The Vaccine Fight & Friday Reads

We can see narratives form in real time. Covid crisis allows everyone to see the false choices since there is nothing else to watch and follow. Lockdowns are now tied to leftist holiness thanks to credentialed coaching. The coming fight is not about lockdowns. The trend is already moving against them. The big brawl is going to be about vaccinations.

There is a panic porn or super scare each week. They cannot let you acclimate and move on with life. First it was tests. This did not mean much if it would not change treatment but it was pressed hard. After that it was PPE, but this was solved with nary a word of mission accomplished. After this, it was lock us down. After lockdowns came, it turned to meat shortages. There are none but the panic buying made people go nuts and then supermarkets started limiting purchases. The newest scare is a small number of children getting kawasaki syndrome.

This is how they distract normies from the reality of nursing homes being death traps. Children have dodged this and per global data they are not at risk nor are a vector for transmission. We all know what 10 dead kids means… better reorient our entire approach. This is panic porn, but will be the crowbar for vaccinations.

This disease kills 1%, and that would be even less if you sequestered the elderly. Why need a vaccine? I’d rather have immunity from surviving it than take chances with Bill Gates. HPV protected against a hypothetical chance of getting cancer at higher rates if you slept around but no one told us it would make some women sterile. They will use this fear of a one in a million outcome of a dead child to require the vaccine to attend school. No school for you, so will you homeschool? Some normies will say yes but many more will take the injection.

No one will point out the obvious that this is a disease that a small fraction of children will contract even if they get covid and an even smaller fraction will die from if they develop it. Thousands of youths get sexually assaulted each year by teachers but there is no hysteria about that. The ops are getting too obvious now, but there is very little people can do except exit… if they are given the chance.

Negative rates coming – The sickest part of this the line that maybe creditors might have to take some hits for the loans out there. The last time people had to take a haircut on bad loans was the LDC crisis in the mid-‘80s.

Withering capabilities – America cannot manufacture things because we offshored a lot and did not cultivate the production of widgets. The answer is >checks< more STEM. No. The answer is more voc schools and reorienting our culture to not look down on manufacturing jobs that earn people $20/hr in flyover. We spent a generation telling kids to seek $50/hr in white collar work in big city but that really turned into $25/hr with their spouse making $25/hr as well.

DSA Trust Funders – Great article on what lies ahead for the DSA. Great fact is that 29% of members earn over $100,000 annually. They just should realize the slow drift that will occur in the DNC as they age into positions. No need to be labeled as true blue DSA, just be a silent follower.

Kissinger – Another sign that the old system is dying out. Interesting profile of Kissinger. He is an architect of our modern forpol and the system still needs him. His funeral will be another symbolic emotional goodbye for the establishment.

Stockman on Fauci – David Stockman covers the jobs-mageddon that Dr. Fauci’s hysteria created. Fauci and the CDC are getting lavish praise from normies, proving once again how much of a herd mentality exists in modern America.

Tom Cotton’s Moment – Sen. Cotton is shifting his Iran hawk stance to a China hawk stance. Combined with his immigration restriction position, it makes a potent recipe for the pivot against China. What do the ‘20s allow for on the right? Cotton, Hawley and DeSantis could chart out a post-Trump GOP that acts a lot more in line with the Trump coalition than what President Kushner has allowed.

Moldbug’s Tears – Atavisionary writes a detailed essay on the crying Mr. Yarvin did in his Justin Murphy interview. Who was the woman he was discussing? Maybe Moldbug worries a gulag may come for him. If that is the case, then perhaps he shouldn’t punch right with his snide remarks about the MAGAtards, Christian right, etc. We’ve seen the press coverage of Moldbug. Not like the left would accept him.

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  1. They are already requiring onerous new medical checks for some lower end labor jobs. It’s likely this will become “the new normal.”


  2. Liquid Phosphex says:

    Moldbug wouldn’t have to worry about the Left throwing him into a gulag as they can and most likely destroy him and his livelihood by making him into a pariah. Russia, the land that had, and still runs gulags today would most likely welcome him with open arms so long as he kisses the czar’s ring now ruling it.


  3. muunyayo says:

    Reblogged this on Muunyayo.


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