Cultural Content Opportunity: Comics

Submission by G

Editor’s Note: As we discuss the death of culture from the present progressive controlled channels, we do need to offer alternatives. What are your ideas? If you have them, send them in. If people respond, network and build.

Let’s see if I remember the names of the different American comic book ages.
The Golden Age…
The Silver Age…
The Copper-wire-stripping Age…
The Final Solution Age.

There, I got em’. I believe we are in The Final Solution Age currently in the comics industry. What does this mean? Well, as an internet historian I believe this means something like there’s a big massive genocide coming in the comics industry and hopefully, its the final one. The solution to end it all. It’s in the winds. Can comic book artists and writers capitalize on these winds and produce something that survives the jive? The comics industry should see pathetic sales figures and see the truth. Film studios mining them for intellectual property is the final hint that it is a dead industry to be used for writers efficiency. We need to plan a new direction.

NFL views are plummeting. Netflix subscriptions are being canceled. Youtube is becoming a sentient creature with morality. Investors are looking at Utah. This is clearly a pattern. What should we as comic book creators do? Some of our brothers over at that comicsgate thing seem to be drawing their friends’ daughters’ massive **** as advertisements for their bunny rabbit/G.I. Joe-themed action comics. Is that the type of thing we want?

I don’t have a distinct answer, but at the same time think we want something better. What I propose is a focus on medieval comedy action comic books. You can pick plenty of factions with cool designs. Anglosaxons, Franc Crusaders, Normans Knights, Vikings, etc and make up fake-but-cooler history as you draw them fighting each other. There are facts and apocryphal tales to weave in Europe or the Holy Land for variety. Comicsgate despite it’s flaws is good for community building and wholesome in places.

I propose focusing on these subjects as I think they are more relatable in some ways to our people than guns, muscles, fast cars and big breasts. And if you are an artist who’s specialty is poppy 90’s-style guns and neon, well, try using those skills on some neo-medieval futurism comic book where guns are outlawed because our genome has discovered honor once again in this future setting. We’re bringing back castles, stonemasonry, and helping boost sales for our local Etsy blacksmiths, all at the same time!

Medieval comic idea example: Neo from The Matrix is blonde, blue eyed, and instead of waking up into some dystopian thing, he wakes up into the land of his ancestors and has to stab some Viking guy talking to his wife who was simply churning butter outside the thatch hut. He insults the Viking as he stabs him by calling him a filthy communist. Adventure ensues as the French ming’s men rush to the scene. Will Neo save his family? Will the filthy Viking-loving French execute Neo?

You guys get the idea. Comics can be a method for community-building with an ideological crowd seeking more. People love being given free comics, and art done by you or your friends. Fund medieval comics to fight capeshit and promote ancient honor. Brutal gladiator fights, with comedic samizdat dialogue. Three hundred Spartans with MAGA hats making their last stand against the Zoroastrian Mexicans and Guatemalans. Braveheart but it’s Hulk Hogan and he’s uniting ancient Utah and Ohio tribes to fight Invading Iranian horsemen. Los Angeles Boomer biker gang discovers blacksmithing and gets really into swords and stabbing people through their car windshields. We are going medieval with comic books. Stonemasonry and blacksmithing are the future. Let’s get people into it.

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  1. The Watcher says:

    Literally anything besides podcasts and fashygoy remixes of pop songs please!

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    1. Um Excuse Me, They're Called Graphic Novels says:

      Fashy Comic Books aren’t that different though. Apart from being irrelevant, comics are a degenerate medium, adolescent, shallow, without substance. It’s no wonder they’re prone to either liberal soapboxing or corporate pandering, it’s what they are naturally suited for.

      The writer’s heart is in the right place but it’s just more of the same “Let’s appropriate pop culture garbage but FOR US, guys! Deus Vult!” that has never gained traction except among the small minority of people (who are, let’s be honest here, not too distant from the typical bugperson comic geek sometimes) who would already be primed to consume it.


  2. Earl Shetland says:

    So like Asterix, but metal?


    1. Spooky N says:

      And in chick tract form.

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  3. newtoncain says:

    Start with Norse mythology. Do a year in the life of Wulfgar. Start at the Spring Solstice and end with Yule.


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