A Cultural Revolution, Too + Friday Reads

Last week I laid out the idea that the great circus was setting up for a color revolution. It morphed into a cultural revolution. Statues are coming down, professors are being attacked, and the shaming and scourging continues. This has been bubbling around for a few years, but is now out in the open for all to see.

There is a reason this is now witnessed by many more people than say the weird antics of 2017 that involved statues and antifa. Everything is closed. Everything is shut down. All distractions are gone. People still look at their screens, come on, like they would read or go outside. What is on their screens? Protests, guilty bad thinkers, and righteous rioters. The entire time the actors are framed in specific ways to portray the right outcomes. This builds into little examples like your friendly neighborhood grocer putting out the BLM sign. The greengrocer lives on, he just changed the lies he had to tell.

Blacks have done looting and opportunistic stealing, but the white wokies have done a lot of marching, protesting and agitating. This is their baby. Mike Tracey has shared enough pictures at marches to recognize that the protests have been gentrified. That this is all for a drugged out, criminal dead beat dad who moonlighted in porn is just icing on the cake. It is the most ludicrous of reasons for some mass expression of emotion and hysteria.

Not to waste time on this as it has been going on for years, hell I did an old podcast on our new Red Guards, and it will continue for years. They are using this akin to the way they used MeToo. It is an intraleft fight, and the old guard is resigning left and right, but this does affect little normies and even the right’s behavior. The GOP rolling over on everything (except Tucker, Cotton and half the time Trump) is a sign of a stunned and confused class. They are just pointing and expressing shock. No pushback. No ideas for how to help protect statues from >squints< criminal destruction. They think it all might be over in a week. Not a chance. We do not know how far this will go.

We do know that silence is now violence. Silence will not be tolerated by them. Caving in will not prevent them from eating you last. What will make them pause though is if they do get pushback, if they do get it consistently and if they do find out there are millions pushing back. It is going to take saying no, calmly and confidently. No is a very tough thing to master. Can you say no to your girl? Can you say no to a coworker? This is in my book coming next week. You have to learn to say no, and that it is alright. Be firm with people in every day life and when the 2 Minute Hate comes for you, stand it down knowing it shall pass, and all the others will see. Then they will learn to say no.

Do not give me the line that these are unemployed people angry. Not at all. They are collecting unemployment plus $600 weekly now. They are well compensated protestors. This is political opportunism as the antics of the 2010s campuses are now out in the open for all to see. There has been a constant refrain that China must grow more than 5% every quarter or it will face a stability crisis. I do not think that applies anymore. I do think something like that applies to America now. Will the status quo make it through a prolonged depression. Another just like what we saw with Obama but no one dared call it that to spoil his electoral chances. This time there is no backdoor consumer slush fund via a student loan bubble to blow. We are trillions more in debt. Is UBI going to save them? Likely not. This hatred is down at the visceral level. They are tearing down the statues of slave abolitionists purely because they are a white man.

Now on the flip side say it is 2025 or 2029. Great Depression Redux. You are trying to tell me those white males, not the soy division the other white males, seeing jackasses loudly yell on TV how much you should die & are allowed to wreck havoc on society with impunity, the government is saying your parents’ social security will be trimmed (but not underclass benefits), and Medicare isn’t covering shit — won’t start flipping out and making things go boom or make people who write the most hateful things with their real names with checkmarks disappear, and instead just glumly accept it? If you do, I simply say, “no”.

On to the links…

Watch this – This is worth an hour. One queens hospital sounds like a third world medical clinic and it appears blatantly obvious how they jacked up deaths, increased infections and ultimately, killed people. This is the type of documentary that should be the start of a massive anti-corruption push to take down the hospital admin, doctors, and the NY authorities. It won’t.

Endangered Asian Century – Per current trends, power should shift to Asia. One point this makes though is that the growth of Asia depended on American hegemony. This applies elsewhere. America cannot slide into a lower tier without upsetting the entire board because of its position as hyperpower and guarantor of security.

There’s No Federal Standard” – Here is the oligarch’s play. Just like the first round of black lives matter it comes down to centralization for the feds, which are firmly in left oligarch control.

Anitfa History – Violent communists. We are an echo of Weimar, not a replay. We have our wrinkles to the script. The basics of ideology allow for loose coordination because they act like a hive mind. Easy to fold up or spread out, collapse or link with others.

The 2020 Breakdown – One Yale professor saw what was coming. There is no shared culture but the basics upon which we build a worldview are not shared at all. The CivNats were the real last shot at holding it together.

This Isn’t ’68 – The radicals are in charge now. In ’68, there were mayors like Daley who would stomp the radicals. LBJ’s administration handed off a giant stack of forms for the incoming Nixon administration so that when riots happened, they could quickly enact the procedures to put down riots.

Peace Through Strength – Winning the cold civil war is an issue we will likely deal with shortly until it goes hot. Stop being cowards. If the GOP’s actions of the last week are an indicator, they will keep being cowards.

Corona, Cops and Cults – Corona set the groundwork for a population to go cult with the first thing sprung onto them. A perfect storm for people to go DPRK-Mau-Mau.

Why We Need Cops – There is a collective amnesia of what NY was prior to the Rudy-Bratton police expansion. I am a wary of police but not a damn fool like the soft, fat citizens of our cities who don’t realize their existence in urban areas like Manhattan is made possible by the blue army there.

The Last Great Puritan Awokening – What exactly is going on and what does it portend? Not an eternity of woke struggle sessions.

Kotkin on the Underclass Rebellion – Kotkin points out how the recent urban renaissance was a Brazilification with the inequality it created. I think he is right that America won’t go red as much as it will go for oligarchic socialism. The crumbs will be handed out but the wealth will still be in few hands. . It is worth the read, if only for lines like this, “Like Rome in the waning years of classical civilization, our society seems to be moving backward, away from greater prosperity and enlightenment and toward a more hierarchical, controlled, and economically and demographically stagnant reality“.

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  1. Exile says:

    “I am a wary of police but not a damn fool…”

    In dangerous times this kind of binocular, nuanced awareness is crucial. Unless you’re fortunate enough to live in a rural community off the Bug radar*, DIY justice is likely to get you vanned – look at the McMichaels. If you’re stuck in the urban hellscape for now, you need cops – just respect the risks they too present.

    * everyone should be looking at this upgrade, BTW.

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