The Trans Fix None Dare Propose

The transsexual community is incredibly small. Under 1% of Americans are trans. The gender fluid or trans poseurs crowd on Tumblr is just the crowd that in 1995 would have been goth. What the trans push is really is an attack on the basic gender assumptions and on mentally persuadable crowds. The goal is destruction of Western civilization norms, and even just peeling off 1-2% of the core West (hetero white) crowd, the system can shrink the challenge group it fears.

Not just them but their direct family. How many people vote for the Left that decreed gays or blacks glorious victim populations solely because they had a family member of that group that could 24/7 play on heartstrings or give them a chance to do the good deed and get the status bump within their family? In 2012, gays rights and free birth control was the rally cry for a chunk of single white women. This targets that elastic voter crowd.

The Left and its system of academia, sinecures and propaganda cannot stop and target kids now. Pharmaceutical firms are making bank providing hormones to thousands of children. There was even a news blurb on a camp for trans kids as young as four years old. The director (Sandra Collins linkedin) declared that her two year old was certain they were trans. A 2 year old. Collins holds a PhD in Japanese history, and taught Japanese subjects for years in academia but is now the executive director of EnGender.

EnGender aims to helps gender diverse kids feel safe with projects like camps. EnGender’s board of trustees is staffed nearly exclusively by women, YALE graduates and researchers that push RULER. RULER is a program to help develop emotional intelligence. This is hocus pocus research that feminizes all kids. They use these camps as laboratories. The local schools use them as summer programs because they are for trans and trans allies. Indirectly, it might be a way for SWPLs to surround their kids with non-violent types in the Bay Area.

That two year old is a ridiculous example but out there. A 2 year old barely can walk and talk or use a fork competently. It has no concept it is trans. Mommy is making it so. It becomes a weird religious offering of the child up to the religious authorities, but it may also just be Munchausen by proxy. All that attention and all that care for the child despite nothing being wrong. In a dark manner, trans allows feminists and lesbians to castrate their sons in a progressively approved manner.

All of this, and all of these people push this method of treatment to heal someone because it fits their destructive ends. The nominal right is too dumb to offer an alternative because they fall into the left’s framing and fake A/B choice. Fund surgeries and accept it good person or deny it you bigot! Recently, red states have contemplated putting age minimums for irreversible treatment, but have cowardly pulled back from executing on restrictions.

Here is a solution no one considers. Use hormones and therapies they give women to become men to men who feel like women so they become more male. Reverse it with females wishing to become men. Give the testosterone to the men who feel like they are women and give estrogen to the women who have an urge to become men. Try it at least for 18 months and talk therapy works out why they feel those feelings. Align the therapy so their gender expression will match their real chromosomes. Sex change operations were discontinued at Johns Hopkins due to not helping patients for decades. Making born men chemically more male and born women chemically more female might help.

Not done because it conflicts with the progressive narrative of socially constructed genders. Mind over matter. That social construction dies even in their A/B false choice because the right choice involves biological agents. They need the chemicals to make the social construction feel right. Note that the media has switched how they label it from sex change or reassignment to gender confirmation surgery. Physical scientific or medical applications to confirm the mentally constructed emotions and thoughts.

Why are we even hearing about this? Ask why the media covered the tiny little trans friendly day camp in the Bay Area? It is getting media attention like the drag story hour to inspire other good thinkers to copy it and get funds from local schools. They want other whites and aspirational minorities to see what the good deed is for them to do to declare their holiness. The results and outcomes do not matter, only ideology does.

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  1. Peter Whitaker says:

    The typical autogynephiliac is a hirsute, high T coom brain. Your proposal would only be appropriate for homosexual twinks.


  2. >Here is a solution no one considers. Use hormones and therapies they give women to become men to men who feel like women so they become more male. Reverse it with females wishing to become men. Give the testosterone to the men who feel like they are women and give estrogen to the women who have an urge to become men.

    Sorry mate, that’s not a solution. If you give a low-T man testosterone injections, his body’s ability to barely produce what little testosterone it is will crater. There’s a reason the whole “steroids cause your testicles to shrink” meme exists among gymbros; it’s based on biological fact.

    If you give trannies testosterone shots you would likely end the tranny problem, but then you’d have a generation of boys reliant on testosterone supplements for the rest of their lives, which- given the fragility of the supply chain as demonstrated by Corona-Chan) is a terrible idea.

    There simply is no alternative to ending the existence of those who enable the mutilation of children, the harsh suppression of the liberties of women, and the elevation of a healthy lifestyle to a point of near-mandatory status. Everything else is rearranging deck chairs on the Hindenburg while it burns, instead of trying to put out the fire or get off the airship.


    1. R. Landry - Editor says:

      Athletes who use roids and T use another chemical to restart the natural T production process when they stop using roids. This chemical is also tested for by sports leagues and has busted a bunch of them


  3. Curious about the source for the reason Johns Hopkins stopped sex change operations. Any published medical journal articles on this? News stories?


    1. Xython says:

      No, medical journals were infiltrated and controlled a long time ago. It’s why they were able to force the DSM to remove all mention of transsexuality as a mental illness. Hell, you aren’t even allowed to use the term “Autogynephilia” anymore, it’s “hate speech” to point out that a large number of transsexuals just have a fetish and found a way to force everyone else to be voyeurs.


  4. NC says:

    How about a CV19 that targets dumb arse’s like this.


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