The Leviathan and the Ever-Increasing Spiritual Body Which Will Slay the Beast

Submitted by Jim Sinclair

In this era, what marks two people as being different from one another does not have so much do to with the physical manifestation of what the person looks (ie. their culture and/or ethnicity). This difference between persons lies more in how that person conducts themselves on a day to day basis (ie. metaphysics) . Many anthropologists do not want to admit the truth. There is not much left of human diverse culture on this planet as English industrialization has spread far and wide across the globe, invoking many cultures to suicide their identities in an effort to appease their psychological stress of dying out to the great machine.

The ironic thing about this supposed progression is that it has led to a continual thinning out of genetic material, all the while irrationally extrapolating propaganda about a fantastical end point which would eventually result in the creation of a diverse and sustainable population of people, basing their definition of diversity here not upon functionality but purely based on the number of particularities. It has become a butcher’s market for human flesh, of which is now being sold pound by pound without any other defining qualities other than weight. This situation can only be looked at as a degradation of the human spirit in form, a pitiful cry for help to God by sickened humans that need some sign to fall from the heavens and shake them at their core. Although this will never happen, especially not for this rat maze of a civilization that has been generated by those who reign power by its collar. The beauty of this world must be accepted inside the hearts of mankind first, for it has no duty to serve any human who cannot naturally love regardless the state of his country or country kin.

But who is discussing this issue? Not the universities nor colleges, who need to believe in ideologies as opposed to the pursuit of knowledge in an effort to appease their greed and decay. They cannot accept that ideologies have never once served a purpose for humanity, yet they need them in their empty pursuit of keeping up appearances so that they may garner the attention of perverted money printers who are in desperate need of reanimating their dying culture through carnal stimuli. This is the only energy that can supply their degraded senses, even if only for a half-second. What has the camera done for humanity other than turn humanities gaze back upon themselves as they search for the original line of Adam, the original humans who simply existed, lived, breathed, and struggled without the need to chain themselves against the shameful burden that humanity has accumulated over time. Now they continue to push our spirit under the dirt through the perversity of humankind’s leaders who are always looking upon those who burn with an ever intensifying laser focus, as opposed to those who shine who are kicking out the merchants who try to stay within their temples.

It is inside this self reflecting allegorical world provided by the camera that we can surely witness the ugly goat head that rests itself upon the shoulders of those whose hunger has grown so strong that their desire to gain pleasure has now been diminished to half a second moments, ever fleeting idols which serve nothing other than to make a mockery out of love. It is these moments which then occupy the minds of persons for the rest of their life, it is the laughter they constantly want to laugh out, it is the wasted potential they always want to dispose of, it is there love which they always want to cast out.

But how can we learn to listen in a prison yard, or a jail cell? How can we all share such a thin lace to cover our bodies and still partake in joyful dancing? It is this mental cancer of which the likes we all share these days whether we accept it or not, for whether we look upon those who have grown in the rocks or those who have been eaten by the chicken or those who have grown in a good land, all humans upon this earth will reap what they sew in the life that is to come. If you can only see a small box of which you live within then you must accept that the world has turned into a leviathan, the largest of which we have ever seen as a society and it is our choice as a people to view it as the beast of which it is and strike at it with a spear through its dirty head or we may find ourselves becoming inextricably intertwined within its jaws. Whatever is the course that you take, you will reap what you sew, you will be judged for your actions once all has been said and done.

I am not writing this for any other reason other than to let my other country kin within the Americas know that it is more worth the gold and riches of the world to accept reality than it is to take the opiates distributed after wars, or after great hard-fasting. Once you accept the beast then you can profit from the beast, ultimately killing the beast. To accept means to band together under one cause, the cause of making the machine do as it is told.

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