Stick To Policy, Avoid The China Cape + Friday Reads 4/3/20

They are tying to distract you with China. China is at fault here. No denying this. China also is not responsible for the policies of the American elite that allowed America to be susceptible to a random virus halfway around the world. The neocons want to make people angry enough at China that they stop pushing for all the policies that populists want that are vindicated by the current crisis. Stick to pushing populist, nationalist policies. Never let a crisis go to waste. As people look around and understand how broken everything is, offer them a coherent alternative.


Open Borders is death. Moratorium now. Borders are shut down anyway, and with the job losses we are seeing, there is no reason to bring any immigrants in. Due to the disease, it is a national security risk to bring in any right now. Had America stricter controls, we would not have been seeded as easily. Our first case was in Washington from a person who returned from China. A closed door for a generation means no first case. Regardless, if only 30,000 or even 3,000 Chinese nationals were students in America instead of 350,000, we would have had a much smaller chance of being seeded with cases that we all know were coming in during January. This applies to any outbreak. Modify the butterfly flaps its wings concept. Does this policy put my family more at risk due to an outbreak 8,000 miles away or does it protect my family? My policy protects my family, your policy increases the risk to my family.


For decades we watched as Wall Street and government policymakers shepherded manufacturing supply chains offshore and not just to Mexico for NAFTA benefits but to China. This was a thirty year process. These jobs need to be brought back to America and if not America, immediate trade partners like Canada and Mexico. This is national security. Lives should never be held hostage to the decisions of potential enemies. China has in one month shown everyone why there would not be a WW3 with America and China as antagonists. Modify the butterfly flaps its wings concept. Does this policy put my family more at risk due to an outbreak 8,000 miles away or does it protect my family? My policy protects my family, your policy increases the risk to my family.

PC + Multikulti Language Policing

The American media has focused on Chinese Virus and Wuhan Virus when far more pressing matters are in people’s minds because language and speech is how they handle every American domestic issue. They control how and what is said inside the Overton Window, manipulate procedures and win. Corona does not care. This language policing is shown what it is in a real crisis: idiotic scolding. The other portion of this is the CDC/FDA/health experts have spent years worrying about the health effects of microaggressions and stigma to the point where this limited our response and altered our messaging. As America could not profile Muslims after 9/11, America could not contact, trace and quarantine every Asian who came into the nation from China in January. Modify the butterfly flaps its wings concept. Does this policy put my family more at risk due to an outbreak 8,000 miles away or does it protect my family? My policy protects my family, your policy increases the risk to my family.

Bureaucratic Procedures and Credentialism

The failure of our expert class with this outbreak from local to national and from bureaucrat to journalist is Chernobyl-esque. Name and shame them. If regulations get waived in a national emergency, why is the regulation in place at all? Why are these individuals the decision makers when it comes to life and death? What is the sense of all those credentials if a swarm of anonymous right wing Twitter accounts can see a crisis coming, analyze the concerns, recommend policies and also do their normal 9-5 jobs on the side? Do these policymakers put my family more at risk due to an outbreak 8,000 miles away or do they protect my family? My amateur policy crew protects my family, your cadre of credentialed fools increases the risk to my family.

Every single item the nationalists have argued since 2015 has been proven more effective as a framework for viewing the world and handling concerns of national import. Hammer this home. The neocons and war party want you to be angry at China and forget their decades of selling out the nation and leaving it vulnerable so they could enjoy asset inflation and cash checks.

It will be far worse for China if we re-locate industry with a true industrialization policy. Other countries will follow in strategic industrial sectors. What do you think happens to China when much if not all of the West relocates some manufacturing? Jobs leave, those GDP targets get tougher to fake and they see an existential crisis. No need to fire a shot or become jingoistic in the service of neocons. Methodically bring manufacturing back and just watch them adjust.

Be a Peter Navarro, not a Sean Davis. Be a Stephen Miller, not a Bill Mitchell.

On to the links…

No Back To Normal – This article says we will never go back to normal. This is only because the fixes to the outbreak are limited by the dominant progressive ideology. We do not do centralized quarantines. We do not do regional lock-downs or travel bans without the army of David Frenchian lawyers there to file lawsuits for muh liberty. Rather than quarantine infected, trace, test and isolate those potentially infected, we would rather shut down the nation. This is in line with the normal open air asylum approach to any issue in America.

Abolish the Family – Soros goons write this every quarter or so. This time abolishing the family is good due to corona. These essays are the product of sick minds.

Roosh says lifestyle is the disease – Roosh is right here. Glad he came to the realization that the PUA life is a mirror image of homosexuality.

Quarantine in Paris – First person explanation for the quarantine life in Paris.

Gottlieb on Coming Back – Gottlieb has consistently been great on this outbreak. Here he maps a road for how we recover and come back from this shock.

Mob Up Now – This essay looks at historical cycles, demographics and the current outbreak. In short, mob up now with competent men.

AOC Turns Neolib – Second City Bureaucrat called this, and others noted it was coming, but the long term goal of the DNC is to get to a point where they are Neoliberalism with a Socialist Face. AOC pretending to be a socialist and turning into a Schumer clone would complete the arc for ’28 or ’32.

Laugh At Cowen – The future of NYC is younger, more immigrants, segregation by infection and enjoy advantages. Read this line, “The net effect will be to make the city less attractive for businesses but more affordable for residents, most of all young people. It will be more like the New York of the 1970s and 1980s, with fear of infection replacing the fear of  crime“. Fret not, the crime will be there too. What will the tax base be if they lose their wealthier residents? Tyler, how the hell is NYC going to be the imperial capitol if it just acts like a favela? Why is housing so expensive? Because it is the finance capitol of the empire, and the rich and old want to live there. If the only people who can or want to live there are the underclass to do dumpy jobs, the entire NYC real estate market will collapse. What goddamn fantasy land does he live in? Why do smart people have to write these nonsensical essays?

Vermuele’s Common Good – Credit to Vermeule for telling the right to abandon the bunker mentality and engage in some activism. Common good is a dangerous one because who defines the common good? Wielding the sword for power means trying to rule, not just play defense. Interesting times.

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