Impeachment: Losing Control Of The Narrative

The Democrats had a good system of smear, leak and then massage the message in the media to prime minds. This was the entire Mueller Investigation MO. It was a sneaky way to see if President Trump would screw up and make a mistake along the way. Think about the public reaction to the Ukraine set up. The initial meme gets released into the media, the narrative gets set, pollsters start framing questions to favor the left’s desired goal and voila, people support impeaching and removing before any evidence is out there. Trump releasing the transcript was a genius move. This narrative suffered a mortal blow with its release and then died when claims were examined in public.

This leaves an out for the Democrats. They can take the same idea as their narratives for reasons for impeachment and apply it to the process of impeachment itself. Most people are low information voters distracted by shiny objects in the media. The Democrats can scream impeachment for months but never do it. It can be a rallying cry for them, which would spare them from ever dealing with the consequences of an impeachment vote or a Senate trial handled by Sen. McConnell.

Speaker Pelosi got 233 votes for the inquiry to proceed with zero crossover votes by Republicans. How do the numbers look for her for actual impeachment? Not good. No Republicans look to be crossing over after the inquiry. Democrats are already openly declaring they will not vote for impeachment. That is a freshman representative who won by 7%. Do you think the two freshman Democrats from Michigan who won by 3-5% are going to vote for it? How about other Democrats who won in the intense GOTV ’18 midterms by 5% of less? How about the 31 Democrats in Trump leaning districts? Nothing in the testimony of the last few weeks has helped. The narrative set by the initial outrage has disintegrated.

Everything has hurt the Democrats. Checking in on the legal professors of Instapundit (sad to see them spitting out 2005 tier stuff), Ann Althouse notes how none of the legal geniuses made a mark and that Professor Snarky, Bisexual Jew made an own goal with her joke on Trump’s son. God forbid, Althouse take a stand once, she starts by saying the GOP outrage is fake. Nah, nah, I’m going to agree with the outrage pushers. These same left wing insensitive sensitive tyrants have been talking about the audacity of going after Hunter Biden who is a middle aged man, and then turnaround and drop this crap, which was followed by applause. It is the same double standard, and many have reached the “f*ck off” stage.

We all know, Ann, that the left would go Bolshevik on our First Family like they did the Romanovs. Little testimonies like this add to that. Anonymous Nigerian Twitter accounts can taste the hate. Comfy law professors may forever remain blind to what the left is now, but we, and an increasing number of Americans, see it for what it is. This impeachment op is about power. The deep state wants to flex, wants to keep its game going and wants to remove President Trump. It does not care about truth, norms or process. They conspired to sell a story. They tried to craft a narrative of corruption and then build to the inevitable removal. It has melted in the sunlight.

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  1. miforest says:

    I think you guys are correct, you might like this, it’s a good article on how these guys work .


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