Impeachment: Another Bite At The Apple

The Democrats have not handed over the articles of impeachment to the Senate. They want to try to finagle the terms of the trial. This is a joke. They want to try to rig it as much as possible not in hopes of a conviction but in hopes that all Biden related or Ukraine 2016 items stay out of sight from the public. There is even talk of doing another impeachment. As written earlier here, the Democrats lost control of the narrative, which sunk their endeavor.

This is not new. The Clinton impeachment worked in a similar fashion. President Clinton got in front of America, apologized for his behavior and made sure everything was framed as about sex and not about his perjury and the actions he took in covering it up. The recent constitutional scholar who testified before Congress made mention of the odd case of Monica Lewinsky never testifying before the Senate. Initially one would think this was because the GOP is false opposition and was playing their part. I now think it was the GOP losing the narrative game.

Her testimony did not matter because by then a Senate conviction was not happening. The GOP had lost control of the narrative and Clinton successfully framed it as just a little white lie about sex. Would citizens have cared if there was some legal shenanigans over sex? These were 50% divorce rate Boomers. They already forgave his affairs and drugs in ’92. They great flip in the culture war was right there in the early ’90s. The voters at the ’98 midterms sent their message and by the time the election was over, the GOP was painfully going forward with impeachment knowing it was a dead end. The gambit ended Gingrich’s leadership of the GOP as well.

At this point, the Democrats are in a pickle and want a do over. With each delay and extension, they make themselves look the obsessed partisans that they are to the remaining persuadable middle. There are a lot of dumb or uninformed masses who still believe #Resistance underdog memes from 2017. Even if they are not liberal, they buy into them and the underlying framework that Mueller spent two years crafting. Seeing Speaker Pelosi give odd press conferences and hearing Democrats cite anything in an attempt to get rid of Trump as the election season gears up only feeds Trump’s case that the left is unhinged.

Impeachment is not always theater. President Johnson’s was not nor would President Nixon’s had he not resigned. Impeachment is a sales job. The GOP lost the sale in ’98 and so did the Democrats in late fall ’19. If you want any indicator that the left knows it is over, check out the opeds and essays saying that Trump should show some dignity and resign.

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  1. jrebwestex says:

    Ha! Got to get that dig in on the Boomers, eh? The divorce rate for Boomers is 50% but following generations cohabitate at much higher rates. This means that numbers for divorce are altered as well as the fact that couples cohabitate much more in following generations in order to determine their compatibility. Boomers were still in the mindset that “shackling up” was immoral so didn’t do trial runs as much , to later find out that it wasn’t working. Add to the fact that manipulated social influence factors had started breaking down the traditional family, such as feminism and sexual “freedom.” We still trusted the press, television, concepts in movies. We believed in jokers like Reagan because most were slow to wake. Boomers were and still are a big soft target because of the effectiveness of our indoctrination and the ease at how dissenting voices in our age group were stifled.


  2. miforest says:

    “Initially one would think this was because the GOP is false opposition and was playing their part” – I am old , and I suspected this 15 yrs ago after volunteering ,donating to and supporting them for 25 years and seeing the system crush every outsider we sent to DC or the state capital . I became convinced 10 years ago. ,From the time trump started his campaign, 4 years ago, I cannot understand hoew anyone paying attention could not understand that .


  3. Thurgood says:

    It is theatrical because the outcome is politically unimportant. Much of the same policies, carried out by Trump, will be continued by any subsequent democrat or republican. Whether you believe this is due to tribal influence, great game geopolitics, or something else entirely: the practical irrelevance of the presidency is painfully obvious.


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