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There was a trend in the questions asked during the Groyper War on the TPUSA crew that involved Israel. It started off as funny with dancing Israeli references, what about the aid Charlie and USS Liberty questions. This quickly fell into a bad pattern of the same questions being asked over and over, which then allowed the TPUSA goons to smartly respond and use the anti-semitic smear. They have caught on, which means tactics for the Israel issue need to change.

Israel is a really useful tool when discussing policy if you avoid the lines that they expect you to use to attack and instead steer discussion towards social policies that will support long-standing conservative or right wing ideas. The USS Liberty was attacked and our nation covered it up. American officials changed the loans it extended to Israel to grants a generation ago. The last time a president even dared to ask Israel to see both sides in land disputes, AIPAC and the Israel lobby flipped a US Senate race by up to 50 full points to send a message to the US president… who then had credible assassination threats sent his way. Presidents get the message with how delicate it is to approach the Israeli issue, so should we the little people.

Agree and amplify when bringing Israel up with Charlie Kirk types, Boomercons or our greatest ally Kool-aid drinkers. State how much you love Israel. How fantastic Israel is organized for the benefit of its people. It creates an environment where people want to live and raise a family. Bring up Israel’s fertility boom. Not just a boom but that they turned around a drop in their fertility rate, and did so in the midst of domestic terror campaigns. Israel does offer incentives for families, but so do many of Europe’s dying nations.

Pivot from here to the fact that Israeli messaging is pro-family. Incentives are not worth anything if the media environment is still anti-family. We need fewer articles on having it all means having no kids and more articles on the alcoholic, childless spinsters filling American cities. All environmental articles encouraging people to not have kids for the environment must end. The media’s well worn lie that a child costs $250,000 to raise must be erased. Hollywood even needs to be included in this. This would involve America adopting a reduction in the messaging of maximizing individual self-actualization and self-expression. It would switch the focus of the American way of life off of the individual and onto the family.

Funding for all of this can start at the state level. States could set up additional credits and incentives for third and fourth children for married couples. States could also fund studies in their state’s university system that are looking for the answers pointing to marriage and child-raising as positives with superior life outcomes. These studies would then get pushed out for media blurbs, which become your headline that women scroll by on their smartphone feeds. This would not be hard to do with one foundation set up, which would not just fund the research but fund the placement of the results in the media outlets. Scoff at this kind of nudging but it did appear to work in Denmark, Georgia saw one patriarch spark a boom by becoming godfather to every family’s fourth child, Hungary has an open campaign about building families and Israel itself mentions that the childless are viewed as selfish.

That is the sentiment that needs to come back. Before AWFLs or SWPLs, there was the ’80s group of DINKs: double income no kids. These were households where both adults worked and they had no kids, so they had a lot of disposable income. In the ’80s, they were a punchline. Now they are elevated as the superior, cooler lifestyle. It must be portrayed as empty hedonism. It is similar to masturbation, which leads to the other useful Israeli policy: banning pornography. If the Israelis can do it, then we can. It is a simple technological feat. Israel even allows people to publicly ask for porn access, which the public notoriety of this will be enough to prevent individuals from asking publicly for it. Porn’s widespread use is only because it went from theaters to VHS to downloading to streaming, making it easier to hide at each step.

How can they argue against it when Israel does it? How can they argue against it when it gets results? If America needs more people, then why oh why is there no domestic solution to this issue? This brings us to the Ann Coulter meme of wanting Israel’s immigration policies. We cannot grow our nation with other people’s children, especially in an age of global terrorism. If we do have to disengage from some areas of foreign adventurism, we should strengthen the home-front with a focus on immigration like Israel; Fortress America.

Bringing up all these points, allows you to wrap yourself up in the Israeli flag to then argue against the Israel loving, libertarian zombies in the GOP on behalf of your people. Colbert made a career out of a caricature of FOX News anchors, which you can do by being a caricature of the Israel loving right winger. Instead of attacking Israel for their misdeeds, which are real and lengthy, do not trigger the well developed antibodies of the Israel funded crowd. Do not give them a chance to label you an anti-semite. Pick and choose their policies, the policies of America’s greatest ally, to use against our domestic enemies.

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  1. Liquid Phosphex says:

    One caveat is that despite the GOP’S love for their greatest ally, the Libertarians still hold onto their First Amendment with sacred reverence and think what Israel does is their own business because they’re an ocean and a half away despite dictating foreign policy for decades. But if given a choice, I can tell you right now most will choose Coomers over Israel.

    The Evangelical hucksters already agree with most of what this article is implying, but aren’t going to budge defending Israel.


  2. NC says:

    It is my observation that most people who follow politics with real zeal rather than with the reptilian realization of the Merchant-Mind that politics is nothing but an exercise in The Lie intended to strip the soul from every true believer on every side of the political question, that those people are miserable. I have friends I love suffering a hell of perpetual perceived injustice—and why, because they were brain-washed in the Lie that civilization is structured for justice when it is structured to facilitate injustice—and their suffering souls are milked from the Left utter and Right utter of the Cow of the Demos by the fiendish hands of the oligarchs who own their minds

    quote from JL


    1. Liquid Phosphex says:

      “If you can’t beat them, join them” comes to mind. Although it’s better to just drop out altogether if you could.


  3. muunyayo says:

    Reblogged this on Muunyayo and commented:
    If virtuous men can begin to speculate, utilizing their mind to gauge a duplicitous, manipulative, angle on every move they make – they can begin to understand the enemy they are up against…


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