Our Greatest Ally + Friday Reads 1/31/20

When he eventually passes on, will the world thank Ron Unz for collecting all the erased from history memoirs and books and for pointing out all the special Israeli coincidences that pervade our current regime? His ability to take a rather taboo subject and apply tremendous research and autism to it is commendable. Unz has a new article on Mossad assassinations. Take some time today and read it.

Unz never really breaks new finds but he just wonderfully pieces things together within the framework of how the current regime works. Why do authors get erased? Why do some events get overlooked? Is something really revealing or is it a limited hang-out? Unz always puts events, people and books through those grinders. You will walk away more aware than before, and this applies even to well read conspiracy minded men.

In his most recent post, the event that stuck out for me as a wild revelation was that elements of Mossad entertained assassinating George H.W. Bush in 1991. Unz puts the pieces together between a book’s statement and then whether the Secret Service did take it seriously. We all remember the event dutifully reported that Iraq tried to assassinate Bush I. President Clinton even fired cruise missiles at Iraq for this. Israel got no response.

Of course they get away with it, they are our greatest ally. After all, who else would steal radioactive material from us, spy on us, have their American cousins spy on us and then turn over that material to the Soviets, etc etc? Who else would play that role but our greatest ally? Unz knows why they get away with it, and he carefully brings this all back to the media’s ability to smother, erase, avoid or promote a story. It is one big family, and you are not in it.

Right now the Kochs and Soros have a new institute for foreign policy up that received criticism as anti-semitic. This really is it. This is the card, and they play it always. This is how they define the discourse and allow what voices to be heard. They pick and fund the candidates and whether ultra-Zionist Trump or Zionist Biden (he listens to arch-Zionist Dennis Ross), they will get their way.

We will have an essay soon on how to tackle the Israel issues because going to TPUSA events and mentioning the USS Liberty just plays into their hands. I do think a time is coming to turn the tables. As Israel moves to become a right wing only thing in America, who will Israel turn to? China is not going to fall for this no matter how hard the oped columnists try to meme this partnership. Asians know. The Japanese knew 75 years ago when they called a possible Jewish enclave the Fugu Plan. It was named after the fish that is a delicacy but deadly if not properly handled. Is Russia going to subsidize Israel? Get real. They have plenty of Arab and Persian clients or allies who sit on top of oil and gas and know how stupid it is to trade millions of Muslims for 6 million Jews on land with zero oil. Yes, Israeli money can buy a lot of politicians, but some men cannot be bought. Samson Option or not, at the end of the day, they have no one else to protect them but us… just like many other nations.

On to the links…

Caldwell pierces the wall – It is pretty obvious that the debate space and the space for touching untouchable topics has been among the fringe right for years now. Caldwell seems to have pierced this with his new book. If Rod Dreher can get this worked up, then Caldwell has framed things that would be kind of taboo in a manner that even church ladies can understand.

The ABA catches onto demographic problems – The bankers have caught onto all the demographic issues and family formation issues we have discussed for years. It of course had to touch their wallets for them to show concern, but they have finally turned their eyes towards this problem.

Yes the security state runs things – This is a pretty normie article on the security state and about how are politicians do not run anything. This is important information to spread as our institutions continue to be delegitimized but they also have to be named and identified as holding proper power. Whether Moldbug or Reactionary Future, critics have pointed out how these cowards wield incredible power and unaccountable power but can walk around as unidentified, even deny they have power. Delegitimize, name, shame and replace.

A human-chimp lovechild – It is a real site that a bluecheck account shared. Just read the details buried in the articles, more like woven as they are never-ending for shattering of all just like us and cultural relativism lies. Have a god laugh.

Origins of the coronavirus – This post dives into what might this new outbreak be. It has the science we know at this time. It lays out the odd facts surrounding Wuhan and the lab. It compare what the options are for this specific outbreak.

I did an informal poll of contributors here for global death estimates:

Borzoi – 10,000

Adam Smith – 20,000

Hank Oslo – 50,000

Mencken – 1 million

Henry D – 3 million

Landry – 5 million

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