Impeachment: The Grand Finale

A vote approaches on the President’s acquittal or conviction. It appears to be a smooth sailings acquittal. Trump did step into this with his call. It was an unforced error. With all the legal counsel approving the call, no one on his team assumed small timers like Vindman and Ciamarella would jump to conclusions about this. From different testimony and noted actions, it appears Vindman thought he could frame the president and please his Deep State overlords. He still had a job somehow. His brother does, too. That ties into the grand finale.

Cases were presented. Defenses were made. Then in the 11th hour, what happened? John Bolton’s book manuscript leaked with a supposed page or two in there how President Trump told Bolton he wanted a quid pro quo. WE GOT HIM NOW! WE HAVE HIM NAILED FINALLY! These were sample phrases thrown around by boomer libs and resistance types. Now this does point to the Trump team’s dumb defense of no quid pro quo, and not just saying this is normal politics. Who was the leaker this time of the book manuscript pieces, unverified, that contradicted the Trump team narrative? It was likely Vindman’s twin brother who is the NSC individual in charge of reviewing such book manuscripts in the ethics department (a Jewish lawyer in an ethics department). These brothers need to be fired. In a real dictatorship, not a republic where liberals’ yell it’s a dictatorship, they would be thrown from helicopters.

Bolton though is the weasel in this. This is his op. Vindman and Vindman are products of his staffing of the NSC. This is one final attempt at regime change because he did not get to run a war. Maggie Haberman of the NY Times never saw an actual page of the manuscript but was told what the contents were. Bolton could have easily came out and said nah, but his spokesperson was coy. Bolton then said he would only talk via a subpoena. This was a great way to juice pre-orders for his coming book and join the resistance grift. We have been saying this whole thing felt like the Kavanaugh hearings, and really, it was the same step for step. He was a weasel. He is a weasel.

Is he as much of a weasel as Senator Mitt Romney? What is a 71 year old man running for US Senator as a rookie for? His entire Senate career might end up as a supersized Evan McMuffin role in the Senate to pick at Trump. Ride off into the sunset, Mitt. Instead, we get to see and hear him grandstand in opposition to the evil Trump. Romney had a secret Twitter that is just a reply guy Romney fluffer. Romney, along with Sen. Collins, were the only Republicans who voted for new witnesses. Sen. Collins is in a very blue state as a red senator while Romney is just a ninny.

Life all comes down to choices, and Romney is still smarting from his worst decision. It cost him the presidency. Mitt Romney decided to work and live in Massachusetts to amass a fortune. He did not have to. Had he moved to Michigan or Utah instead, he likely would have won the presidency in 2012. There would have been no need to be as liberal as he posed in the ’90s when he idiotically took on Ted Kennedy for a Senate seat. He would not have had to have posed as squishy as he was in ’02 to become Governor of Massachusetts. He would have been Governor or Senator Romney from Michigan with a business oriented background, a sharp technocrat’s competency and solidly conservative on social issues to fool the rubes.

Would’ve been enough to win in ’12. He would have been the most generic of generic republicans, which is all it would have taken in ’12. Go back and watch the first debate. He actually pulled ahead of Obama in polls. Romney shocked America because after 8 years of Bush, they forgot a republican could sound competent. Romney also played to a Don Draper effect, and immediately, his gap in female voters closed. He couldn’t close the deal though because he wanted to be accepted and did not offer a different enough vision for an America rapidly heading into the Late Obama Era Collapse.

Romney didn’t have that drive though. Like Mormons sucking up to power across the 20th century for acceptance, Romney chose to live and work in Massachusetts. He chose to suck up to progressive power. Trump sucks up to his Zionist donors and Israel, which is pathetic in its own way, but he does stand up in some aspects to the progressive meme machine. Romney never did. Romney is forever seeking the acceptance of the progressives. Becoming a showman at the impeachment stage’s endgame is just the latest example of this habit.

This is the grand finale. Bolton is done. He is an old man and will never get an invite into an administration again. Romney is an aging Boomer only given time on television as a useful idiot to snipe at Trump. Pelosi and Schumer are old timers who will be swept away when the woke crowd fills more roles and eventually wins their first statewide election. Boomers are going to age out, and this may be the last made-for-tv, fake spectacle for them to enjoy. Bills are coming due. Old sins cast long shadows, and God forgives those who seek absolution and show remorse but he does not forget.

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  1. BingoBoingo says:

    The bigger win from the trial fizzling fast is it denies the DNC a torrent trial coverage in the media to cover their shitshow of a primary season. Iowa caucuses are tomorrow.

    Sure Romey and Bolton are more exposed than ever as clowns, but the bigger gift indictment gives Trump and America is the opportunity to investigate the House investigation. The DNC is already changing debate rules to include Bloomberg, which is a strong signal they don’t anticipate Biden’s name surviving past March. Trump’s big challenge isn’t the democratic party challenger. It’s getting a GOP house while not getting baited into war with Iran for the sake of his Israeli friends.

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  2. Earl Shetland says:

    I guess you could say the impeachment was… Trumped up.



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