Race To Milwaukee: The Bloomberg Buy-in

This week has been the week of Michael Bloomberg. His money has shifted things so that few are talking about the NH primary results, and many are talking about him. Bloomberg is executing the Rudy Giuliani plan of 2008, except with over 300 million spent before Super Tuesday. Bloomberg still has challenges as it looks everyone is staying in except one for Super Tuesday, plus moving Texas and California up hurts him by adding challengers to the ballot by its early status now.

Bloomberg would be the point where our system becomes too real. If you believed in ZOG, it is Christmas with every news announcement. We would have a Jewish billionaire buy the presidency and in the process buy off every single ‘low’ of the left wing coalition to look beyond his flaws that they now shriek about as Trump aberrations. Bloomberg is a rejection of their woke trajectory as well. They will all fall into line thought because they are whores. It takes the Woke Capital strategy and applies it to a campaign.

Bernard Sanders – Front-runner – Bernie won in NH, but under-performed. Nevada lies ahead, which has some Pete Campaign people now magically in positions of power in Nevada. We will see how he does in Nevada and more importantly, South Carolina.

Pete Buttigieg – Stock Up – Mayor Pete repeated in NH to show Iowa was not a fluke. This has sucked in donors, which will keep him in the race longer. He also is now seeing hit pieces, which he deserves.

Michael Bloomberg – Stock Up – See above. I add here that Bloomberg saw his odds rise on Predict It and heard his name get dropped left and right on television, despite not being involved in any NH primary events. Sam Donaldson, which shocked America by being alive still, came out to endorse him this week. He is buying everything and everyone he can just as he did when mayor of NYC to quell resistance to his rule.

Amy Klobuchar – Stock Way Up – Klobuchar made a fantastic surge in NH, destroying Liz Warren’s chances. She now is in prime position for the VP slot if a man wins or a cabinet position if she desires. She also lays the groundwork for a run in ’24/’28. She has no real infrastructure though, so we will see how long she lasts.

Elizabeth Warren – Dead Woman Walking – Warren raised more money and says she is staying in, but placed horribly in NH. Warren has seen her entire stock as a political figure decline, not just as a presidential contender. Is she such an AWFL that she will stay in the race out of spite? Yes. She has a decent poll number going into Nevada as she is jockeying for 2nd with Biden. She needs those to justify staying in and any viability as a non-Bernie choice at the convention. Her entire play now is as a compromise candidate in a brokered convention, and that is threading a needle.

Joe Biden – Stock threatened with de-listing – Biden performed so poorly in NH that he allowed the center to pivot to fluffing for Bloomberg. All of Bloomberg’s rise is eating up Biden’s fleeing support. There were calls for him to drop out. Do not count him out though. Biden left NH early to start in SC. We will see if his black base comes through, but things look awful for him as Nevada polls have him in 2nd/3rd in NV and double digits behind Bernie. Biden did a dinner with big money donors to try to keep them from exiting. No matter what happens in SC, he likely stays on the ballot for Super Tuesday, which plays into Bernie’s hands. The longer everyone else stays in, the more it divides the votes between the supposed centrists.

How is anyone a centrist in this field? They all want to give illegals health care, they all want to take your guns, they all are woke. Centrist must be defined as “ten years ago, they held positions we would call centrist now”.

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