Weeks + Decades and Friday Reads 3/20/20

There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen,” Lenin.

This was a week where America found out that many of those rules of modern life are useless and fake. No more state restrictions on practicing medicine across state lines. No evictions for a couple months. Broadband is not being capped by AT&T. Yangbux can become Donald Dollars. Fees for tests can be waived. Medical degrees can be awarded during the final year of med school, no worries. Decades happen.

The Chapo left is losing it that Trump is going to the left of the Democrats. How so? He still is doing what Kushner big business wants. The problem is he is doing small things for the people that look like a lot. Pausing evictions for March and April and waiving interest on student loans are things Obama never considered, and this is on every left wing reddit. They see this, and they worry where it is going. All he has to wait for is Bernie to drop out and then he can re-brand Medicare-4-All to PatriotCare. It will be terrible, but Trump knows marketing and how to sell things. I’m not the only one thinking this; check Chapo accounts. They are dreading it. “He is doing socialism and from a nationalist angle!

There is plenty of reason to be skeptical. None of these moves change the underlying structure of the economy and system. It is why I worry that the ghouls of private equity are going to use the $2.5 trillion in cash they have and a near future with ZIRP or negative rates, and use debt to takeover many businesses. They will gut whatever remains of many businesses, turning them into familiar names that are unrecognizable below the branding. That would be a continuation of present trends.

There is a chance this does get more serious as Moldbug warned and the opportunity for large structural changes happens. If we have to close borders and we do have to restructure public life, do we even have to negotiate for immigration reform? It will all become a medical necessity of national security. Current immigrants might want to escape for the exits if their home countries are not hot-spots.

It does not end with immigration. Now that Americans are aware that not all Chinese imports are junk toys and cheap ratchet sets, the masses are primed to go along with a Pentagon plan to bring supply chains back to our shores or safer, more controllable nations. China knows this is coming, and is trying to do their best to prevent it. Sorry, Xi, maybe had you bent a little on the first phase of the trade deal and thrown a declining empire a bone, people might be friendlier. Making all of these products will employ many Americans. These industries can be spread across the myriad of states, and can be located away from metropolitan centers to protect from security threats.

Why would we stop there? Let us get to the heart of betrayal from the managerial class. The banking interests want stocks gamed up for asset inflation and trading gains. An effective way of doing this has been the buy back machine. It has been decades in development. It is also part of the reason executives listen to the consultants that tell them to re-locate manufacturing to China. The stock will jump! Why would this appeal to them? It is because CEO compensation now is tied to stock options and share packages.

If you are a libertarian or an economist and you want to harrumph and say the economy will become stagnant and CEOs will not be aggressive or innovative anymore, leave now. Look at that chart. There are charts even older. The economy was not stagnant in the 20th century. Look at the image below. It does not have to be this way. There are actual processes and procedures that we can change that will have giant effects. We just have to do them. The banker interests must be curtailed. Banking must be shrunk back to its old share of the economy. Once that happens, we can watch other interests within our $20 trillion economy flourish.

Corona is killing globalization – They are scared. Moldbug may be proven right. Even if this is a bump in the road, there is no going back to 2016. The international borg is afraid, and it is writing these articles to get ahead of this so that the system can try to craft a left-wing nationalism, which would seem impossible since it relies on open borders and multikulti nonsense.

Globalists may become extinct – No really, they are scared. Total dead has not hit six figures and they are writing these articles.

Collapsing social order or just globalization’s collapse? – It is hard to believe. They are scared. They worry it is over. This is why they are tossing every rule out to placate people.

The return of statists – Bloomberg sees a much more powerful state coming. Well it is either the garbage neoliberalism but stronger and more corrupt with patronage gigs or Nixonism-Marxism for the win.

Lessons when states fall – The violence peddlers come in and fill the vacuum. Short short read, but something to keep in mind.

Lessons from the Spanish flu – Maybe this all wraps up quickly. Maybe it does not. Maybe a second wave hits harder next winter. This read can give a window into life when the danger of death hangs in the air.

Gaming Romance – Old article from 2016 on romantic gaming in Japan. I’ve been a believer that the upper classes will go through a Japanification, and we can see it already. How different is a game on a woman’s phone centered around romance from how women treat social media, Tinder and Bumble? These are all near fake men who she games into real life appearances.

LaFond on Corona – LaFond brings a grocer’s eye to the current panic and hysteria. His advice on shopping fits what I have seen for comparing smaller markets versus the Cosco/supermarket system.

Sociology of Pandemic – This was an itneresting read on the bridging effect that can cause a disease to spread. As we see the elite catch this, it is something else that we can infer from the essay. Our global Davos class and the rich and famous are overrepresented in acquiring this diease, but they are the class that is the most mobile and forever hob-knobbing with one another in urban areas and high end resorts. Ski resorts have been hot spots for spreads.

BAP Wins, GOP Inc Loses – The generational gap on the right is alive and BAP has the youth. More writers are noticing.

Laugh at the Left – A man writes about quaratining with his girlfriend and her other boyfriend.

Siege Psychosis – Definitely read this one. Definitely keep it in mind as things progress.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Pierce Wenger says:

    Brilliant as always, RL. Miss your podcasts/blog and hope you and family are doing well. Regards from Switzerland.


  2. Liquid Phosphex says:

    While globalization has been stalled for now thanks to Corona, things will go on as usual once a vaccine or the disease burns out in the open, but globalization’s essence is stronger than ever thanks to the increasing use of the Internet and digital communication. I do not believe globalism as it stands will be allowed to die, but it will either be changed to adapt to an increasing hostility to it, or will be kept alive by the powers that be so long as they hold onto their power.


  3. info says:

    Only when full reserve banking reserve is restored and the federal reserve dealt with and a return to the gold standard will our pyramid scheme of usury will be undone.


    1. info says:

      I meant “full reserve banking” in my 1st sentence and the abolition of fractional reserve banking.


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