The War Of Northam Aggression

Submitted by Dixiecrat

Much is being made about the rather aggressive political changes being proposed by the Virginia state government. This is during the legislation session just after the state of Virginia has gone all blue. The policies are a cornucopia of progressive dreams. The crown jewel is, of course, an insane suite of gun control that not even the Yankee state of Connecticut would consider. Gov. Northam hinted at door to door seizures and an exciting time. What we have here is the beginning of the War of Northam Aggression.

The celebrations over Virginia seeing all pieces of the government flip blue was a curious celebration since this was the case in Virginia as recently as 1993. Flipped progressive is the more appropriate description. Like my moniker, Virginia was part of the Solid South and dutifully voted Democrat for ages because the Democrats were the white party. Dixiecrats were socially conservative yet part of the Democrats’ national coalition. It was the party that controlled patronage and those who wielded power were white in the South. These leaders did not see the writing on the wall as the Democrats used them for victories throughout the 20th century but slowly and then quickly destroyed whatever local sovereignty they had. Men like Sen. Shelby from Alabama caught on fast and switched parties, but others took their time. There is a reason Foghorn Leghorn had a myriad of jokes describing dullards; he was surrounded by them.

This flip to progressive was carried out by immigration. This is undeniable. The left even admits it in the New York Times. Opinions did not change, the progressives just stuffed in enough new Americans. This was possible via the massive expansion of the federal government since George W. Bush put the government budget on steroids. Anti-terrorism programs need translators and other workers, and who better to staff our national security state and homeland security than native speakers of these languages. Yes dear reader, there are Muslims who handle security clearances for DHS. They live in apartment buildings in Alexandria, Virginia, and their family chain migrates over to become paper citizens who can vote. Right now, the most effective posting you savvy gentlemen should engage in is to infiltrate gun boards and make it abundantly clear how Virginia’s new laws are downstream of immigration. It would behoove you to explain the nationalist talking points that play well and leave the snappy lingo for your normal anon life on Twitter.

This is not the whole voter story. These immigrants definitely flipped razor thing districts, but it is not hard to see something happened in Virginia with white voters. The 2004 exit polls show whites being 72% of voters. Bush won whites 68-32%. In 2016, whites were 67% of the electorate but Trump only won 59-35%. Trump lost 49.7% to 44.3%. The lower white share hurt but so did a 9% drop in total white support. I am more a man of letters but some simple arithmetic would give Trump 45% of the vote if he received the same white share that Bush did even at a lower percent of the total electorate, and an easy pick up of Virginia’s electoral votes. I have seen exit polls for 2018 show that the electorate was 68% white. The type of white within the state has changed. The boom in the federal government has made a lot of government employees wealthy. It has drawn a lot of lawyers to make money and connections as part of the Swamp. The Democrats have made inroads in the upper middle class, and nowhere is it more evident than here in Virginia.

This is only part of the story. The other part lies in the hearts of Democrats like Sen. Mark Warner who was a creature made by the Democratic Leadership Council. I did not attend, but I know people who attended campaign fundraisers for Warner when he was running for governor in Virginia. They told me stories of rooms of Republican donors clapping and smiling at Warner’s pro-business lines and writing checks to install him. What was the reason? He would push through all the business friendly legislation and regulatory attitudes that they wanted but knew would spark outcry from the liberal media if proposed by a Republican. Gov. Northam himself is a similar creature, as he nearly switched parties a decade ago, but for some odd reason he resisted the GOP’s enticement. I can only imagine why.

These men though only represent a broader mood in Virginia. Virginia is not part of the Deep South, but it is the Old Dominion. With a rich history, it rivals with Plymouth for the original American story of settling this land. There are always Virginians who want to reject this history. Stephen Colbert isn’t the only one hiding his Southern accent. It is a proud Southern state, but buried in conversations going back before these two men’s rise is the phrase “The New South“. After the Civil War, we were a new South full of promise and exhibiting modern behavior. After Civil Rights, there was a new New South. We were going to be friendlier and not backwards anymore. We had air conditioning. Virginia was the front-lines for this fight. If a Yankee came to visit and it was a joyous night, some adult who make a self-deprecating joke that the Mason Dixon line now is between Virginia and North Carolina. These folks were puckering up to the new world.

This is important because men like Gov. Northam aren’t worth a horse’s petute. Every word out of his mouth is bunkum. The man tried to shrug off either wearing blackface or klans robes in an old yearbook with ‘it wasn’t me’. During his campaign, he said he was surprised to learn his family once owned slaves. This is the kind of line only a Yankee would buy. Anyone down south who had a family wealthy enough to own slaves definitely would have remembered the antebellum days of genteel life. This is the same as Northam denying he said babies could be left to die despite saying it on camera. He is a sham.

They all are. These phonies though, in their emptiness, reveal what this aggressive campaign in 2020 is all about. Check out all the legislation. They are running the table hoping to get a buffet of change to prove their progressive bona fides. This is because Virginia has a huge population of redneck rubes to punish compared to California 2020. There is a lot of meat to be chopped off the bone in Virginia. Plenty of targets to humiliate. Everyone knows where the gun crime is in Virginia, but that is not going to stop Northam from potentially sparking Civil War II over redneck rifles.

There is a deeper anxiety though by these newly minted blue leaders. I have seen Second City Bureaucrat refer to minority figures as ethnonarcissists only seeing things through their own specific race or ethnic angle. He has stated how the lightest skin blacks are often the most virulent anti-whites. I grew up marveling at Bryant Gumbel scoffing at the blackness of far darker athletes, and knew then that it was an act to make sure blacks accepted Gumbel. Same goes here. Warner and Northam types are pushing further to the left to prove their progressive purity because it is a lot harder to sell the current Democratic party that you are a good soldier when they got pictures of you in klansrobes.

I caution these leaders though. I remember in 2013 when Ken Cuccinelli lost with near zero national GOP support to McAuliffe for governor. The GOP in Virginia was hounded by scandal due to the prior governor, and Tom Steyer poured millions into the McAuliffe campaign to get green policies enacted. Cuccinelli lost with far lower white voter support than Bush ever had. In 2014, Warner won re-election to the Senate by less than 1% in a race that the national GOP did not support in what was nearly a miracle upset. Whites were 70% of the electorate and Gillespie won 60%.

The progressive flip is more delicate now, and the last thing to do is to stoke the flames of the rednecks. California and New York pick and choose the ways they grind their provincials into powder. These progressives should remember their history. In 2008, Obama carried Virginia by 6%. In 2009 even before there was a Tea Party reaction, a republican became Virginia’s governor. Bob McDonnell won the governor’s seat by 17% even with the popular Obama campaigning for the Democrat. McDonnell won 67% of the white vote, much closer to Bush than any of the other Republicans I have listed. McDonnell later fought corruption charges, which in retrospect look more like a media op to hurt the GOP in the state. It worked, but that is a story for another day.

The number that should be a cause for pause should be this last one. In that 2009 gubernatorial election, whites made up 78% of the electorate. With a 78% white electorate, a Republican could win 60% and walk away with whatever prize he sought. Gov. Northam and company show no sign in slowing down. We all saw the set up in Richmond for what the left hoped would be a shootout and new viral videos of a violent rally of evil white nationalists with guns. It was not a thousand men that showed up but tens of thousands. Similar to the threat of thousands of armed men, the threat of those thousands of gun-owners showing up in November should be enough to make any politician understand what shall not be infringed.

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