Impeachment: CIA Everywhere

Election 2020 has an overt spook turned puppet politician running for the presidency with small city mayor Pete Buttigieg becoming a pawn in the great game. This is a continuation of the fad of election 2018. In that election dozens of former spooks ran for office under the Democrat banner. The regime did not want to rely on proxies and wants reliable representation. This has come in handy for the Agency op of 2019 “Color Revolution USA”.

Elissa Slotkin was one of those ex-CIA candidates. Menaquinone was right about CIA expectations vs. reality is neither fit nor sexy a la Hollywood messaging. She won her race by a slim margin as did the other Michigan seat that flipped Democrat in ’18. This was in a large GOTV effort that generated voter participation levels that had not been seen in 100 years. She was initially gung ho about impeachment but has since cooled, leaving her vote as undecided.

She is not alone. One has already said ‘no’ to voting for it. Another group of Democrats proposed censure instead of impeachment. These politicians are paying for district specific polling last week and this week. That article states “about ten” pushed for censure, which means the 233 for inquiry is Pelosi’s ceiling so it is a matter of how many defectors. There are over 30 representatives in Trump leaning districts. She also lost Katie Hill’s yea vote, which will not be filled until a March special election. I personally think they do vote and impeach, but in the words of a friend in DC, the Democrats are way out over their skis and has lost persuadable America. Pelosi once sacrificed a giant majority for Obamacare so this is the same, but Obamacare was the camel’s nose in the tent for introducing socialized single payer in our near future.

There is another historical parallel for bad voting that Pelosi should take great notes on: the Kavanaugh affair and its consequences for the Democrats. The Kavanaugh circus and left wing insanity cost the Democrats the Florida seat without a doubt and likely blew the Missouri and Indiana seats. It nearly cost them Montana (North Dakota &Tennessee were too wide to have mattered). Those four incumbent senators all voted against Kavanaugh’s nomination and undercut their marketing as moderate Democrats to their red or swing states. Pelosi’s majority had a lot of tailwinds. It would be a shame for her to lose it and serve up a second term Trump with a unified Congress with a rotation out of the Ryan crowd. The Democrats would want new blood in at leadership.

As this limps along to the Senate, it is good to think up the pieces to this. CIA worked with intel sources to dig up the Muh Russia dirt, which was not real. Ex-CIA then transitioned to working in the media to continue a multi-year smear and disinformation campaign. Smaller peons in the Agency then moved to the House to make sure Agency ideology and votes are cast. We now get Agency operatives involved in the specific mechanics to try to remove a president they do not like. If you think for a second a President Sanders would get any better treatment, you are wrong.

The priests of academia do rule via ideology, but the intel community is in charge. CIA has its own NSA. CIA has over 90% of its employees on US soil. It also does not like you. Act accordingly.

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  1. muunyayo says:

    Reblogged this on Muunyayo.


  2. Thurgood says:

    Democrats have plenty of ski. They’re being pushed to impeach because anything they lose in 2020 will be retaken with more favorable demographics in subsequent election cycles.


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