Thirst + Friday Reads

Thirst is the most powerful force on the planet. Helen had the face that launched a thousand ships, but Paris wanted the hand of the most beautiful woman in the world rather than martial prowess or the greatest kingdom on the planet. It boosts the egos of women, and drives the minds of men into obsessions. We live in a thirst bubble. Lockdowns have challenged this thirst economy.

Women and men have faced the lockdowns in different manners, and it appears to be driving women battier. Women do slam SSRIs at higher rates than men, but moving to a quarantine lifestyle has deprived them of the constant attention they enjoyed. The online thirst ecosystem still exists but now is tougher to manipulate because there are no selfies in front of cool spots. Women cannot get their hair done. Older women have missed their fillers and hair coloring so why would they post selfies where they look awful? Ivanka Trump did a video from her home office and looked greasy.

Men don’t mind this. They are used to not getting attention. The universe does not care, which is why we are so loyal to our old friends. Any cute woman online gets attention from fifty reply guys commenting “gorgeous”, “hey baby”, or “post bobs”. What is the point to these posts? It is the lamest of thirst. A lot could be bots in Mumbai to boost interactions for the account user, but there are millions of men out there who cannot resist posting some thirst and feeding the validation monster. It creates a herd of monstrous egos that have reached the point where even obese women will say that if a guy ain’t 6 feet tall, he just a friend.

In my book, I discuss this horrible trend where men have given into chasing any woman that crosses their path. It is a teenage behavior still exhibited by grown men. It also places a man’s mind and drive in a pursuit of pleasing a woman for access to sex rather than a pursuit of what he wants. He may want sex but why? The older a man gets and still acts like this the more pathetic he appears. The word creep is overused by women, which is why they have switched to incel, but these men are pathetic. They have surrendered. Not just to quenching their thirst but giving into the media telling them to chase IG thots.

There is amazing power in saying no, so a full leap to volcel is not needed but just placing the proper importance to getting action is a start. Say no and she knows that you are different.

On to the links…

Democrats using anti-ISIS tech – The Democrats are going to deploy tech that was used to counter ISIS messaging against Team Trump. The soft war on any expression of self-interest for middle america will continue to ratchet up.

Parallax On Art – Iconoclams terraforms the symbolic territory. How to make the contemporary art world change by razing and pillaging it first.

The Trayvon Hoax Doc – The Trayvon Hoax documentary is a must watch and one of the funniest bits of programming in the last decade.

GOP Turns to Industry – The GOP might, just might, figure out an industrial policy. It is interesting how the party that sucked in industrial donations and represented the states with the most industry friendly politics and populations was still averse to configuring any national policy to help them.

Houellebecq on the Rona – Houellebecq on the coronavirus is typical Houellebecq and a joy to read. I love that he insults the virus by saying it’s not even interesting like not an STD.

The post-war Jewish orgs are failing – This does not mean the end of Jewish interests in organization form, just the transformation. Maybe Fred is right and the crack up approaches within the tribe.

Spandrell on Cold War 2 Propaganda – Read this if only for the part about the resume for this Mandarin speaking American with a curious resume. Calling him CIA Matt is a good start.

Lockdown and modernity – This is a long read but worth it. I especially enjoyed how the moderns with their “stay safe” do not mean it in a spiritual manner but in the sterile, safe space manner.

Greenwich Republicans See the Light – This is a funny profile of how Greenwich, CT republicans came to like Trump. This also shows just how powerful the racist smear is to signal to people to stay away.

Luttwak on Diseases and Empires – Luttwak reviews a book that dives into how disease had a bit more to do with the failure of Justinian than previously thought.

Buy Bitcoin – The billionaires are diving in. The money machine go brrr. The budgets go boom. Find dollar alternatives for some hedging.

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  1. Earl Shetland says:

    You’ve pretty well summed up why I want the lockdown to keep going as long as possible.

    Hoes desperate x24

    Liked by 1 person

  2. info says:

    A more pathetic example of thirst is the validation that men will even give to a pig-nosed hairy woman:

    The profile is fake but the men are so thirsty that they are willing to entertain contacting the woman in this way.


  3. Liquid Phosphex says:

    So what do you think of this, Landry?


    1. R. Landry - Editor says:

      That is a great read and correct. Administrative state grew large, but then became capture and had its power neutered.


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