Cultural Content Opportunity: Book Publishing

The world of fiction has grown to become a game of bingo. An author must be from in an usual ethnicity and the subject matter must play to a progressive narrative. The formula of all stories now of white is bad and new/diverse is good has become so widespread that even television advertisements use it. This creates an opening for upstart publishers to provide content for the large population turned off by the progressive narrative. If the left is going to poz and zombify mass paperbacks and even beach reading, the opportunity is there for fiction outside the progressive bubble that by portraying reality or any other narrative will defy the system.

Publishing due to kindles, e-books and print on demand has a much lower barrier to entry. The key is finding writers who will bring an audience with them. This goes for journalism as well where outlets are crumbling but individuals are growing in power. Most books sell few copies with an incredibly small stable that sell millions. We are even seeing this on the fringe right with small publishers popping up to bring back old books that the system has neutered via editing. This has a value all on its own by breaking the information cartel.

Fiction is where the greatest opportunity lies. Never believe the lie that fiction is the only time someone isnt selling you something. In every choice of character, plot point and setting, there is a sales pitch for what is good, bad and grey. A problem with Hollywood and the left’s stranglehold on book publishing is that no fictional stories can be produced that talk about our society’s problems from an unapproved angle. We will always get the same answers for why the ghetto is awful, the superiority of the cities and if opioids are ever mentioned, we’re going to read cliches from an affluent, white female liberal (AWFL) point of view. Everything is sanitized to fit the NPR and MSNBC framework. 

A classic american literary genre that is ripe for a crypto-right takeover is the hard boiled detective genre. This is not noir. Noir is where every character is rotten and it’s a dark world with a gritty side. The hard boiled detective is an american knight navigating the brutal urban forest to help someone. This was a very American spin on the Victorian detective genre. A quick survey of big names would support this.

Dashiell Hammett, author of The Maltese Falcon and The Thin Man, was an actual communist but wrote fantastic stories with slight criticism of American society. Mickey Spillane is so over the top in buffoonery page after page that I cannot endorse his work, but his novels incorporated rather ham-fisted criticism of the city and communism. I wouldn’t be shocked if Spillane’s career was an anti-red CIA op.

The king and writer to emulate is Raymond Chandler. Chandler’s Philip Marlowe is a man trying to do the right thing in a dirty town. Chandler consistently criticized the society Marlowe had to navigate and the problem of corrupt cities seventy years ago. The rich enjoy freedom, cops do cover and/or clean up, and poor saps take the blame. In “The Long Goodbye”, Chandler opines via his lead and some heavies exactly how bought and paid for the little politicians are. He has characters riff on the false choice of democracy or the control papers have in killing or avoiding stories.

we live in what is called a democracy rule by the majority of the people. A fine ideal if it could be made to work. The people elect but the party machines nominate and the party machines to be effective must spend a great deal of money. Somebody has to give it to them and that somebody whether it be an individual, a financial group, a trade union or what have you, expects some consideration in return… yelling about a free press means, with a few honorable exceptions, freedom to peddle scandal, crime, sex, sensationalism, hate, innuendo, and the political and financial uses of propaganda.

Its not Moldbug, its Chandler… in 1953. 

Detective fiction of a realistic type is primed for writers who can see the problems the masses see and provide entertaining stories with carefully chosen protagonists and antagonists. No one needs to be explicit like a Vox Day comic having characters say “he was an illegal” but a cop can say the crooks’ name Raul Elizondo did not check out. The throwaway one liners can mock the outgroup for us the same as they do for them. No one has to write a pizzagate novel, but a detective uncovering a pedo blackmail ring would be entertaining. Like Chandler’s books, unsatisfying endings might force readers to evaluate the reality around them. Think of how the left just casts sides and let’s people infer from it, and do this in reverse. Faith in central institutions is fading so characters who operate in the widening cracks will appeal to readers. People need stories and narratives to consume, envision themselves in and enjoy or else they will be slaves to progressive programming. The entire battle is in story-telling. Hollywood defeated the Sunday sermon. Hollywood is old and lazy now.

A publishing house would have a start up vibe. Mystery Grove has brought back the original translation of Ernst Junger’s WW1 memoir Storm of Steel. They also operate a great twitter account covering the Great War. Matt Forney has opened a publishing firm, Terror House, and is churning out titles now. (ed note: newest title is here and code AMERICANSUN should work). This is beyond posting. It is doing something, and no matter how small, these are steps towards independent cultural creation. These are apolitical outlets. Just by swimming away from the progressive island, they are striking out to occupy uncharted territory. We should encourage them in their endeavors and all get producing in this moment of opportunity.

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  1. boomrx says:

    This is very pertinent to my latest endeavor. A trilogy titled CLIMATE CHANGE ZOMBIES. Self pubbed on kdp at Amazon. Lost in the ocean of new books. The first book titled CCZ was published before I edited it enough times and has a lot of typos and copy and paste snafus. My bad. I’m taking time and putting more effort into the second one which, pending a beta reader final final final scrape, will be pub’d in a month or two. Anyhow. You hit on what I am trying to do with CCZ which is totally fight the progressive stranglehold on the fiction world. Thanks!


  2. Lom says:

    Check out

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  3. Excellent article. Here’s my first proper attempt:

    I spent a lot of time writing it, not so much on the promo. Still, people are reading it.


  4. john says:

    Andrew Vachss has been woke on the pedo question since the 80’s. His politics aren’t ours, but he’s one of the best noir authors I’ve ever read, and he knows his subject matter as closely as any writer working these days. Highly recommend.


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