone only hires leftists, and leftists network to hire one another. This is a solution to those problems.

Imagine you are an elementary school principal. One day you are deluged with calls from parents, concerned that their children are sharing screencaps of a Motherless account which apparently belongs to their teacher. You go to the account in question, bringing in your vice principal as a witness, and you see numerous photos of the teacher, along with hundreds of uploaded videos and comments. The general theme of the videos and comments is admiration for the sexual prowess of African-American men and a desire to be cuckolded by the same.

You navigate to the teachers Facebook profile. The profile photo is the same as that of the Motherless account. You pick up the phone and call for security while you print off a blank incident report, thinking to yourself, “He seemed so normal.”

Reminder: It is not yet illegal to impersonate someone on the internet… but it might be in the future. Use public wireless networks and a second-hand laptop running Linux. Make sure you set your browsers user agent string to the most common one on the internet (Google most common user agent string).

As this becomes more prevalent, doxing loses power. There is no way to lose, provided you don’t get caught.

  1. Eliminate as much of your real identity from the internet as you can, and learn how to hide new identities.

Locate instances where your identifying information exists and do all the work to get the most specific instances – individual posts instead of entire threads or accounts. Then either edit the posts with plausible, false information that leads away from you or politely ask staff to do so.

It is better to do this than to delete because bad information is more damaging to doxing efforts than no information. This requires that you sync your disinformation across accounts which can’t help but be linked together, and that you keep a rough timeline of fake events and locations.

Create fake social media accounts and upload slightly modified photos to them. Get a pack of photos from someone else’s profile that you don’t know, resize or crop them, mirror-reverse them, and upload them to your profile. This defeats most duplicate image search software that hashes the image itself.

Link the fake social media accounts to the real accounts you want to obfuscate, give them all very long and extremely random passwords, then let them rot.

If you can’t delete something, mix it with so many lies that it is impossible to tell the truth. Then if someone doxes you, pretend ignorance and anger and whatever else you do, do not delete fucking everything. Innocent people don’t DFE because they feel they have nothing to hide.

To hide new identities, first create a tiered system of emails. One for IRL stuff, like jobs, government contact, medical bills, and university. Use a strong 16+ digit password you can memorize, containing numbers, symbols, and both uppercase and lowercase letters. Phrases in different languages, deliberately misspelled and mispunctuated and mixed with numbers and symbols, seem to be especially resistant to cracking for now. Included in this should be a username or set of usernames, and different, strong passwords for each site. Even just a reused password with simple pre- or post-fixes with the name of the site will make the passwords harder to crack, though if someone cracks one they have practically cracked all of them.

The second email should be for sites where you speak your mind or otherwise socialize without actually sharing your identity, but which aren’t explicitly wrongthink. Don’t reuse usernames or passwords here, instead use a password manager (in your web browser or a separate program) and use very long, random sequences of numbers, letters, and symbols. Track it all in a spreadsheet you keep on your computer and nowhere else, and don’t track passwords.

The third email should be for sites you can’t afford to be linked to. This email and all the sites you use it to visit should only be accessed via Tor, a non-logging VPN, or both. This email should have the strongest, longest password, and the accounts it controls should each have different very long and random passwords.

You can concievably reuse usernames within each tier, but it makes it much easier for non-state actors to track you across various sites. Never reuse usernames across tiers.

The email provider should be one noted for security. Don’t use .edu, .gov, Gmail, Yahoo, or email providers hosted in Russia. Protonmail, Cock.li, and Tutanova are all good choices.

Don’t reuse avatars across sites, as these can be discovered via reverse image searches.

Usernames should not be unique, as this makes it easier to search your posts by several orders of magnitude. Instead, use a phrase and/or a number which are very common on the internet and on that particular site. A good example is Pikachu911 – a common word and number with multiple different contexts. It is possible to significantly reduce the scope of the human search effort with advanced search queries, but most people are ignorant of these.

Usernames and emails offer opportunities for obfuscation. You could pick the username of a prolific poster from another site, or pick a common name at random from a voter registry database. These things are great for throwing the scent off from would-be doxers. In the user details area, fill each profile with fake data that links to another user on a different site. It won’t stop smarter adversaries, but that’s no reason not to for it.

The last thing you can do is vary your posting style. I learned how to do this to evade bans, but it’s not as hard as it seems. Use two spaces after a sentence in one tier, use only one in all other tiers. Use asterixs, hyphens, or HTML to make lists in various tiers. Use two line breaks or just one. One account tier can allow extreme emotionality, the others simply your spoken voice. Avoid passive voice in some tiers, allow it in others. Anything which can vary, should vary.

If you are very good you can only be located by cross referencing IP addresses from multiple site cracks, but to go further than that requires a state actor, access to Lexis Nexis, or social engineering skills. If an IP within a certain range of dates is linked to Michael Smith or Jose Gonzalez (because you changed your name to a more common one) and a burner phone, your stalkers are SOL.

If you use Tor, VPNs, and public wifi networks then only state actors can dox you.

  1. Avoid going into debt for higher education.

It is possible to avoid debt while getting an education. Here’s how to do it.

The first thing you should do is file your FAFSA for every school you may attend. FAFSA is the federal program for higher-ed financial aid. Filing for September of the next school year starts in October. Do it as early as possible to get the most money.

There are two types of aid you can get, grants or loans. Grants don’t need to be paid back unless you drop out before the end of the term or fail miserably, but loans must always be paid back.

FAFSA requires your parents tax returns unless you are/were in the military, are 24 or older, are married, have a kid, or were emancipated as a minor. If you can do any of these things you can get more money if your parents are middle class than you would otherwise.

Gay marrying a trusted friend who is also in the same boat is a valid work-around. It’s also useful in the military when you want to get out of the barracks, and increase your pay and benefits.

Scholarships are basically the same as grants, though I don’t think you ever have to pay them back. There are tens of thousands of different scholarships, mostly for women and PoCs… good thing we identify as Hispanic.

Most scholarships are acquired by writing an essay on a specific topic. Lie your ass off about how you are oppressed as a woman and a Latinx, talk about your Holocaust granny, do whatever it takes. Worst case scenario is someone keeps it and forty years later if you are famous someone exposes it. By then, we’ll be either free or a Chinese colony, so who cares?

Almost all community colleges and universities charge different tuition rates based on in-state residency. In-state is usually just below what a Pell grant covers for 12 credit hours, while out of state is between two and five times that.

Some states offer two years of free community college for in-state high school graduates. You can get up to six years of Pell grants, so you could get up to eight years of higher education with no debt if you can cover housing costs.

That’s four technical degrees in trades, every computer science and math class at a community college, two bachelors, or a masters degree.

I’m not familiar with the GI Bill but I think it’s enough for a bachelors (four years) and you can get military housing assistance if you’re in school on it.

You can get food stamps while attending higher ed only if you have a work study job and you work I think ten hours or more a week, or if you have any other job and you work twenty or more hours a week.

You could conceivably live with mom, enlist in the reserves, get military training in something useful, knock up and marry your girlfriend for extra pay and benefits, get massive piles of money thrown at you to learn anything, get a work study job staring at your hot coworkers asses while you reshelve books, get food stamps, and spend your free time lifting weights and running sprints… for twelve years. Then go active as an officer, get a bunch more training, and run sprints uphill carrying a log until your ACL snaps so you can get service connected disability. Afterwards get a government job and then retire in twenty years with a pension and service connected disability. There are easy classes and hard classes. Try to take an equal number of both so you aren’t stuck with a full schedule of hard classes later on.

If you want to save money you can often test out of general education (brainwashing) requirements by taking a CLEP test. Look up which CLEPs your school offers, pirate the relevant textbooks that the classes they replace use, read them, and take the tests. While they cost money, they are cheaper than classes and take less time. Always pirate textbooks unless you need a book’s activation code to do assignments. Pearson books do this often.

Student housing is a trap. It’s often the only way most colleges and universities stay afloat. Avoid them by going to a community college for at least one year and living with your parents. They only require one year of student housing, and none if you live at home or are a non-traditional student. It might be possible to talk your way out or simply refuse to do it. I don’t know, it didn’t apply to me as I was a non-traditional student when I attended. Student housing usually costs upwards of $1000 a month when you factor in things like meal plans and fees.

Student housing is also a trap in that you are seen as a cow to be milked via fines for things like underage drinking. RAs are selected and trained to be snitches. You can easily avoid student loans if you have some other means of housing. Here are a few.

Live illegally in a dorm room with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or buddies. The worst thing the school will do is tell you to leave the dorm room, so do it until you get caught and split the costs with your roomie.

Buy a camper with a bunch of friends and park it at Walmart every night, or in a friends back yard. Be very discrete while partying to avoid getting kicked out.

Buy a van, a hatchback car, a SUV, or a truck with a topper and park it at Walmart at night.

Camp in the woods and ride a bike to class. Rent a locker in the gym to store clean clothes and keep your stuff while you shower. Get a good Abus padlock and bike locks – multiple bike locks, one for your seat and one for both wheels and the frame. It’s easy to pretend to be a hipster while actually being homeless, just wear a large satchel and a fannypack instead of a rucksack.

A campsite should be somewhere that is physically hard to reach to deter trespassers. Uphill, downhill, jump over and duck under fallen trees, walk blindly through brush. Use a camouflage tent or tarp, and cover it with camouflage mosquito netting. Dig a six inch deep drainage ditch leading downhill around the tent to pull water away.

For the most part community colleges are better and cheaper than universities, especially in large cities and state capitals. Smaller community colleges often have distance learning programs for people seeking common bachelors and masters degrees, like teaching.

What is your goal in attended higher education – skills, a portfolio, or certifications? Can you get certifications without attending university?

If your goal is skills, avoid the higher ed scam and start teaching yourself. If you insist on taking classes, first check if the degree program doesn’t contain too many bullshit classes. If it does, just register and pay out of pocket to audit useful classes at half price. Building a portfolio doesn’t require college. Higher ed actually hampers portfolio building because it eats so much time and energy, and it puts you debt. Certifications often don’t require a degree, but it depends on the field. Tech certs don’t require any classes. Nursing, accounting, and licenses to practice law vary by state. A degree is not a guarantee of a job.

Here’s my take on what to do if you are interested in specific fields.

  • Art – drawing, painting, and animation.

Avoid school altogether. Steal books from your local library using a booster bag or remove the RFID tags and walk out with them. Watch YouTube videos on your field. If you must, audit classes on anatomy, life drawing, and sculpture. Get a tablet and a computer with at least 32 GB of RAM (64 or 128 GB is much better) for faster turnover in 3D animation rendering. Make money by doing porn commissions from furries who work in CS and IT. Try to get a job as an animator. Build a separate online identities for porn and non-porn commissions.

  • Art – clay sculpting.

Buy a pottery wheel, locate your nearest art collective with a kiln, read books, and watch YouTube videos.

  • Art – furniture design.

Get a two year welding degree and learn basic carpentry.

  • Art – metal working/casting and jewelry.

Get a welding degree from a community college, watch videos on the internet, talk to jewelers, read books, and ask for advice on the 4chan DIY board.

  • Art – cothing, fashion, and couture.

Pay a seamstress/fitter/tailor to teach you, watch videos on the internet, talk to sewing groups at your library, read books, and trial and error. Do a lot of sewing. Buy an adjustable tailor’s dummy. Make money working as a tailor or making fursuits.

  • Art – film, screenwriting, theater, dance.

If you go to university, pretend to be a gay Hispanic furry tranny and pray you have enough diversity points to get internships. Read a lot of textbooks on the subject before you go into it, especially older ones.

Don’t get any student loans.

Rawdog the theater sluts and hope they get pregnant and drop out, reducing the competition.

You could conceivably avoid school if you read a lot of textbooks and simply buy a camera and start messing around. Ask Sam Hyde for advice on Twitter. A video uploading site account is a must.

Avoid Hollywood, it’s a scam to steal your ideas. Other countries have local film scenes less infested with rapists so consider internships overseas. Canada is a good place to start. Asian and Muslim countries often need good white actors to play bad guys. You can pick up a new language, learn a martial art, and impregnate foreign men’s wives.

Dance is a great way to meet hot women, and you could get a job as a a dance instructor. Good idea to double up with exercise science. Still not a very smart choice, especially if debt is involved.

  • Art – music.

I know nothing about the career prospects of this field, but as long as you avoid debt and aren’t the musical equivalent of Chris-chan I don’t see how it can hurt. If you are the musical equivalent of Chris-chan, please post videos of your work to Kiwi Farms.

Start a channel on a video uploading service and a Bandcamp profile to showcase and sell your work. Apply to game studios along with whatever else you have in mind.

I do know that the military has various music bands, so if all else fails you can march around and play music. Take my advice with a grain of salt.

  • CS, IT, CGI/FX, CAD/Drafting.

Start at a community college in a large cities or state capital.

Take as many classes as you can on as many subjects and languages as you can. Design websites front to back in your free time.

Get security clearances so you can compete in areas with fewer Chinese and Indians.

Get as much math as you can.

Transfer to a university only if you are double majoring in math and CS. If a university CS program does not require at least the calculus 1, 2, 3 sequence, avoid it. It’s a sign of a shit school. Most university CS programs are less rigorous than the best community colleges.

If you can’t handle the math then teach yourself what you can, and focus on certificates. You don’t need classes, just textbooks and the internet. Take the certification tests on your own dime.

For pure CS, check out this site on self-learning.

Consider joining the Air Force or Navy to get security clearances and government jobs after you get out. There’s a lot less competition in government work, plus you can get leftists in trouble by reporting what they do.

  • Hard sciences, engineering, math, physics.

Start at a good community college – though most are good on these subjects. Transfer to the toughest university in your state math-wise. Take CLEPs to avoid BS classes. Enlist or get a commission in the National Guard or reserves to avoid student loans. Expect to get a masters to get a civilian job.

Geology is the weak link in the hard sciences, though there is some government and resource extraction work. Biology is filled with women.

  • Pre-professional degrees.

Avoid these degrees like the plague. If you major in them and can’t get into a professional school, you are screwed. Instead get a hard science degree that covers all your prerequisites. It’s a very good idea to join the military as an officer if they will pay for your professional school.

Doctor: biology, biochemistry, chemistry, anatomy/physiology.

Dentist: biology, biochemistry, chemistry

Pharmacist: chemistry, biochemistry.

Lawyer: math, physics, CS, technical writing, business. You want to actually know enough about a subject to argue about it. Patent law is great with physics, math, or CS, business or tax law with a business degree. If you’re lazy then get a writing degree; you’ll spend most of your time doing it so you may away well get good at it.

Nursing: start at a community college, work your way up to desired pay/training, and consider the military to find a husband or be around a lot of single women.

Veterinarian: literally the most competitive professional degree in the USA. You are unlikely to become one, become a farmer instead. You’ll spend just as much time elbow deep in a cow’s vagina doing artificial insemination.

  • Medical Imaging.

Better off enlisting for it as you will get paid while you train. More job security as you don’t need to worry about Filipino H1b visa workers taking your job.

  • Dental assistant/hygienist.

Enlist instead in the same field, via the Navy. Lots of marriage prospects.

  • Teaching.

Get a bachelors in your desired field, then get teacher certs or a teaching masters. Education bachelors degrees are brainwashing.

  • Writing.

Grant writing for nonprofits is a viable career path, as is technical writing. Surprisingly useful. It’s a good minor if your university requires one.

  • Philosophy, English, Sociology, Anthropology, Communication, Grievance Studies, History, Journalism, Economics, Political Science.

These are meme degree for PoCs and especially lazy Hebrews. Hard pass, don’t even minor. That said, logic is a good class to take.

  • Languages.

Kind of hard to justify, but they help employment a bit. Try to get two related languages to improve job prospects. Spanish major, Portuguese minor, Japanese major, Chinese minor, French/Italian, Arabic/Farsi.

Good plan for a minor.

Very useful for military intelligence and from there to intelligence services. Good idea to join Mormon church if you choose this path. Fallback is high school teacher and government translator.

Sign language is extremely pozzed and deaf people are the loudest people you will ever meet.

  • Psychology.

Only useful with biology or chemistry. There is a glut of graduates in this field, even basic research jobs are starting to require a masters degree.

Not worth a minor.

  • Firefighter/Paramedic.

Start at community college, get an associates. Enlist if you want more training. Try not to drink yourself to death on weekends.

Wildland firefighting is a great summer and fall gig, you can make $25,000 in three or four months. Base load is about eighty pounds and you walk all day long.

Great job for a reservist.

Only downside is risking your life for Californians.

  • Police.

Skip college altogether and enlist in the Army, Marines, or Navy as a MP and try for special forces when you finish your training school. Get medical training too. Learning Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian in some places is also very useful. If you want to fight white-collar crime, get an accounting degree and learn Hebrew.

  • Business.

Not worth it unless you’re becoming a lawyer or also getting a degree in accounting. Pirate and read the textbooks instead and get a trade.

  • Paralegal

Good way to meet a husband, usually a two year program. Not a bad job.

  • Accounting.

Good career path. Start at a community college and transfer to a university. Goes well with anything else.


Get as much math and engineering as you can. Most of it is learning how to use a few computer programs. Pick up Python or C while you’re at it.

  • Sound engineer.

Hard to justify as you can simply pirate textbooks and teach yourself. Start a band instead. Bartending is a good real job for a musician and complements what you’ll do after playing shows.

  • Culinary degree.

Don’t do it, get a job instead unless your employer will pay for it. Read cookbooks and watch cooking videos in your free time.

  • Physical therapist.

Enlist and get paid to train.

  • Soil science, forestry, horticulture, viniculture, brewing.

Read books instead unless your employer will pay for it. Minor in business or accounting.

  • Flight school.

Unless you are a former military pilot no one will hire you.

  • Trades.

The advantages of trades are they can’t be outsourced, Mexicans suck at them, there is always work, no one cares about your politics, and they can be done on a cash-only basis. Most give you a degree of freedom not found in other fields.

Trades exist in the military so you can do them for four years, get a bit of service connected disability for the wear and tear on your body, then do them outside the military and file for disability increases as your injuries from your service get worse. You can get paid by the government to ruin your body, and retire at 40. Unionized trades are only an option in cities.

Apprenticeships are the best way to get started in a trade, but if you have prior experience – especially military experience – you are treated better and more likely to get a job. A lot of tradesmen are jerks who see you as competition. If they think they can get away with it they will refuse to vouch for you after your time is up, and berate you as not being worth a tool fetcher. The correct solution is to mock him to his face until he throws down, and to hit on his wife in front of him.

It’s usually Gen-Xers that have stand-offish about new guys. Boomer tradesmen are better socialized and will take you under a crusty wing while they share circa 2014 Obama memes. Don’t lose hope because you got screwed by a jerk.

Welding: doesn’t seem like much but it has applications if you want to start your own business. Marine welding is pretty lucrative, but you must live in a port city. Tools are expensive. Lots of competition from Mexicans doing shoddy work. Fumes will eventually kill you if you don’t use a respirator.

Mechanic: you can get a job anywhere. Don’t trust recruiters who claim aircraft mechanics can get civilian jobs doing the same thing. Subfields of diesel and marine mechanics pay a bit more, small engine repair about the same. It’s getting expensive to fix newer cars with more electronic components unless you work for a dealership. Good military trade. Will never go away. Basic tools are cheap but the things you really want (a lift) are not. Hard on your body, lots of harsh chemicals.

Electrician: great pay, both residential, commercial, and industrial applications, doesn’t require two barns full of tools like other trades. Other than the possibly of death by electrocution it’s not too hard on your body. You will eventually get hired on and find the melted reminders of the last guy. Not hard to start your own business.

Machining: good trade for someone interested in gunsmithing or a reservist armorer. Machine and fabrication shops are always hiring. Incredibly dangerous trade for the unwary. Very expensive to start your own business. Gunsmithing is a useful subfield. Armorers have the worst hours in the military.

Millwright: big brother to machinists and mechanics, also a Jack of all trades. Excellent pay, only industrial jobs. Takes years to make it, are closer to factory-wide engineers than machinists. 100% European, only a few Asians can hack it. Very Germanic.

Pipefitting and steamfitting: great trade but full of assholes. Steamfitting is fantastically dangerous – a jet of steam is invisible and can cut you in half. No autonomy, purely industrial settings.

HVAC: what I wish I had gone into years ago. Good pay, military equivalents, not as hard on your body as other trades. Best trade for manlets since you’re poking around in attics and basements. Must love spiders. Beware of asbestos, always wear PPE.

Plumbing: king of the trades, impossible to outsource, very hard for Mexicans to do right (and it’s obvious when they do it wrong). Need to be good at algebra and some trig. You’ll get strong. Pays very well. Tools are pretty expensive but nothing compared to cabinet carpentry or machining. Requires a van. Every day is an adventure which ends with you wet, cold, and covered in someone else’s crap. Hours suck.

Carpentry: huge, varied trade that goes from building chairs to building houses. Ideal for big, tall, strong guys. Tools seem to be endless, from the cheapest in existence to most expensive. You will need a truck or van. Pay is great, hours are good at top end, building custom furniture and timber frame homes for rich assholes. Pay and hours at low end suck, where you do stick framing and assembly line work. Hard on your body.

Construction: the retarded youngest brother of the trades. Pay sucks, work is boom or bust, can’t work at your own pace, competition and injuries are never-ending. Made up of highly specialized sub-trades like framing, roofing, concrete pouring, drywalling, mudding/taping, window/door installation, etc, which means you are treated like shit and worked to death. Chock full of tweakers and jerks. Spanish fluency required in some places. You work as a contractor which means no benefits. Avoid.

Masonry: far superior to construction. Makes you very strong. Good pay but work is hard to find when the weather is bad. Not too hard to start your own business, but you are limited by others building schedule. Very limited by boom/bust cycles.

The Railroad: I’m not sure what guys who work for the railroad do but the pay and benefits are apparently good (they all drive brand new Ford trucks) and it’s 100% straight white males. Very beefy ones, from what I’ve seen dodging them while illegally camped.

It took me six years and dozens of mistakes to gather this knowledge, and it was all for nothing. Learn from it; take everything you can, and give nothing back.

Enjoy your time riding the tiger.

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  1. muunyayo says:

    Reblogged this on Muunyayo.


  2. Spooky N says:

    >8. Pretend to be trans for fun and profit.

    Fuck off and miss me with that gay shit.

    >9. Become psuedo-leftist controlled opposition and get funding from the feds and George Soros.

    Not going to happen. Even if you could, you would eventually be beholden to them or get put in the slammer for fraud if you happen to gain money from them and put it towards right-wing causes. You could adopt leftist disguises, but you’d be forced to adopt leftist slogans, habits, and be surrounded by people who you absolutely loathe you (but the feeling would be mutual I suppose) in order to convince that you’re one of them and not a troll trying to stir shit. Chuthulu swims, but only swims left as the saying goes so trying to push them to further insanity is pointless as they’re already push each other to higher levels of madness.

    >10. Create fake rallies to waste your enemy’s time and resources and keep them in constant state of emotional turmoil on social media.

    People catch on when they are repeatedly duped and you can’t fool everyone 100% of the time. Creating hoaxes on the open internet is becoming harder to do especially when even the media and die hard antifa have eyes and ears everywhere, and a simple Google search can discredit your charade in an instant. Pubishing the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in this day and age would not be necessary because the heebs can’t keep their mouth shut, “””anti-semitic””” accusations be damned.

    >11 Eliminate your use of surveillance devices.

    This should be a no brainer and being careless is no excuse. Of course, if you happened to be careless and got off easy, learn from them and move on.

    >12 Create fake internet personas for your enemies to ruin their lives.

    Useful for bullying some utter nobody and utterly pointless for those twitter blue checkmarks as impersonating them for cheap lulz will quickly get you banned from twitter in less time it took you to make the account.

    >13. Eliminate as much of your real identity from the internet as you can, and learn how to hide new identities

    Most internet accounts demand that you create a username, password, and require an email account. Anything more is asking too much, and if anyone asks you to do anything illegal then run the fucking other way. Don’t get caught doing stupid shit (or do stupid shit in the first place), remember your opsec, and that silence is always golden.

    >14. Avoid going into debt for higher education.

    This is the only part that has any real meat to it, but you don’t need to degrade yourself or gay marry your best friend. A sob story is probably enough to pull off a scholarship and use that money to do everything you need to do. If you happen to buy the textbooks for your class, keep them and use them to teach others on the subject if you can (unless it’s faggot shit like gender studies or queer theory, then a wasted piece of paper is only good for starting a fire and picking up dogshit). Culinary skills can best be learned by working in a restaurant under a head chef’s supervision or picking them up in high school if your lucky, but remember that sanitation and safety should always be your concern. Trades can also be learned at colleges if they have them so there’s no excuse to not to learn a trade and a degree at the same time if you can handle it.

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    1. GDR says:

      While I understand why you find parts of it distasteful, my articles are all about optimizing and min/maxing yourself into a sort of spiritual weapon which the system can’t counter without harming itself or losing steam. I tried the direct approach from 2012 to 2017, which ended with me swatted down like the troublesome insect I was. I spent the past 2 and a half years meditating on my failures and those of my idealogical brethren, and I decided that the system is best defeated by a rightist equivalent of old-school, wolf-in-sheeps-clothing Fabianism.

      The left (and the (((left)))) won when they hid their true goals and advanced their interests via proxies and false friends like Buckley. What you dismiss without consideration is the strategy the left used against us for the past 80 years. It worked against us; it will work against them. Though to be fair I realize now I should have mentioned this, so thank you for the criticism.

      My ultimate goal is to arrive at a synthesis of 4GW, non-violent and legal resistance, and extremely malevolent compliance. I want to write a general order which breaks it all down, explains everything, and helps others achieve a vision of unrestricted spiritual lawfare.

      I want to be like one of those Hindu gods of destruction which periodically cleanse the world of filth, by carefully dancing around the rules and using the legal/bureaucratic weapons of my enemies to ruin them until they kill themselves in despair.

      If pretending to be a troon and gay marrying my shitlord buddy is what it takes to, for instance, become a foster parent in California (and get paid by the state), and “transition” (geld) hundreds or thousands of Bantu and Hispanic boys, that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

      Darkness isn’t the opposite of light, but its absence. How then would you conceive of an anti-light? In the same way, what I feel isn’t loathing or hate, because these still have some regard for the person. They are more than indifference because you still care about them in a way, enough to have an emotional reaction. What I feel for the left is a sort of anti-love, something totally alien to both love, hate, and loathing. I imagine this is what some creature who exists outside reality feels when it considers those lucky enough to exist within the realm of positive existence.

      It is compelling and can’t be denied, yet it doesn’t overpower me emotionally. The opposite occurs.

      Thus I have no problems in trying to ascend (or descend?) to something both ridiculous and horrifying. I look forward to meditating in the crackheads infested ruins of Google headquarters in 30 years.


      1. GDR says:

        Something else… what differentiates this strange new emotion from rage is that while it is just as if not more negative than rage and fury, it does not cloud my mind. If anything it clarifies my thoughts and gives me a dark sort of peaceful calm, almost serenity. It feels liberating to contemplate the legal, state-sanctioned castration of my racial enemies’ sons, under the auspices of transgender affirmation. It makes sitting in a tent in the rain and snow feel like acesis, not penury. I can imagine a scenario where I harm my enemy and they can’t legally strike back.

        I know that the impersonation trick is petty and spiteful. It’s meant to be something you do against leftists you know or know of personally. If we could get our wignats to do that instead of goon marches, then they can contribute in a small but meaningful way to the goal.

        Fake rallies are also meant to keep our Extremely Online people busy with minor but useful work. They can be useful against specific institutions rather than specific people. So if I attended University of Ohio I could stage one to screw with leftists I personally know.

        It’s not necessary to contribute to right wing causes using funding from left wing institutions and leftist crowdfunding platforms. I’m teaching you all how to become a living, breathing right wing cause. Just using it to raise a huge family or to support gay rights in Africa (and the AIDS epidemic that will result from that) is good enough.

        You don’t need to donate to right operators if you ARE a righty operator. If you follow my advice when I am finished writing this book you will be a living avatar of destructive subversion and malicious compliance. I am preparing to do about 7/8 of the things I write about once I get income; I’ll update them as I get more specific information.


  3. Finno-Ugric Spearchucker says:

    A good suggestion for someone with a meme degree (or any degree) is to go into enterprise sales. Fields such as medical device and SaaS (software as a service) are extremely lucrative and high paying. Get into an outbound or inbound sales and you’ll be mostly surrounded by fairly chad dudes easily making 6 figs within 3 years or so. One problem with software sales is you’ll probably have to live in a very left wing city (Austin, Silicon Valley, etc), but it is eventually possible to go remote as well.


    1. GDR says:

      Two issues.

      1. How can we use a position in sales to undermine the system and get paid while doing it? How can we use it to gain systematic advantages over our enemies? What seams exist in such a system which you can exploit?

      2. Is it worthwhile to contribute to the functioning of a society that hates you?

      Tell me more about high end sales, I guess.


  4. quaslacrimas says:

    May I recommend more use of bold font or other formatting options to help make long posts easier to navigate? Keep up the good work,


    1. GDR says:

      Sorry about that, I’m typing on my phone. I’ll start a blog in a month or two when I get a laptop, with better formatting.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. quaslacrimas says:

        It’s not your fault, AmSun should take care of stuff like this.


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