Shifting Culture + Five Friday Reads 12/20/19

An interesting piece on culture was linked to the Dark Enlightenment subreddit. It concerned a cultural reconquista of America. It had the accurate diagnosis that America’s cultural institutions are in the left’s hands. It used the reconquista of Spain as a way to explain that no, not all is lost and the culture can be reclaimed. This is an inspiring message but rather hard to square with the world of 2019.

Every bit of content creation lays in the hands of the left. Even new platforms quickly converged into bastions of leftism (Netflix’s original content). The Disney/Fox acquisition tightens distribution. Terms of service are tweaked to control what was being use to route around the older media distribution. It is disheartening. There is no real unified America for culture to appeal to, but as Chris Hayes reference on Twitter this week, with how homogeneous the right is in America, cultural products should be easier to create that life and inspire since there would be fewer concessions spiritually made to be inclusive of muh minorities of all categories.

The outlets themselves remain firmly in the hands of leftist owners. Even when the Koch brothers tried to buy the Tribune Co of newspapers, they got frozen out. The left knows to defend its prizes. It knows the send the right to its ghetto territories. This is a culmination of decades of right wingers avoiding entering these fields (academia media and even bureaucracies). There was less status in them as there was in chasing a paycheck in the private world, but we are all now looking at salaries and seeing that academics and the bureaucrats are having the last laugh. There would always be left wing editors, hiring managers and tenure committees to select left wing applicants only, but even a 70-30 split rather than 95-5 is a major improvement.

There are opportunities. As the left’s coalition gets broader, they have to reach for cultural items that are bland. The lowest common denominator is one factor, but so is the need to not offend anyone. I still believe documentaries are a huge market, not just to spread the message but to even turn a profit. There is always a need for art, and nothing that is produced today is appealing. Things like Art Basel have been reduced to the access to cute women and sex it provides the crowd.

This is an opportunity for the right. It will need patrons. Beyond merely creating new and refreshing cultural products that resonate, these creators would need a large enough distribution network. It does not take much to shift the culture, but it does need some elite buy in. In the meantime, keep working on your skills and networks. On to the links…

Tucker Carlson Took The Red Pill – ” I’ve made a complete break mentally with the world I used to live in”, says Carlson. Give it a read.

WeWork Didn’t Work – This is a nice rundown of just how bad the WeWork scam was. Almost better than it is the second piece to that post on the Aramco IPO. The limited float is going to cause some hi-jinks which will keep the Saudi monetary scheme going.

External Control Of The Free Press – A Newsweek journalist decided to resign and then go public about the suppression of the news. This report clearly maps how the narratives get molded and the actual mechanisms for moving people who advocate on your behalf into positions of power at our supposed neutral media institutions and boom, narratives get made and destroyed. There is no free press, only power.

Death of the Sex Symbol – It is a sad indictment of the culture when a liberal lesbian is a voice of reason. Camille Paglia discusses the death of sex symbols in Hollywood. She properly identifies Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct as the last sex symbol, bombshell type performance. There was a sexiness in the moment that has been overrun by tacky reveals, gratuitous nudity and sex everywhere.

Coordinated Withdrawal – A bunch of Catholics managed to coordinate and moved to a small town. They have built a growing community. They did not just tweet and Aquinaspost online. They got out there and committed themselves to change. This is like the church in Moscow Idaho that has dug into a town. It just takes coordination and commitment.

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  1. Das Unbehagen in der Kultur says:

    Too true, even Martin Scorcese is railing against this. Every cultural artefact from the last thirty years is being retrofitted with the neoliberal identarian mind virus, or left wing fascism, as it were.


  2. Baboon Tycoon says:

    I fear that SSPX community doesn’t have long now that journalists are writing about it. I will be praying for them. Still, even if they end up subverted, it’d be good to study how they managed to escape the Leviathan for so long.


  3. Sylvester3 says:

    That sspx thing is the only model people should look too. If you want a functioning independent community, then a priest class/shared metaphysics is essential. Get a little bigger and you can get a power plant too. Anything else eg. Altright is just larping since none of them can create a functioning hierarchy .


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