That Groyper Summit + Five Friday Reads 12/6/19

Ebb and flow, tides rise and fall. I like the Groypers. I loved how they took it to Charlie Kirk. I would love to see them do a similar infiltration of swing district Democrat (especially US Senators in the next few months) town halls and meetings to ask well crafted questions. Trick the screeners by using a gay voice and then ask a critical question on immigration, degeneracy, etc. The Groypers are a Gen Z thing. Roosh and I have messaged about the great energy they have and some successful raids they have pulled, but we both understand that it is a Gen Z thing in mindset, energy and mood. I wish them good luck.

They will need it. The system is turning an eye towards them. They announced publicly a private meeting for later in December. I do not recommend going, but who the hell am I? This is their thing. I do not know what the play is. Is this a new NPI? My big question is why not call it the America First Leadership Conference? The groyper branding is a test of the Nydwracu idea that the system will allow all the memeing in the world but never allow anyone to go legit. Sure it’s a successful e-brand ya got there, but it ain’t real, haha, go back online, kid. If you attend, take every precaution. You know the risks. You have seen the outcomes of events that were poorly run with bad opsec. Be careful in everything you do. Manage your risks. Only risk that which you feel is comfortable risking with the present audience.

I understand the drive to meet in real life. I support building strongly with people you have contact with regularly, which is why local engagement is a constant theme here. Meeting with /ourguys is awesome. I was fortunate enough to meet Hank Oslo in real life, found out we had interesting things in common + things to learn from one another and now he is one of my favorite bros of this whole thing. There are others like that in this dissident crowd that I message daily, host at my home and send Christmas cards or baby gifts to as friends only because of meeting them in real life. There are also people you will meet in real life and they will be so underwhelming compared to your expectations that you’ll never want to be associated with them again. You learn.

I know BAP tweeted strongly against this Groyper conference. He does not want to see anyone get in trouble. He focuses on privacy, and he understands the dangers that rise when the system starts paying attention to you. He cares. I share his concerns. Like others, he remembers Charlottesville very well. We do here at the Sun, too. In fact, we re-posted a Thermidor essay on it. The last line always sticks with me, “The events of that day may cast a long shadow for years to come, but that does not mean anyone needs to stand in it“. We also know this is not the same as Cville that was a huge build up with a perfect storm of factors, but no one wants to see things build up to a Cville 2.0 next year and become the new MAGA Bomber that legitimately fucks an election.

Learn from every mistake that was made there. I assume this crowd saw the events of 2016-2017, are adjusting and planning accordingly. Think beyond this event, think beyond next year, and think about the ’20s. Think about small steps to build useful things for the difficult decades ahead not just a dopamine hit today. Missteps can hurt you, and new friendships can help you. Be careful not to cast a shadow, but don’t waste time standing in anyone else’s. Good luck.

On to the links…

Real Class War – Phenomenal essay on the real class war. This is one where actual change may happen because enough people within the managerial class may defect, “The real class war is between the 0.1 percent and (at most) the 10 percent—or, more precisely, between elites primarily dependent on capital gains and those primarily dependent on profes­sional labor“. These individuals have seen stagnation and some gains but nowhere near the gains of the elite asset holders, yet these individuals are in position to enact change within the system.

China’s Diplomatic Gains – China has more diplomatic posts across the globe than the US. Looking at the wreckage that the US State Dept has left behind the last twenty years, it is easy to see why other nations may be not just open but eager to talk to an alternative.

China-Russia Rapprochement – Following up on this, the US State Dept and our economic elites that felt so eager to destroy American manufacturing interests will be seen as fools for creating the Chinese behemoth and then gifting them the only worthwhile ally in the great game. How dumb is the US foreign policy establishment? It pushed a gigantic nuclear power on China’s northern border into an alliance with China rather than into confrontation. Keep in mind the Russians nearly nuked China 50 years ago.

The Case Against Open Borders – This medium posts destroys the new pro-mass immigration comic book, graphic novel, errr propaganda broadsheet from Bryan Caplan. I would love to meet Caplan to give him a Voight-Kampff test.

Modi’s India – Do not forget that India was on the cutting edge of the nationalist sword when it elected Modi to PM. Modi is taking it to Muslims. Hindus in India experience a similar situation to Christian whites in America. They are the middle and the Brahmin leftists ally with the low to make them the bad guy. Anti-majoritarianism all over the globe follows the same pattern.

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  1. Scott Greer's Recessive Jaw Groyper says:

    I just find it funny the biggest promoters of the event are people who have already had their livelihoods fucked up: Scott Greer (doxed while privately attending a neo-Pagan retreat), Nick Fuentes (secretly recorded and doxed), Patrick Casey (got his entire inner sanctum doxed because he didn’t run proper OpSec on his fucking Trello server), Milennial Matt and Baked Alaska (need I even talk about these 30 year old grifters?), etc., yet they promise young men, who were likely too wet behind the ear to even remember the discourse in 2015-2017 that culminated in the disaster of Charlottesville, that they won’t be doxed, and even if they are, you can bounce back. Tell that to one of /ourguys/ who took his own life from the harassment he recieved after Charlottesville.

    These people want to organize in meatspace, but they are too pussy to attend their local GOP/Dem party events and confront the boomers they talk so much shit on. I have done it with a few of my friends, and not only were most of the Boomers we met grateful to see young, white, clean cut men take an interest in politics, we mogged half the cretins of our peerage who fill most of these cucked operations. There is a productive way forward, and there is a destructive way. None of the clown car of grifters I mentioned above have, as far as I am aware, ever helped any of their people get elected to office. On the contrary, as far as I know, BAP has never led anyone to be doxed, and I can confirm based on a few friends of mine that Bronze Age Mindset has been read within the walls of the Whitehouse. Between the two? No competition, it’s BAPism all the way.


    1. Earl Shetland says:

      I was thinking about to write an article encouraging /ourguys/ to get involved in local government, parish councils, etc but I think you might be better suited for that. I for one went the parish council route. If you want to discuss your experiences in more detail, and provide some pointers, I for one would love to read it.


      1. R. Landry - Editor says:

        We would gladly accept an essay about that from you. There is a mannerbund essay coming for 2020 planning


      2. Earl Shetland says:

        I’ll wait until after the big planning essay and add some anecdotal items, then. One is a doozy.


    2. Siege says:

      They did confront the boomers:

      And the boomer trash, the obese subhuman republican denounced him and the traitorous white landwhale organized a protest

      Fuck them.

      Maybe white genocide is a good thing after all.


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