The Democrat’s Racial Fissure + Friday Reads 2/28/20

Observers in our sphere often note the jenga tower coalition on the left. It needs the anti-white target to stay on point, which Steve Sailer often calls KKKrazy glue. California and Washington state have shown possible divides with Asians allying with bad whites to reject affirmative action. There is a new fissure opening for anyone who can see election results and read polls. The far white left is allying with the Hispanic blocs against the Acela crowd and their black voting blocs.

Bernie is running away with Hispanics. Biden and Bloomberg are fighting over blacks. Pundits should all be talking about Bloomberg’s colossal mistake in not being on the South Carolina ballot and not taking his time in the debates to destroy Biden. Had he gone after Biden as a senile has been with no accomplishments, he likely would’ve swallowed all of Biden’s SC votes and set himself up to sweep through Super Tuesday. Right now many Super Tuesday states lean Bernie (California and Texas his big ones) with Florida as a big Biden prize with Bloomberg chipping at all of Biden’s votes in Southern states.

Every survey and every statistic in America is just another way to filter race. What did the above paragraph reveal? Bernie has his Sandernistas and Hispanics while Biden has establishment and supposed moderate white liberals and blacks. Bloomberg is making a play at all of Biden’s markets and any potential crossover or independent voters if open primaries are there. These are the coalitions. It’s all race. For a moment, let’s laugh at moderate Democrat whites who support gun confiscation, open borders, and hormone blockers for children. Those are the moderates.

This is just high and low coalitions forming. Bernie does have pundit and some institutional support. This is not Trump 2016, where he had virtually no one to staff anything. Bernie has some competent operators and a new low in the way of Hispanic voting blocs. This is the future for the Democrats, and he has snatched it first for them. This might explain his pivot from anti-immigration to totally wide open borders. The other high-low of the establishment and blacks was in fact the upstart coalition a generation ago in the ’70s that destroyed the old Democrat coalition of the eggheads-unions-Southerners. Southerners were the swing in America then.

This is real and now. Super Tuesday could end with Bernie holding lots of delegates and a very diverse map of wins with a couple big ones, while Biden is sitting there with South Carolina and Southern states (split along with Bloomberg and Bernie). Fred is a believer in Biden being able to comeback, but what is the argument to the national Democrat coalition and even independents to hand Biden the nomination? It is because Southern blacks, in states he will not win in November, gave him wins. This is the faulty logic that gave Kerry the nomination in ’04 before the party could jump in and stop the madness spawned by one Howard Dean scream.

This is fun to watch. The friction should provide sparks as candidates carry on into March. Already on television, pundits are being removed, pundits bark at one another, and quite a bit of mud gets thrown. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Now for the links…

Rod Dreher Gets Close – Dreher is almost there. He discusses going to a campus and seeing the persecution from the left there. He discusses a neoreactionary student at Bucknell that stuck with him for his arguments. Dreher is caught in the trap of seeing reality, glimpse by glimpse, and his little ninny instincts are to recoil and suck his thumb. The time will come though to stop and become the man who would live out the Benedict Option, not just write about it.

Poland Messes It Up – Poland is taking in economic migrants, repeating the mistakes of Germany from a generation ago. This is dumb and a betrayal of the populist idea of Poland for the Poles.

The leap into the trans unknown – Essay on just how insane the puberty blocker pushers are. This has so much downside. It is why we at the Sun support US stats trying to pass laws to stop this madness. Alabama is the newest one. Support these legislators and make the calls to stop the predatory trans activists.

Russia Wants to Modernize Again – Anatoly Karlin covers Russia’s latest drive to modernize. Putin has done great work in turning the Russian ship since ’99. This would be a nice finish to his reign with a massive infrastructure program to set up Russia for the future.

Trump purging deep staters – A memo leaked of a list of bureaucrats that Trump is going to clean out. Of course it leaked out, which means it will likely not happen. First off, who made the list? Why these specific people? What if this is petty disagreement stuff from the voices in his ear? Wake me when the desks get cleaned out.

Zero HP on The Good Place – Zero HP reviewed a network poz show and covers how it repeats the narrative. He takes it in a different direction, so it is not just the standard “their narratives are so obvious”. The left can’t meme but doesn’t need to since they control every mainstream organ and all their memes are accepted as default.

Navarro Wants Manufacturing Back – Trump has been quiet during the Chinese shutdown about re-locating supply chains, but Peter Navarro is not being quiet. He is the proxy voice to push this in public. Let us do it. Whether we move things home, to Southeast Asia, Latin America or anywhere else outside of China. This is about national security.

Diary of a Bloomberg Staffer – This is a funny read.

Adelson Spied on Assange – This is an interesting read about who is likely to have been the real operatives spying on Assange when he was sheltered in the Ecuadorian embassy. The lengths that they went to record audio just to know what Assange was saying to his lawyer is ridiculous.

Gay on Gay Hate – Masha Gollum goes after Pete Buttigieg for not being queer enough. This is the same woman that said gay marriage is not about marrying but about what they will do with marriage once they get it (destroy it). She is a wretched human, but her final line is pretty good tapping into the phoniness of Mayor Pete, “He is an old politician in a young man’s body, a straight politician in a gay man’s body“.

Jezebel on Miss America – There is something meta about the decline of Miss America. Jezebel telling the story enhances it.

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    Poland, Trans needs subscriptions to read. Russian article pod cast are interesting (as far as I got).


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