Different Models for Different People

Different forms of government work for different groups of people. It is a rebellious sentence to type to the universalist. They seek to always push their way of governance on you. This way of organizing society is just a way for them to more effectively control, subvert and dominate you. It is about sovereignty. We can see this right now as different nations react to a pandemic. Some nations button up fast and others do not move at all. Consider the odd reaction to President Trump’s quick China travel ban. This hints at who has aligned elites running their nations and who lives under a transnational occupation force.

It is hard not to admire how the nation of Singapore has responded to the coronavirus. They have stalled the growth of cases with full transparency and strong contact tracing work. Singapore is thrown around on the right as an awesome government due to its efficient administration of a multicultural society and economic growth. It is also a massive IQ shredder. What future does one’s progeny have in Singapore? Does one even have kids? I checked fertility rates. No. What is missing there? Singapore does a lot right, but in that familial regard they fail.

We would be looking for a nation that defends its peoples interests, provides a high standard of living with focus on innovation economically, caters to its national identity, and promotes a good feeling of togetherness, social cohesion and asabiyyah. Isn’t that Israel? Forget all the terrible meddling in American foreign policy for one moment and focus on their domestic policies. They have a nice economy with innovation and a high skill focus. There are statist economic policies with a focus on their “nation” or tribe being the beneficiary as they envision it. They have a strict immigration policy, high focus on security, and they have conscription for young adults. As a true nation looking out for its citizens, they quickly have closed their borders with this coronavirus outbreak. Their natalist policies have boosted Jewish tfr to 2.98. Barring nuclear annihilation (won’t happen), Israel should be around for a while… as soon as they find new patrons.

Israel’s problem is that famous neurosis or paranoia that pushes them to take everything to the nth degree. The puppet work with American foreign policy is pretty terrible. The second presidential debate in 2012 was so Israeli focused that Tawainese animators mocked the hell out of us. Trump might as well be Adelson’s goombah, not the president of the United States of America. It is a sick system for sale that the US allows, and it is rather troublesome that Israeli interests feel so relaxed to be so brazen and open about their purchases of politicians. This is bad optics, and so are some other geopolitical moves they do. A quieter Israeli geopolitical maneuvering method would benefit them.

These are just some pinpoint examples, because one could look at what Putin’s regime in Russia is attempting or China and applaud. Russia closed their borders pretty quickly with China. China after a slow start and fumbling the initial couple of months of action, locked down their nation and appears to have stalled the virus in several major cities. We see these actions as nearly impossible or unimaginable in the democracies. In fact, we will let our precious celebration of minority rights and some piece of paper saying X get in the way of fighting what may or may not be a temporary trip into an apocalypse film.

This flows through to how they govern. Russia has lowered their Gini coeficient and boosted birth rates. When Putin retires, his greatest achievement will be turning around Russia’s Deaths of Despair peak into Russia’s much improved 2020. Their elites do not hate them. Russia went after the Russian who was a handmaiden to American looting of post-USSR Russia, which the NY Times laments but actual Russians cheer. Being a bulwark against the American progressive force is an identity they are rallying around. China actually cracked down on some kleptocrats. Xi’s anti-corruption drive worked to his favor but also met a demand from the masses. Can you imagine an America that properly dealt with all of the white collar criminals from the 2000s bubble? There would be 1 million trying to emigrate and 4 million others in jail. 

I am one of the many who hope for an American break up. Partly to do away with progressive control and partly to see my tribe reign and rule over its territory and control its destiny. Not to be left alone. To rule and live to our full potentials as we see fit, not as the Acela crowd wishes. Part of it is being a member of an identity group that may possibly find a leadership that connects with it, can represent its interests and share in its desires. Should not we all live under leadership that does not hate our existence? Is that too much to ask for? Stop strip mining me and my peers for tax revenue and let us live to our traditions and create new ones, not those dreamed up at Harvard.

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