Race to Milwaukee: DNC Victorious

It is almost over. Propped up by the establishment, Biden appears victorious. We had warned this was possible weeks ago when he was riding high. The DNC forced its will on the base, exhibiting far greater strength than the GOP four years ago. They are a stronger sovereign of their party, which flows from being the inner party that rules our empire.

The more interesting things are the consequences. Consider the idea of Stacey Abrams. Perfect figurehead for longhouse politics, which shows it is all fake as the real powers work behind the scenes. Why though? The DNC looked at their 2016 run and assumed boosting black female voting would mean victory. This is true in some regard as black women are the most D constituency but they already outvote their demographic share of the population. This is the play though from the DNC post-mortem.

Blacks take umbrage at being called part of the establishment. No they won’t evaluate the truth of the statement because their group story focuses so much on being an outsider, always being an other and forever being oppressed. They won’t admit they are the vote helots in our neo-feudal arrangement. They rage against the system that keeps them fed and alive but their imaginary votes provide the legitimacy in our democratic system. American schools in future quarantine zones are not closing because who would feed and care for the urban youths?

What will the Sandernistas do? If the Bernie crowd were serious about wanting to get results, there are options at the state and municipal level. If they want to push at the national level, the best thing to do is become the swing. If the DNC is contemplating something as dumb as nominating Stacey Abrams to the vice presidency, it is because blacks not voting at Obama election levels freaked them out. There are ways to mimic this.

A way is the Tucker-Tracey Synthesis. Strike the grand bargain of SS protection, Single Payer and an Immigration Moratorium. Corona might not change the world as Moldbug expects but it is a huge batch of ammunition for some govt health plan. At the rate of rising American anger at soaring medical premiums for crappier insurance, this could be sold to right wing voters. A smart but unlikely combination would be govt insurance combined with massive de-regulations to create competition so things like epi-pens don’t skyrocket in price due to FDA barriers to entry. Maybe insulin production can increase, and the price does not have to skyrocket. The cartels and monopolies will have to be sandpapered.

Another way to catch the DNC’s attention is vote Green Party just enough to cost the Democrats swing states. It would not be hard to do, and if the Chapo crew wanted to flex their muscle, shifting hundreds of thousands of votes would be a great move. This would be the 2016 Johnson/McMullin move on the left. Analysis did show those candidates cost Trump Minnesota of all states, and likely NH.

Likeliest of all though is they just do not vote in November. It is the easiest act to do without betraying the cause. It would also matter in the tight races looming. The other bit that makes it easy without revealing your Bernie Loss anger is proclaiming Biden is too senile, and you’d rather have a 2 term Trump to beat up on in ‘24 with more favorable demographics.

Bernie could turn it around, but is he really going to fight Biden on Sunday? Is he going to ask Biden what day it is, what month, what year? Unlikely. Even if he does, anyone think the black vote banks are switching their votes? They are not ideological and not real. Bernie should stay in because even if he cannot win, he keeps the fire going to the convention and who knows what Biden’s brain capacity will be come then.

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