A Special NGO Report From Iowa

The American Sun Center found that Iowa’s voters participated in a transparent and relatively peaceful presidential caucus election on Feb. 4th, 2020. Preliminary reports of the election, which was contested by many competitors, indicate that the administration of this election was poorly executed, illustrating the dysfunctional organization of the Electoral Commission and the friction in the Democratic party in its quest for party control and consolidation. As vote aggregation continues, it is now essential for Iowa to remain calm, to await the final results, and to follow appropriate legal channels for the adjudication of disputes. The provision of a timely response to election disputes both at the polling station and higher levels may ultimately determine issues of franchise and public confidence in the democratic process; therefore, the Center urges the Electoral Commission to continue their commendable administration of the electoral process throughout the dispute period and transfer of power. The American Sun Center will continue to observe the statewide tabulation until complete and, when appropriate, comment further on the electoral process.

  • The American Sun Center deployed observers from all sectors of right wing twitter and even some non-establishment left-wing accounts. Observers deployed to multiple timelines and feeds in all Iowa’s hashtags and observed all “bluecheck” partisans of all candidates within the Democratic field.
  • Most polling places observed were adequately equipped with election materials and opened on time and were incident free with the exception of one broken wine bottle from a Warren partisan.
  • Extensive campaigning, primarily at the grassroots level, was conducted by both parties since the end of America’s midterm elections.
  • The campaigns also engaged in widespread door-to-door voter education efforts. In combination with the Electoral Commission’s retraining of polling officials, these efforts appear to have resulted in a substantial increase in confusion and miscounted ballots.
  • Civil society actively engaged in the electoral process. The DNC of Iowa—which includes representatives of the major Iowan religious, economic, and political interests—held discussions on woke issues. The Coalition of Election Legitimization Apparatchiks (CNN, MSNBC, Fox, Disney) deployed domestic observers on election day. Additionally, these organizations conducted a parallel exit poll system which the American Sun Center deems unreliable.
  • Security forces played a positive role in the election and The American Sun Center noted no major instances of intimidation except for one Biden partisan who asked if the Bernie supporter had identification.
  • Transparency is a hallmark of election-day activities but failed spectacularly in Iowa. Throughout the state, significant errors occurred in polling stations observed by The American Sun Center in both voting and vote counting processes; party agents of all candidates were present and were allowed a high degree of access and public observation.
  • The counting process was generally peaceful due to new technology but contained many irregularities that compromise the integrity of the process. There was an app developed by employees of the prior Iowa caucus winner, but they received money from foreign elements and had ties to the self-declared winner of Maltese descent with shadowy connections to the security state. Counting is still ongoing and is inaccurate with multiple revisions to numbers.
  • Iowa’s special-voting day, held Feb. 4th, 2020, was marked by reports of polling officials indiscriminately accepting voters not registered for special voting. These voters names were allegedly not vetted from the election-day voters’ register as having already voted, leading to fears of possible derogation from the principle of equal suffrage and a strict dis-allowance of multiple voting. Observers noticed voters from Bhutan, which calls into question there status as proper Iowans.
  • While Iowa has experienced significant issues with electoral dispute adjudication during past electoral process, the Iowan Supreme Court has worked to establish a program to speed the adjudication of disputes and uphold their commitment to provide timely and efficient electoral dispute resolution. The Court recently published a manual explaining how to access the courts and has endorsed alternative dispute resolution practices as a means to further expedite electoral dispute resolution.
  • Iowa itself still struggles with the legacy of colonialism. Observers noticed the number of French colonial names like Des Moines and Dubuque.

To the people of Iowa: The American Sun Center commends the enthusiasm and determination of Iowa’s people to continue democratic consolidation through active participation in an electoral process marked by its inclusiveness and transparency. The active participation of the Iowan people in civil society organizations illustrates a strong commitment to peace and accountable democracy.

To the political contestants of Iowa: The American Sun Center notes the statesmanship and dedication of political leaders to a peacefully conducted campaign period during a hotly contested electoral process. It recognizes the commitment of both contestants to a campaign marked by respect for the fundamental political rights of freedom of expression, assembly, and participation in public affairs.

To the Election Commission: The American Sun Center offers its congratulations on the Commission’s impressive ability to conduct its work impartially and effectively. The Center recognizes the Commission’s crucial role in Iowa’s electoral process.

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