A Book Is Coming + Friday Reads

When I left in 2017, I had to. I didn’t stop writing. I used a different pseudo for some articles at Social Matter, but ended that when heat rose at work again. What I started immediately after stopping my old work was to write a book. It should be released in June.

One of the most consistent questions I read from readers or listeners was “what do I do, what can I do“. There are a lot of people adrift. There are a lot of people who lift and eat right and think, what comes next. There are many young men who have friends who are lost or do not know basics because of a broken home environment or just living in our broken society. That’s why I knew the title well before finishing it, “Masculinity Amidst Madness”.

How do you build yourself up? How do you find your niche? How much do people limit themselves and what they can be because they not only fail to humble themselves but are poisoned by the never-ending messaging of our upside down society? It was easy to piece together the stories, explanations and put everything together. Every single day and in nearly every single relationship we are a part of, we can see the problems of walking the path of being a weak man versus a strong man.

Look at Adam and Eve. Adam was weak. Eve talked him into eating the forbidden fruit, but Adam could have said no. He could have said, “God forbid the fruit for a reason that he knows. Snake? A snake said eat it? Eve, are you out of your mind? Listen to yourself. You listened to a talking snake rather than God. I gave up a rib for this shit, unbelievable”. Adam was weak, caved to Eve and cursed all of mankind for defying God’s law.

The other step was piecing it together with the idea of expanding beyond yourself. Concentric circles of strength to have a greater effect on the world. The worst thing one can do is do all of this work for yourself and never reach out & affect others. A long time ago, I wrote “Be The Lighthouse” because we live in a sick society but a lot of ships want to make it to shore and safety. They need people out there who stand strong. No one, man or woman, respects the weak. Standing alone though is no match for assembling even just one more voice to your cause.

This was fun to write. The process also taught me about the power of good friends. I ended up talking to BAP a lot because he was writing BAPBook at the same time. It was a nice brotherhood moment as we discussed so much. We swapped our finished pieces, and when I read BAPBook, I knew it would set the crowd on fire. There was this joy we both felt discussing his Romney-Alcibiades section that I’ll always remember. I’m lucky enough to have BAP do a foreword for mine. I’m lucky to call him a friend.

I sent it to a friend to edit. Someone I trusted and had worked with. After a falling out, I asked for whatever he had edited back. Despite having it for months, not a single word was altered. A different friend said he would take a look. Fortunately, he had it reading better than before, and he would later be a great sounding-board for additional bits I added. Thanks to keeping in touch with another old e-connect despite my disappearance, the finished product will have an Owen Cyclops cover.

We need to come out of the lockdown with a new mentality. Woke is a joke. Women have been rendered insane or are facing the reality that all they do is dine out, drink and club. People are staring at reality. They also are seeing just how much of our society is junk. The old ways return. Those ways need strong men. We must rise to meet that demand.

On to the links…

Our Middle Class Military – This was first discussed during the Iraq War. When libs said the military used brown and black bodies to fight their imperial wars, people pointed to how the armed forces drew plenty from the south and midwest with many coming from the middle class. This is widespread now. The other question these analysts should ask is why do we want to grow an underclass who will not serve at all?

Andreessen says build – Marc Andreessen has a call to arms to build! Let’s build! He echoes Thiel. One major difference is Andreessen dances around the regulatory environment we live in, and gives a huge benefit of the doubt to the left that they will allow this. It’s not being naive, but more likely that with $1.3 billion in net worth, he is not rich enough to call out our insane ruling ideology.

Buy Some Gold – FED keeps printing so inflation should hit. Problem is if people are using stimulus checks to pay down debt (deflationary) and just save it expecting the other shoe to drop.

Newton’s Plague Work – Revisionism on Newton’s productive plague where he invented calculus and through historical comparison blew everyone else away now on their quarantine and slack behavior.

Parallax has a plan for art – I agree with this 100%. If in charge of any entity with some money for conferences, I would instead do an art exhibit event. MOG the artists.

Lockdown socialism limitations – Kling very quickly writes up on the limitations that the current situation puts on the payouts for everyone. We need a cautious re-opening with proper safety measures.

Experts in denial – This article details just how slow to react experts were across the globe as things unfolded in China. There were individuals who raised alarms, but they were dismissed as alarmists.

Generational Thinking – Question the idea of the boomer or the millenial itself instead of just falling into the generational comparison thinking.

Taleb’s Moment – This really has been a vindication for Taleb. Antifragility and black swan getting thrown around a lot.

The Chimerica Divorce – Will it happen? This would involve a lot of change, but as written yesterday here the entire system is shifting for a new cold war.

Work From Home Environmentalism – People getting behind working from home for environmentalism reasons shows just how zombielike people are that they never once considered this before but were receptive to massive Green New Deal style initiatives. Why couldn’t people just be behind it for having some privacy and not needing to ride in the metal box for an hour to sit in the open office panopticon for 8 hours and then the metal box again for an additional hour?

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