Hijacking Outrage at Globalism

The recent covid outbreak has shown the just in time globalist order to be a rickety system built on everything being just perfect. Often missed in modern history analysis is how the post-war world avoided major plagues, major natural disasters and other problems that all prior generations dealt with. The globalist model of copying Nike’s organizational structure was used by seemingly every Western firm to gut their manufacturing bases and return more for the managerial class and shareholders. There was a hint that globalism had inherent design flaws in the mid-‘00s when every commodity rose in price, forcing manufacturing to the breaking point. Chinese labor was always there to save firms. People now realize the risks that are associated with thousands of miles of supply chain management when the 19th century risks return. The time is ripe to change this situation. Right now we see megaphone holders and interest groups trying to guide the desire for any change to the status quo to satisfy their goals.

First and foremost, we have the left trying to manipulate procedural outcomes by any means necessary to inflict pain on the nation and destroy the economy, especially small business. The left loves cartelization and monopolies because it makes shaking them down so much easier. Remember on April 20, 2010 when BP had a drilling accident in the Gulf on the Deepwater Horizon rig? Forgot? It was a horrendous accident that was going to put BP out of business. It would change all of oil drilling in America. Not really. BP still operates. BP paid the governments in the US $18.7 billion. There are blue state governors holding their rural populations hostage because their metropolitan centers are having covid problems. Does upstate New York need to be locked down because the NYC metro area is the American Wuhan? No, but Cuomo is not going to do this. This applies to many states, not just deep blue ones, as Tennessee could clamp down a few metro areas and allow the rural areas to re-open.

The left has spent decades training and indoctrinating the managerial class. They not only hold the same opinions, but they want their side to be right. There has been talk that health insurance firms are contemplating raising the premiums of companies that reopen. This capital enforcing the leftist party line. The firms could look to their contract, and likely see that there is no special pandemic clause in there to cause this, but the very leaking of this threat is trying to nudge the decision makers of many smaller businesses. The average person costs their firm $20,000 in health insurance premium with a weird employer/employee split to the premium total. That is a huge cost for firms where the average person’s salary could be $45,000.

To even threaten this, it is a sign of malfeasance. For most of America, there is little to no risk. Health insurance for employees avoids the elderly, which is the most at risk group in America. These firms know the territory spread, the infection rates, the hospitalization rates, etc. They know the likelihood of working age population individuals being hospitalized is low, therefore not being an additional expense. These insurance firms also know that if these firms go out of business, they lose all of the premium. They would rather have someone pay than lose the customer entirely. This is nothing but intimidation to make people comply. 

The left is not alone because the right has some advocates trying to manipulate the urges of the masses. Many people if not all want to re-locate parts of our supply chain for critical items back to America. We must set aside the autistic manufacturers in America who say they will not raise mask production because aw shucks, people won’t pay more than what China sells them for after this scare is over… completely disregarding that American would pay $5 per mask for a surgical mask at this point. The latest call to arms is to relocate our manufacturing that is in China over to India. Check the donors for these individuals, and you will likely find Indian-American donors and consultants. Modi can be an ally but this just replaces China’s fat tail risks with India’s. It completely defeats the purpose of protecting against foreign exposure. It is not just idiotic to have manufacturing of critical items in what is now an enemy (China) but because of the biological and social problems there that could threaten us. India was non-aligned in the Cold War and has enough problems with nuclear armed Pakistan that we do not want to incur those risks to our supply chains when we can just bring this all back home.

Bring it home we should. It is easy to be skeptical and doubt this will happen. Nothing will change, blah blah, it will pass. Look at headlines. Check out the Democrats ad trying to say Trump was soft on China… despite running Joe Chinese Money Biden and waging a trade war on them for years that the left called unnecessarily antagonistic. The ship of US policy is a mighty ship that is difficult to turn, but it turns when all hands are pulling to starboard. The Pentagon has wanted the pivot to China for a decade. It has had fits and starts. CIA has been running ops now with umbrellas or the Hong Kong democracy protests of this past year. The media has factions within it that are covering for China or throwing mud at them. The NY Times editorial board noted in 2019 after years of Russia-gate pushing that America should try to be friendly with Russia to use against China. The globalists are upset China is not conforming to its wishes so now it wants it contained. More pieces to the system are coming to this conclusion. Public opinion has shifted against China. Rehashing the OPM hack, CIA spy executions and other episodes will only add fuel to the fire.

It is not to sell a war against China. A hot war in Asia would flatten a lot of global manufacturing (China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, etc.). It would also destroy the cheap labor pool that many firms still need. It is to sell the re-locating of many factories. This is not going to be cheap, but there lies the sales pitch. Inflation will come as expenses rise and the FED’s money printing continues, and the financiers demand their same profits as before. The cost push inflation is going to be noticeable and real. What the system needs is for people to not notice capital enjoying its fat returns still as they pay more for manufactured goods. What the system needs is for people to say, “I’m happy paying more so Jim has a job and the evil CCP isn’t getting any of my money”.

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  1. Liquid Phosphex says:

    Still have to look out for people who’s only concern is the bottom line, but that is a no-brainer by now.


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