Impeachment: Broken Narrative Machine

The impeachment circus ends now with the trial wrapping up now. The ending we have seen coming for weeks approaches. This does not mean that the system’s habits are not in effect. Even now after Rep. Schiff and Rep. Nadler have presented their case, we see the system deploy old methods. It is a sign that they have not adjusted to the new world.

“I feel good about impeachment but you know there will be some shenanigans,” paraphrased a dozen or so texts and DMs from right wingers I saw. There is no way that the left would roll out their case and just let it go to vote with as weak as it was. As if on cue, Lev Parnas showed up on MSNBC to say vague things about the president. As if on cue, Lev Parnas and his lawyer released clips of tapes of President Trump chatting with him and others and saying he wanted the ambassador to Ukraine taken out. The only illegal act involved might be Parnas’ own recording of the talk.

These were the shenanigans. In a near repeat of the Kavanaugh confirmation, we see the system know it has no justifications for its desired outcome, therefore it sprays crap at the wall, hoping something will make people back down and cave to progressive demands. Justice Kavanaugh was accused of rape, leading a band of rapists and orchestrating gang rapes in a one week period. Rep. Schiff and Nadler spent their case dredging up every accusation and line one has heard on Maddow’s show since January of ’17.

It is nothing. The White House defense team merely stated reality and truth and then asked “why” did the House team not say this. It is an easy defense. Trump walked into this circus by not cleaning out Obama holdovers. Trump did not need to use all the phrases he did on his call. This was a bit dumb to do after the Mueller flop, and the inability to get a Trump surrogate to flip on him.

This strikes at the heart of the system and left not adjusting to the new situation. David Axelrod admitted that he had a conference with Chicago Democrats and impeachment did not come up for 80 minutes. No one is watching the impeachment trial. This is all so DC Democrats can cosplay as West Wing characters. The old game of “oooohhh three Trump associates have been convicted or plead guilty, therefore he is dirty” does not work anymore. Anyone can Google search what people were convicted for, and see it was not anything related to the election. Mueller’s indictments went nowhere.

This old narrative process used to work. It does not work as well on all of America. The people who now spout the insane conspiracy theories of MSNBC or CNN are now mocked and losing status. The non-left has an entire information ecosystem to spin every single event. The idea of releasing documents works against the left because at some point they need to put up the proof, and it always fails to meet their hyperbole. Trayvon, Michael Brown, Russiagate, Mexicans in cages… it is a never-ending parade of lies.

This entire Ukraine fiasco was blown up by Trump releasing the transcript of his call. The Democrats never saw that coming. Had they not been in a blind rage to get Trump on anything after the Mueller dud, they would have seen that any phone call with a head of state would have had multiple listeners on our side, would have had lawyers clear what would be discussed, and would have given Trump the ability to say “lawyers cleared this” and put their hides on the line. No one launches a conspiracy with thirty people listening in.

The call transcript release is akin to Wikileaks document dumps, which the system still does not get. We saw for ourselves that there was nothing there just like we saw how the State Department sausage was made by Clinton and anyone who had the ability to send her an email. Podesta, Blumenthal and other professors who claimed to have 1500 agents in Iran were all able to persuade the woman who nearly became president that their line of crap was true. It destroyed the mystique of our foreign service, revealing these professionals really are losers. We do not need middle men to explain to us what means what we we read the emails of 110 IQ apparatchiks. The system needs middle men to filter, edit and sell whatever line it needs. The system’s narrative creation process is broken.

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