The Overreaction + Friday Reads

We are deep in the overreaction right now. It took roughly a six week period but the media transitioned all right thinking, good society Americans from “the flu is worse” to “we need to stay locked down forever”. The new holiness signal is to say how pro-lockdown you are. Science matters. The data matters. We must look to the experts. The hysteria is rather pathetic. It is also painful to watch because there is nothing to do since these loons control the levers of society.

Russiagate was a warning how believers, true believers, will latch onto something and then become Tom Clancy is dreaming up espionage. They were told by intelligence experts and the media that Russia was in every crockpot spreading disinfo. Same thing has happened here. It is a nice, large overlap in the Venn Diagram for Russiagaters and corona crazies. They have been told this is important and deadly by medical experts, therefore lock everything down.

Similar to the IC experts, the medial experts are beloved. Dr. Fauci is loved for his expert handling at press conferences. The same Boomers and libs who love him overlook his waving away of the disease’s effects in January or his statement in March to go on a cruise if you want. He was caught off-guard like every other expert. The lib blaming of Trump is once again childish, as every single Western government was caught off-guard acted just as dumb in the initial moments.

These people spread every media twisted statement like Trump calling it a hoax or Trump saying lysol wounds. Neither are true. Easy reads of transcripts or review of video show the truth. Same thing applied to Russia hysteria. Leaks, media twisting and careful edits implied a lot, but in the end were false.

False like the models. Now that is where they do not think beyond 48 hours. It is obvious by now that models were way off, but once again, how much information were modelers going off of? China’s 2 months? Italy’s one month ahead of us? The dire predictions have not been close, and this is with models accounting for lockdowns. No one who screams for lockdowns to be a good little I Fucking Love Science American ever faces this reality.

We are now several months into this. What can we see. This is a highly contagious disease that gives carriers flu like symptoms and kills the elderly. It acts like HIV in that it destroys the immune system (Loki’s “WRIDS” moniker), and can kill maybe 1% of the population. For 99% of the people who get it, they will recover within a fortnight. We do not know long term effects yet or what they can do.

Do we really need lockdowns for everyone, everywhere? Does Kansas or Missouri need a lockdown because New York is a mess? New York’s own numbers are inflated due to the criminal act of sending convalescing corona patients to nursing homes. Does Maine, with its 300 active cases, need to have a lockdown still? It’s old lady governor is dragging this out. For all the mockery of the British, their herd immunity strategy would have worked had they sequestered off their elderly and let it run loose. They got browbeat into doing what everyone else did.

It is a hysteria now. The Russiagate crowd has taken to this. Who are these people? It is a class issue. Old Boomer libs, the upper middle class that can work from home on a laptop, and the education and public sector that still collects their checks. It is a class thing that neatly covers the political split. The high of the left’s high-low coalition once again dictates what we have to endure and will forever deny that they have this power.

On to the links…

Cold Warriors and History of Dissent – This is a long read on the history of populism and organized dissent in American history. There was a time when the middle Americans could organize and advocate for their interests. There was even a time they could see politicians fight on their behalf. This tracks the long process of being co-opted or led down blind alleys.

Kotkin on Cali’s Woke Oligarchs – Kotkin is always a great read. In this instance, he takes aim at the oligarchs of California using this corona crisis as a means to press for more power and domination over the lives of its citizens.

Case for a National Industrial Strategy – We do need to have a bipartisan strategy for re-building our industrial base. The left is going to have to tell all its middlemen to relax on taking their cut, and they will have to call off the environmentalist dogs. America has an advantage as a huge oil + gas producer. What would be a worthwhile investment would be nuclear power to power a transition to electric vehicles to become a big exporter of oil and gas and provide a cheaper base energy for industry. Combined with our edge in low agricultural costs, we would have some great advantages.

Blacks Fighting Liberals – Black pundits lack self-awareness, and this is a beautiful thing for the system. Blacks were angry when accused of being part of the establishment with Biden’s victories. How could they? They are black! They aren’t establishment! They have no awareness that they are the very edge that gives the left the votes to win in many places. Similar to Biden’s return, blacks are fighting back progressives coming after them in their congressional districts. This is a howler of an article. Black politicians, representing some of the worst locations in all of America, talk about how they get results. They don’t need no progressive rhetoric. They get results.

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  1. [] Best of Joel Kotkin – YouTube Wanna know where we are going as a society and where we will be living? You wont be too happy with what Joel shines a bright light on. And he is one of very …



    1. Liquid Phosphex says:

      So what’s the simplified version of these long lectures? Can you give me a spoonfed version of what he’s trying to say?


  2. It's da 5G deep state chicoms that did this but it's also a hoax says:

    What happened to the mask thing TAS was into a month or so ago Landry? What happened to the big posts bragging about how your collective stupidity was a good thing and led you to seeing the virus outcome first, and everyone “””knew””” that masks were good when the experts said not to wear them?

    Why are your fellow MAGA tards now all against the lockdown (which is fair enough), but also against masks? Why the big turnaround m8?—————/c/–medical-sharia-/c/

    I can understand not wearing masks under specific contexts (going for walks in nature), but not wearing them at all — especially in crowded locations — is flat out stupid during a pandemic. But this herd mentality is where the moron online right is heading. You going to address this? Or will TAS yet again just go along with the Qtard crowd and give some stupid ass smug post-hoc rationalization like you always do (or do what Loki Julianus does and throw a 1000 things at a wall and parade the two things he was right about around). This is the type of behavior that the progs will use as a reason against you should there be further waves, and they will be right.

    The right wing never fail to disappoint in how strategically stupid they are.

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    1. R. Landry - Editor says:

      No turnaround from me. I support wearing masks. Basic safety. Do it whenever I go out. Never changed my opinion. Mask up, protect the elderly in nursing homes and strategically re-open.


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