A premature celebration?

I wonder if any readers of the Sun are familiar with FerFal? FerFal is the handle of an Argentinian blogger who recorded his experiences in Argentina following the 2001 economic crisis. His blogs covered a lot of the craziness that happens when the “Shit Hits The Fan” – they appeared on prepper sites all over and were instructive. Law and order broke down, lives were shaken up, people died. Yet Argentina still stands today. The State hasn’t disappeared, there aren’t Mad Max road adventures. The system absorbed the shock and is reborn. I have normal co-workers who vacationed down there recently. FerFal’s experiences were real and useful, he’s carved out a niche for himself today in the prepping community with books and courses. He survived, Argentina survived.

I recently started reading Ted Kaczynski’s Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How 2nd Edition. I’m barely three chapters in but already Ted’s raising some valuable points that we on the Right of things should be aware of. He spends a good deal of time discussing self propagating systems and how they expand and function. The content of these initial chapters has me seriously questioning some of the more outlandish claims and predictions being made. These predictions are coming from both the Nationalist and Dissident Right. They are also coming from the Cathedral itself. The predictions can broadly be summed up as follows: The era of neo-liberal Globalization is over. It can’t survive COVID19 and the impact this disease will have upon the world.

This claim, when presented by the Nationalist Right, is meant to be optimistic and a sign of order returning. When presented by the Cathedral it is designed to set alarm bells ringing and panic. I fear the Nationalist Right are falling for a trap of their own desires. The Cathedral may not know better and be reflexively kicking out, but they are likely to benefit. Consider what is happening with the markets. The markets are in free-fall, and yet they will survive. The system is as Kaczynski would term a self-prop. Two examples: the system is now seriously under threat in multiple ways and suddenly the system generates a solution. UBI. What was laughable 6 months ago is being proposed by big Cathedral capitalists like Mitt Romney. A self-prop system appears very capable of adapting to ensure its survival.

What about manufacturing? Surely this crisis will bring back manufacturing to the US. We’ll need a wartime footing to build ventilators. We will need clothing manufacturers here to spin up PPE production. Where is that going to come from? According to Statista around 110,000 people are employed in apparel production today here (compared with 5.5 million in China). What about auto-mobile production – perhaps an industry that would be redirected towards ventilators? Less than a million workers in that today, less than 1% of total employment. Trump’s only just declared an act that allows him to direct production. Just where is it going to come from? Let us not be delusional. Even if we were to spin up PPE equipment and ventilators, the temporary production of these is not going to save the United States from a dependency on China. China doesn’t just manufacturer essentials it manufacturers crap. Crap is what drives our economy, the repeated purchasing of Christmas lights and plastic inflatable Halloween lawn decorations. It isn’t just that America can start producing these – the system won’t allow it.

Lastly – let’s look at the travel industry. The airlines will be bailed out. Accept this now and get over your anger. The travel and tourism industry are both self-prop systems themselves. They are critical to the globalized system. Cities like Venice aren’t even real anymore without tourism. Italy will bail out their tourism sector, when this finally passes the airlines will fly once again. It seems highly unlikely there will be a radical change to the tourism industry. Take cruises. They’ve been in the news a lot regarding this virus. Yet people seem to forget the fact these ships regularly have outbreaks of norovirus. A high risk of contracting severe diarrhea and vomiting has not turned away hundreds of thousands of cruise ship tourists in the past 15 years, why would coronavirus?

Understand that the cries of the death of Globalization are likely overstated. The Cathedral will swing into full force about how it was unity and co-operation that got us through this (are we shocked they will lie?). They will pledge to be in even firmer commitment to open borders and diversity. They will chide each other and maybe even do something sensible. The system is a self-prop. Is it really hard to imagine the EU putting together a comprehensive backup supply of PPE after this? Why wouldn’t they, they are being shaken right now and they will have to respond. Like any self-prop they have the means to do that.

Finally let us return to Argentina. Things were bad there, are not perfect still. That is might what await us here. It’s really not that hard to believe – Hurricane Katrina happened. Lawlessness, looting, Government officials trying to confiscate firearms. Life went on. People died, people survived. Increasing your ability to survive the system shock is always a good idea. However many are cheering prematurely over a corpse they believe is fatally wounded or dead. This does not seem to be certain at all. It may take more than a virus to defeat the Globalized order of the world.

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  1. Liquid Phosphex says:

    As I said before in the other article, globalization isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s essence still remains and is likely to remain thanks to the internet. However, it’s more likely that Liberalism will die out first before anything else.


  2. newtoncain says:

    SJW still in full force. Got pp whacked at employment for saying “Chinese virus”. Some pusillanimous got ‘offended’ and emailed HR. Bosses declared it offensive, never mind it has had 4 names in the last 4 months “Chinese, Wuhan, Corona-virus and now COVID19”.


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