MLK: A Unique Product Of His Time

Submitted by Wanderer

Today Americans will be flooded with media blurbs well designed to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. MLK was a useful tool of the Eastern establishment against the South in a classic high-low vs. middle fight. Perfectly suited for the new era of widespread television ownership, MLK was a mocha, eloquent figure for the elites to use to push the cause du jour (civil rights), which became the template for all future expansions of rights in the left’s goal of expanding its coalition to smaller and more obscure groups. MLK was also a product of a limited period of time in American media and political history. MLK would not survive the ecosystem of today.

MLK was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. First and foremost, his entire name and branding is a con. It is actually Michael King, but the Martin Luther evoked specific historical gravitas in a Protestant nation. The “Dr.” honorific was a function of MLK having a PhD. As if foreseeing the expansion of Twitter blue hairs who get PhDs in gender studies but demanding everyone call them “Dr.”, he media took the unusual track of referring to him as “Dr.” at every opportunity. This was once again, to build up his resume and add gravitas to the young activist.

This is the first piece of the MLK puzzle that would be shredded by the modern public square. MLK’s PhD work would be revealed as the fraud that it was. In 1991, Boston University (another Eastern regime establishment) admitted that MLK’s work was plagiarized heavily from others. It would not change their PhD award for it, but given the academic and media’s attempt to call him “Dr.” this would likely become a sarcastic quip on the right and a sign of derision. Hoteps of that era like Malcolm X knew MLK was being hand selected by the white powers of NY, and if plopped down into our time, this would only further fuel his statements and accusations.

MLK’s eloquence and beautiful speeches full of optimistic, pollyanna cliches are a staple of elementary school classrooms. We all dream of the kumbaya promise, but have all seen the nightmare reality of Worldstar uploads. MLK did not even write those cliches. Stanley Levison did. The relationship between MLK and Levison is the original “2%-13% alliance” that we see today with Soros’ Open Society and Black Lives Matter. Levison was a “full-blooded Marxist for much of his life“, but by gum, the FBI could not prove he still was a communist. He had stopped before working with MLK, so everything was kosher. The funding and ghost-writing of MLK’s speeches would be plastered on conservative media and become the source of jokes on social media. As fast as Deray became a thing, he also became a laughingstock with corporate messaging and even seeing Charleston, South Carolina force him out of the city after the church shooting.

Like Deray with his peculiar sexual peccadilloes, MLK’s secrets would have spread and been used against his devoted husband and serious, somber family man image. It probably would not last after the first FBI leak of MLK’s orgy audio recordings. Jackie O would have gone off the record against MLK’s unsavory dealings. America may allow any degeneracy but time after time, Americans still view infidelity as a horrible transgression. Add in some beaten hookers, especially white hookers and the Vikings sex boat scandal would look like patty-cake. The FBI would never have had to write him letters telling him to kill himself over the shame of his double life. Instead a few leaks here and there would have destroyed the carefully crafted image of the religious and saintly Dr. Martin Luther King. The white girlfriend secret may have hurt his standing, too.

MLK though benefited from an early death. It may sound amazing, but by the time of his assassination, he had lost prominence in the black activism realm as the more radical elements were elevated as useful for ethnic cleansing by the powers that be. MLK himself was beyond his most effective periods. MLK tried his routine in Chicago and it famously failed. Refutations of the lies about his efforts in Chicago would be plastered around the web; not just by haters but by rival activists. It would be impossible to make the documentaries pimping MLK’s efforts in Chicago when so many individuals would have video footage on their phones showing the opposite of the official narrative.

That is why MLK is a product of his specific time. At that time, the American system had the power of television to make a regional activists a national name. He could be given a PhD. His past could be hidden away. They could give him a Nobel Peace Prize without anyone laughing at it and making it a punchline as he fomented tensions across America. MLK is still protected today as actual FBI evidence is under seal until 2027. The system does control information in a North Korea style today, but we should be thankful that it is nowhere near as total and dominant as it was in the 1960s. MLK has a statue in Washington, D.C. today thanks not to his courage or bravery, but to the narrative control and myth-making ability of the mid-20th century American cathedral.

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