Turn Trans Outrage Into Action

The cycle of news items involving the trans crowd is trans individual gets the power of the state or media to put xim or xir on a pedestal to rub this new power in the face of some hapless individual who just wants to run a waxing shop, send teenagers to the right bathroom or have a pool party. Right wingers inevitably get angry online as the right wing media knows this is a humiliating issue where normal people are flexed on by the powerful in the latest installment of Bioleninism Hour. No one recommends doing anything about it. You can.

A rather common sense approach to the issue is being proposed in South Carolina by one Republican lawmaker. He is proposing that no child under 18 undergo gender reassignment surgery or receive hormone treatment. Nothing physical will be done that is irreversible. This is important as the physical treatments even if reversed will mess with an individual, especially one developing their brain and bodies in teenage years. If a doctor breaks this law, they go under review and can lose their license. Consequences are meted out, not just outrage tweets.

This lawmaker is the lone individual in the assembly who proposed this bill but he is seeking support from fellow lawmakers. The legislation session starts this month. This is where you come in. A way to get this going is to get together with a handful of friends who will devote maybe one hour of their day to this and simply call the list of South Carolina republicans in the assembly. Because this is an issue that raises the ire for even normie right wing voters, the sell to starting a mini-project does not need any branding. You are just a coordinator for concerned parents, looking out for children. Yes, it is phone bank time.

Targets are easy to pick like the safest of safe seats where supporting this will not be any risk to a legislator, but do not sleep on individuals in closer districts. House members are here; Senators are here. If someone is in a closer run district but hears from multiple people that they should support this or voters will stay home, they respond. Play on the maternal drive in female members as this gives them an opportunity to play up the mother’s intuition and grandstand on an issue. The other side is going to be leaning on them hard with calls and pressure campaigns. If cigarettes can wait for age 18, so can life altering chemicals.

Now you cannot just call and be all in a huff about the issue, but some emotion does help. No unnecessary inflammatory statements. A great idea is to have a few talking points that will arm the legislator’s office with a steady drumbeat of sound bytes that even a child could follow. Think about studies and scholars. Work the credentials to dazzle them.

A quick and easy one is that 80% of transgender children change their minds. Why would they allow parents, counselors and activists to pressure child into irreversible damage if 80% change their mind? The liberals in that link try to diminish the findings but even cite newer studies that repeat the outcomes. A wonderful link that you can send their office and summarize the bullet points is this oped from the Wall Street Journal (summarized here due to paywall) that says surgery and sex changes are not the answer as they do nothing for the patient’s well-being and do not address underlying psychological issues.

Dr. McHugh was at John Hopkins where they pioneered sex change surgery. They stopped offering the surgery because they found it did not help patients. They were no more satisfied than patients who did not undergo the surgery. John Hopkins had a long period of no surgeries but restarted as soon as Dr. McHugh retired. Trans has become ideological and once he was removed, the steamroller moved forward.

This is possible and we see it on the other side. LGBT activists have pushed for and got legislation that requires treatment if children feel these feelings. Several states have this. It is time to push back on this issue. The common sense proposals and rhetoric by the lone assemblyman proposing this is easy to build around, but providing some meat by the way of studies and scholars should arm our side. We all know the other side is going to do the same thing. Play their game. South Carolina is a deep red state. If you want to move the needle, try there. Once one state moves, others find the courage.

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