Race To Milwaukee: It’s Over, Bernie Bros

With the race now shifting to big Tuesdays, we had to move this weekly update to the middle of the week. The DNC flexed its muscle. Super Tuesday came and went and Joementum was made real. Ol’ Joe Biden won South Carolina by a staggering amount. What followed was a demonstration in the inner party working its procedures to destroy an upstart network. Sorry Bernie Bros, it is over.

Let us begin with South Carolina. Polling had shown Bernie to be closing the gap on Biden in SC. With a renewed focus on using a fake Southern accent and praising black women when not screwing up his lines, Biden won SC handily. Was this his genius and savvy? No. This was the DNC pulling out all the stops. Biden overwhelmingly was the man chosen on black rural absentee ballots. Blacks >wink wink< mailed in their ballots >stop laughing< to vote for Biden. This helped sell a narrative. The strategy worked! See the strategy of waiting on SC worked!

It was not the strategy. As late as January, Team Biden said they would win Iowa and contest New Hampshire strongly. This was revised downward as reality set in that he was not connecting with people, he is senile, and the caucus makes Iowa harder to rig with multiple candidates (same with Nevada) and NH has no blacks to stuff the boxes with their pre-filled ballots. Yes, it is Tammany Hall in every metro and black area.

With this victory, the rest of the DNC machine went into motion. Pete Buttigieg pulling out of campaigning due to an illness was a con, as he had no shot in SC, and now we know, he was dropping out. The DNC got Mayor Pete and Sen. Klobuchar to drop out and endorse Biden in all important Texas race. WHo didn’t drop out? Liz Warren. She had her role to siphon off Bernie progressive votes. The media played up the SC win as campaign shaking as the super black electorate really represented America, not Iowa or NH or Nevada, no, it was South Carolina, one of the deepest red states in America. The outcome was amazing. Super Tuesday saw Biden flip the script on Bernie and win states no one had him close on in any polls. This was the DNC defeating an outsider because it is the inner party, and has to maintain a firm grip. The GOP could not do it to Trump in ’16 because they are a controlled opposition meant to extract money via policy. They lack the discipline and control of the left.

We were not blind to this. We even told you this was possible ten days ago. The Biden Comeback happened, and faster and stronger because the two drop outs and Warren staying in. This was a team effort. Mayor Bloomberg is now out of the game, so there is no one left to split the non-Bernie vote. It is over.

Cenk and the Young Turks may think it is not, and mathematically, it is not, but this is not 2016. Because of proportional allocation, Bernie can keep going and take a chunk of delegates, but Biden can hit the minimum easier than Bernie. Bernie has to hope Biden strokes out onstage. Black votes would still say Biden but no one else. It is not 2016 though. Biden is a senile old man, but he is not Clinton. The anti-Clinton vote is gone. The other problem is Bernie’s hope for the youth vote to materialize did not happen. The Democrats are exceeding their 2016 vote totals in many states, but not their 2008 totals. Bernie 2020 is not energizing new voters to appear. Bernie also went broke, and by going woke, the campaign will go broke.

In January of 2017, he made a critical error. He has spent the last four years being just another Democrat, pushing the same lines and spouting the same nonsense. He embraced identity politics and the repulsive Squad. He pushed the Russiagate scandal only to see a tiny Russia rumor pushed on him. He did not offer up an alternative to not just Trump but to stale DNC establishment ways.

He also did not fundraise to elect others to office. When Senators Durbin and Schumer had their tussle to be Senate Majority leader, what do you think settled it? Was it their intelligence and rhetoric? No. It was the bundling and fundraising they did to elect others to the Senate over the years. Bernie did not use his time and attention to pick winners in primaries to be able to call upon like these cheesy endorsements that Biden could rely on. He also did not pick a successor. With his network and infrastructure, he could have found one. It might have been the better way to go. Few could resist a mystical surfer babe.

It is over Bernie Bros so what will they do? Transforming state government legislation to enact a lot of their economic policies is easier than winning the presidency, especially with the academic and policy pool they have. They could evaluate the system and realize the coincidences of why they lost in back to back elections and uhhh, don the skull mask. They could reflect on this, and toss in their lot with the other side as it pivots a bit leftward economically. Maybe they will riot in Milwaukee as they have been threatening to do for weeks now if they lost. Nah, they will likely pack it in, maybe vote in November, and likely just cry about it as they listen to Chapo podcasts.

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  1. Comrade Commissar Sanders says:

    I was extremely sympathetic to the Bernie Bros because they went a long way in making AWFLs angry, and as my entire social sphere is comprised of AWFLs in waiting, advocating for Bernie was a great way at socially shiving those harpies without having them call my HR department. I guess it was a bid of Stockholm Syndrome, but I did really find some of the same spark of fun that I had posting with the Bernie Bros that I had posting with the MAGApedes during 2016 and it was fairly sad to see how much this entire 2 year long race had been flipped on its head in the span of 5 days as the door for something or anything other than the status quo was slammed shut. It really does suck seeing how sturdy the system really is to anyone who can’t be coopted, but then you remember how such a ruthless political party like the DNC is casting their lot to an obviously senile man with a crackhead son, and you can’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it all.


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